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The Fox: Scurvy Dog

Started by PTF, July 27, 2016, 08:33:32 pm

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Page 1

Panel one: A close-up on Paul Patton, Jr. as he has a fake smile on his face as he has a notepad and pencil ready as looks ahead. Around his neck is an old fashion camera.

Caption: I'm Paul Patton, Jr: Husband, father, photojournalist and local superhero The Fox.

Paul Patton, Jr.: Mr. Griffin, for the Impact City Gazette, I'd like to thank you for your time. We know you relocated to Impact City after Griffin Enterprises acquisitioned Bright Industries and you've hardly had time to finalize...

Caption: Oh, wait. I forgot one.

Panel two: Paul Patton Jr. begins to write shorthand on his notepad as he keeps his eyes looking ahead at the still unseen Mr. Griffin. His short hand is very unreadable with lines and slashes along the pages and along the side of it are games of Tic-Tac-Toe where he manages to lose every time.

Mr. Griffin off panel: Not a problem at all. My staff has done an excellent job locating, obtaining, restructuring and purchasing facilities to suit our needs. What I find hard is introductions.

Mr. Griffin off-panel: Doing this interview is the best way to introduce myself to my new home.

Caption: Freak Magnet.

Panel three: Paul looks up as Mr. Griffin says something that snaps him out of his deep thought.

Mr. Griffin: I hope my appearance isn't too offsetting, Mr. Patton.

Paul Patton Jr.: Er--no. And call me Paul...

Panel four: Paul Patton Jr. is faking a grin as he tries to not to show his concern for what he is seeing off panel

Mr. Griffin off-panel: As you wish, Paul. Would you like a drink, something to eat perhaps? My personal chef makes a religieuss to die for.

Paul Patton, Jr.: That's one lethal sweet tooth.

Caption: Ever since I put on my full body spandex pajamas and acted like it was Halloween at comiccon, I'm attracted every sort of costumed creep, mutilating mutant, and interdimensional ignoramous.

Page 2

Panel one: A shot inside a skyscraper office as we can see Paul sitting at a desk. Behind the desk sitting is a man around 6'2 wearing a black business suit and tie with his hands and head covered in bandages and wearing dark sunglasses. He has a computer on his desk, various files, and a small bowl of mints. He is handing a mint to Paul as Paul reluctantly reaches to take it as he has a uneasy smile on his face.

Caption: So trust me when I say--this is a bad guy.

Mr. Griffin: Hah. Yes. I suppose it would be at that. How about a mint then?

Paul: Sure.

Caption: Make that super villain.

Panel two: Paul begins to unwrap the mint as Mr. Griffin talks.

Mr. Griffin: I suppose I should give you the basic details of my life.

Caption: 5:1 this mint is poisoned.

Paul: You're the man of the hour.

Panel three: Mr. Griffin' cups his hands as he places them on the front of his desk as he calmly begins to go over his life.

Mr. Griffin: My name is Aster Wells Griffin. I come from an affluent family. My family's wealth began with pharmaceuticals and grew to include computer engineering, communications, and manufacturing.

Caption: 2:3 he only has facebook friends.

Panel two: Mr. Griffin holds out his hands to show off his bandages.

Mr. Griffin: As is apparent, I have a skin condition. Sadly a genetic trait that runs in my family. A sever case of photodermatitus. My skin and eyes have a rather very violent reaction to UV rays.

Caption: 3:2 says he's a vampire.

Panel three: Mr. Griffin stands up and looks out the windows to his skyscraper.

Paul: Mr. Griffin--

Mr. Griffin: Aster.

Paul: Aster. You're worth more than most countries combined and if we liquefied your assets, it'd overflow out of the building and raise the ocean level by ten feet--

Paul: What was it specifically that drew you to Impact City?

Panel five: View from outside of the window as Mr. Griffin looks straight ahead as the reflection of the city is upon the window.

Mr. Griffin: It wouldn't seem like the best place to relocate, no?

Mr. Griffin: The crime rate is twice as high as the next two metropolises'. Not a day seems to guy by where a villain jeopardizes innocent lives. The police are underfunded, politicians who prefer a hand out over falling on the sword...

Mr. Griffin: ...But there is also a city that knows how to rebuild stronger than ever. Communities that hold firm to basic moral decency. An inner strength to treat the extraordinary mundanely.

Panel six: Mr. Griffin turns back to Paul as Paul smiles at him. On the notepad we can see a picture of Mr. Griffin crushing the world between his hands.

Mr. Griffin: Ah. Listen to me rambling. Let's just say I see a bright future ahead for Impact City.

Paul: Oh keep rambling. Pure magic is coming out of your mouth.

Caption: Even odds says we'll be punching each other within a week.

Page 3

Panel one: Paul begins to write on his note pad as he thinks.

Caption: Now I comes the standard questions and that I already answered the night before using wikipedia. So boring time.

Caption: Not that I mind. Gives me time to think.

Panel two: Paul stares at his notepad as he thinks. Behind him is an image of what happened in the last story arc with Ghost Fox (his son Shinji) being held captive by Mr. Smile as She-Fox is lying on the ground with the left side of her body having just been blasted while The Fox looks on helplessly.

Caption: Like how horrible of a husband and father I am.

Caption: Like how, when I tried to leave The Fox behind and lead a normal life, it resulted in my untrained son picking up the mantle, being captured, and my wife being injured--

Panel three: Same shot only with She-Fox snapping Mr. Smile's neck while The Fox and Ghost Fox look on in horror.

Caption: --And my wife having to kill Mr. Smile, the big bad of Impact City, to protect us all.

Panel four: Paul looks up as he nods his head and smiles. In the background is an image of the family posing. Mae has grown her hair out on the left side to cover up her scarred face ala Tailia Al Ghul from Batman. Both Mae and Shinji look content while Paul has this weird nervous smile and rolls his eyes towards the other two.

Caption: And now Shinji is a hero in training so he can learn to run into radioactive monsters than can punch through concrete the right way and Mae...she's handling it better than I am.

Caption: So the more things change the more they stay the same.

Panel five: Paul is standing up and shaking Mr. Griffin's hand as the interview is over. In the background is The Shield talking with The Fox and She-Fox (all in costume) The Shield shows a video of Fly Girl as she attacks Ragnarok from Dark Tomorrow

Caption: And now my daughter--she's had it rough. First, she has me as a father and secondly... her mother was killed with a lot of my old super buddies and after a recent mission...

Caption: She's had nothing but bad days for way too long.

Panel six: A close-up on Paul's face as he has a wide dopey smile as he continues to act super friendly to Mr. Griffin. In the background is an image of Fly Girl and Kelly Brand.

Caption: She's going to be staying with us and that makes me happy--really, but--

Paul Patton: How about a few pictures? If you don't mind with your condition, I'd understand completely if--

Caption: God, please don't let me make her life worse than it is. Just this one miracle, please?

Page 4

Panel one: Over the shoulder of an alarmed Paul Patton as he looks past Mr. Griffin to see a dark blue Pirate ship hovering in the air and shooting off an anchor that is rocketing towards them. Mr. Griffin doesn't notice as he stands up and complies

Caption: Okay, let's dodge the giant anchor from the pirate ship in the air, take this pic, and bond with my daughter!

Mr. Griffin: I don't mind at all. I'm sure no one will notice the small stain on my suit.

Caption: ...Wait. What was that first thing?

Panel two: Paul leaps over the desk and pushes Mr. Griffin to the ground as the anchor is just a few feet away.

Paul Patton: Get down!

Panel three: The giant anchor crashes through the glass windows of the office and out the office door as it kicks up a dust cloud that begins to spread though the room. Paul reaches Mr. Griffin just in time and pushes him to the ground.


Caption: Freak magnet.

Caption: Metal anchor from a pirate ship hovering over the city.


Caption: 'Natch.

Page 5

Panel one: A close up on Paul as he looks down to check on Mr. Griffin as he tries to push away the dust cloud that is blocking his view.

Paul: Mr. Griffin, are you okay? Is anything broken?--besides your office and faith in this city I mean.

Caption: Not what I was expecting today. The title to my autobiography.

Panel two: a close-up on Paul's surprised eyes.

Panel three: Over the back of Paul Patton as we can see that Mr. Griffin is gone and all that remains is his bandages, his sunglasses, and the rest of his clothing.

Caption: And chapter 14 will be titled: Somewhere in Impact City, a multibillionaire is streaking.

Panel four: Paul stands up and pulls his shirt open to reveal his Fox costume as he prepares to fight crime.

Paul: Sigh.

Caption: ...And I wanted to wrap up the day so I can be home when Kelly arrives and just give her the biggest hug ever.

Panel five: The Fox is in full costume as he is beginning to climb the anchor chain as he looks up at the pirate ship.

Caption: Costumed villains and not being there for the people I love. The story of my life.


Page 6

Panel one: A low angle view as the people of Impact City get out of their cars and scatter onto the streets as they look up at the pirate ship (a brigantine) as a twenty foot hologram of the Blue Pirate is in the air. The Blue Pirate has a long thin blue goatee and wearing a blue and purple waistcoat and velvet blue breeches. He has a golden belt that is nearly covered by a sky blue sash. His satin pirate hat is blue with a dark purple feather on it. He has various blue topaz gems as ornaments on his waste coat. So he's pretty much a dandy.

Blue Pirate: Ahoy, landlovers! It is I--The Blue Pirate

Blue Pirate: 'Belay that scurrying 'bout and pay heed to the dashing captain aboard his ship, The Topaz Terror.

Panel two: The people of Impact City look around in fright.

Blue Pirate off-panel: I know you fear for your lives. You should.

Blue Pirate: My ship is armed with plasma cannons that could sink your port to Davy Jones' locker.

Panel three: A plasma cannon hits the ground behind the people from above as they are knocked back by the explosion and several people are caught in the blast.


Blue Pirate: My apologies for my poor form--

Blue Pirate: --But I want you all to be sure that my band and I are deadly serious.

Panel four: The Blue Pirate hologram motions over at the pirate ship and the pirate flag with a blue skull on it.

The Blue Pirate: You have one hour to leave your bank vaults open and your personal wealth pilled upon the streets to be claimed as my treasure--

Blue Pirate: --If not, I lower my dashing Jolly Rodger and hoist debonair red flag.

Panel five: The Blue Pirate hologram fades as he smirks and curls up his right mustache with his right index finger.

The Blue Pirate: I'm sure you all know what that means. I'll leave you to the matter at hand.

Page 7

Panel one: A shot of the pirate ship as all the Blue Pirate's men are aboard deck at the bow. The Blue Pirate has a high tech pirate binoculars out as he looks down at Impact City. All of the Blue Pirate's crew are wearing traditional pirate clothing but much less flattering than The Blue Pirate. All of them are tall and muscular. All are wearing the same gold belt as The Blue Pirate but that's where their shared fashion ends. One pirate is mopping the deck with a bucket and mop. A pirate is at the helm. A pirate is on the crows nest as he cleans his teeth with the edge of his cutlass. Another pirate is at the helm and piloting the ship. Peeking his head out at the end of the ship is The Fox.

The Blue Captain: Men gather 'round! For we, the ancestors of pirates, the blood of buccaneers seering in our veins, stand at the precipice of the new pirate age!

The Blue Captain: The wealth of the seven seas are ours to collect and plunder as we may!

Caption: ...Or you could have not gotten a high tech, weaponized, hover ship designed like an amusement park ride and kept your money and stayed rich.

Panel two: A close-up on the Fox as several more pirates walk away and gather to The Blue Pirate.

Caption: How do bad guys afford these weird gimmicks? I can't even afford premium channels!

Panel three: Over the shoulder of the Fox as he peers across the ship as the Blue Pirates begin to celebrate and drink meed and whiskey.

Caption: And why "The Blue Pirate"? Why not the Blue Buccaneer? Alliteration is always awesome.

Panel four: The Fox tilts his head and raises an eyebrow as he is in deep thought deciding what he should do. As the pirate mopping the deck is heading his way.

Caption: So when I start kicking butt, I could make up a battle cry or talk like Robert Newton.

Caption: Decisions, Decisions...

Page 8 +9

Panel one: The Fox is leaping aboard deck as he kicks the pirate mopping the deck as he leaps into action and prepares to fight.

The Fox: Avast ye scurvey dogs! 'Tis The Fox to misenhoe your missenmast up your poop deck!

Caption: I made the right choice.

Panel two: The Blue Pirate begins to pull his cutlass from his scabbard as he scowl.

The Blue Pirate: Bones and brimstone! How dare you board my vessel uninvited! It's uncouth!

Panel three: The Blue Pirate points his cutlass ahead to signal for his crew to attack as his crew grin wickedly. Some are holding chains that they are stretching, brandishing or, sling over head while others have brass knuckles or daggers.

The Blue Pirate: I want that cad off my ship! How many pieces you have to throw overboard is up to you, me hearties!

Panel four: The Fox strikes a fighting pose as he looks ahead at all the pirates coming his way. One pirate is up front and slinging his chain at the Fox

Pirate two: Dance the hempen jig with you!

The Fox: Sorry. I only know the Foxtrot.

Caption: I hate this. I want to be home with my family. Instead I'm in a Pirate of the Caribbean movie--and not the good one.

Page 10

Panel one: The Fox extends his arm with his bent elbow and flexes his arm as he lets the chain wrap around his forearm as he pulls the chain towards his body.

Fox: Y'know, you guys are pirates. Smell like cheap brew, the dirty clothes, you look like rejects a century over--you're perfect! But that captain is all wrong.

Panel two: The Fox punches the pirate with the chain back towards several other pirates charging him.

The Fox: Might I recommend Monkey D. Luffy? Future king of the pirates. I know you've heard of him.

Caption: Hey, I lived in Japan. I rode the shinkansen. You read manga to pass the time while you travel 320km/h in utmost comfort.

Panel three: The Fox is ducking a pirate slashing at him with a cutlass as he has both his fists prepared to strike.


Caption: I'm over thirty and I read manga. I think that's pretty hip.

Panel four: The Fox leaping uppercuts the pirate and knocks him out.


Caption: I also like Street Fighter.

Caption: I tried to get Shinji interested in both, but he thinks he's too cool for school and Mae likes Bleach (I love her, so I try not to hold it against her).

Caption: I wonder if Kelly likes manga or plays video games? Girls are into this stuff, right?

Panel five: The Fox throws the unconscious pirate at the rest of the crew as they all fall back in a giant heap.

Caption: Great, a few more things I can add to the list of "Things I don't know about my own daughter".

Caption: Can I be any worse?

Panel six: A close-up on the Fox's head as he turns his shoulder as he is worried about something.

Fox: Yes. Yes, I can.

Page 11

Panel one: The Fox is surrounded as pirates have snuck up all around him and climbing down the mast with their daggers clenched in between their teeth. The Fox is trying to call time out with his hands as he tries to make light of the situation.

The Fox: Parlay! Parlay!

The Fox It's not working. Am I missing something? Secret eye squint? Is it because I don't have a peg leg or a parrot?

Captions: Okay, advantages I have:

Panel two: The Fox jumping back kicks one pirate as he uses both fists to punch a pirate as he leaps in the air.

Caption: I'm a better dresser.


The Fox: Or maybe you guys just love loose fillings and concussions?

One of the pirates: Arrrrhh!!

The Fox: I'll take that as a "yes."

Caption: Clearly have the better wit.

Panel three: The Fox leg sweeps two pirates and knocks them back.

Caption: I'm more skilled in the martial arts of fighting.

Caption: More gray hairs on my head.

Caption: I call my mom every week to tell her I love her.

Panel four: The Fox is crouched down as he is completely surrounded by the pirates.

Caption: All these guys have going for them is numbers.

Panel five: The pirates close in on the Fox and begin punching and kicking him as he puts his arms up to shield his head.

Caption: Darn lack of social skills.

Fox: Ow! Ow! Watch the kidneys! Watch the kidneys!

Panel six: Three of the pirates are holding The Fox down on his knees as The Blue Pirate walks into the right corner of the panel. The Fox is looking up as he has several stars swirling over his head to show he got worked over.

Caption: ...And now I've got them where I want them. In a state of complete over-confidence.

The Blue Pirate: A fine attempt. Not exactly dashing, but somewhat commendable.

Page 12

Panel one: The Blue Pirate uses the edge of his cutlass at the bottom of The Fox's chin to lift his head up.

The Blue Pirate: I am a gentleman who lives his life on good form.

The Blue Pirate: So I offer you a last request before I end your existence.

Panel two: The Fox looks up as he is seemingly thinking hard.

Panel three: The Fox has a light bulb over his head as comes up with what he's decided.

Panel four: The Fox has a giant smile you can see through his mask as he mocks The Blue Pirate.

The Fox: Well, Captain Morgan, I'd like the lobster platter, a small diet soda, side of fries, and one of those small little cups of cocktail sauce.

Panel five: The Fox is being tossed overboard head first as he is wide eyed.

Caption: Your ship is stupid! It doesn't even have a plank to do this properly! Huh. That was pretty good. Wonder why I'm not saying this outloud?


Caption: Oh. I'm screaming as I plummet to my death.


Panel one: The Pirates walk begin to walk away from where they tossed The Fox. The Blue Pirate casually smiles as if nothing had happened. Behind them, three small yellow energy bolts are heading behind the ship.

Blue Pirate: Hm. I feel like chataeu mouton and fine cheese to bide the time before--

Panel two: The entire ship tosses and turns as the pirates lose their balance and fall


Panel three: A pirate tries to help The Blue Pirate to his feet but he kicks him away as he reaches over to collect his fallen hat.

Blue Pirate: By my masterful moustache! What have you fools done! Why are we rising!

Panel four: A pirate looks over the end of the ship to see that the anchor chain has been blasted, severing it from the anchor causing the ship to rise.

Pirate: 'Tis the anchor, Blue Pirate! We've been separated! Something burnt the chain clean through!

Panel five: A close-up on the Blue Pirate as his eyes squint in rage.

Blue Pirate: What bedeviltry is this?!

Page 14

Panel one: The Fox is still falling as he tries to flap his arms really fast.

Caption: My life has flashed before my eyes thirty-two times now.

Panel two: The Fox is about to hit the street when a yellow streak is flying behind him to catch up to him.

Caption: My life. A million stupid mistakes and thirty-one lucky breaks.

Panel two: A blue and yellow blur swoops down and grabs the Fox and flies back up into the air off panel.

Caption: Make that thirty-two.

Panel three: The Fox looks up at his rescuer who remains off panel. All we can see is that the person is wearing blue spandex with yellow gloves. The rescuer has a hand of The Fox in each of her hands.

Fly Girl off-panel: Hey.

Fox: Hey.

Fox: So...how was the move? You like your room? You like Mae? You've got a new little brother, that's super, right?

Fly Girl off-panel: Fine. It's okay. She seems nice. And he's kind of a dork.

Page 15

Panel one: A close-up on Fly Girl as she is the one who saved The Fox as she is flying up towards the reader. She has the Fox held tight in each hand as she looks down at him with a grin.

Fly Girl: Mae wanted me to try her matcha ice cream, but a certain someone used up all the green tea, so I volunteered to go to the store.

Fly Girl: And then I see a pirate ship in the sky and you falling to the ground.

The Fox: You're a good girl.

Fly girl: Good enough for a later curfew?

The Fox: That depends.

Fly Girl: Depends on what?

Panel two: The Fox looks up and smiles.

The Fox: If you can beat up more pirates than your old man.

Panel three: Fly Girl looks down and smiles.

Panel four: Fly Girl zooms over to the Pirate ship.

Fly Girl: Deal.

Caption: Wow. I'm alive and I'm bonding with my daughter. Things are looking up.

Page 16

Panel one: The Fly Girl and The Fox are several feet above the Topaz Terror as Fox motions with his head for Fly Girl to let him go.

The Fox: I'll just get off here.

Fly Girl: Sure.

Panel two: Fly Girl lets go as the Fox falls.

Caption: Okay, got to impress my daughter. Trick her into thinking I'm cool. Let's be cool, Paul.

Panel three The Fox is in the middle of the pirates as he punches a pirate with each fist and kicks a separate pirate with each foot. The Blue Pirate jumps back in fright.

The Fox: Dog goes woof. Cat goes meow. Ducks go quack and fish go glub but--what does the Fox say?!

The Fox: Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!!



Caption: That was great. It'll be worth having the song in my head all week long.

Page 17

Panel one: Fly Girl zips behind The Fox and nails three pirates that were trying to attack The Fox.

Fly Girl: Buzz Buzz.


Caption: This is great! We're saving the city! Punching bad guys--and we're playing off each others quips!

Panel two: The Fox is ramming two pirates heads together as he looks on in pride as Fly Girl is kicking one pirate while elbowing another in the nose.

Caption: Wow. The Shield and the space monkey did a great job training her. She's scanning the area, aware of everyone around her, her moves flow and transition...

Panel three: The Fox is back flipping and kicking a charging pirate in the back of the head as he watches as Fly Girl pulls out her gun as several pirates begin to surround her.

Fly Girl: Stay back! I'm warning you--!

Caption: But she's still new at this. Better dash over and give her a hand before things get--

Fox: Fly Girl, I'm going to go after The Blue Pirate. Can you handle the rest of these jokers?

Panel four: The Fox jerks his head in alarm.


Pirate off-panel: ARRGGHH

Fox: Oh no.

Panel five: Fly Girl has her laser gun out and is standing over a pirate who has a severely injured arm from where she shot him. The other pirates back away from Fly Girl. Fly Girl's lower lip is trembling and her arms are shaking as she can barely maintain her composure.

Fly Girl: I...I told you to stay back...

Laser Gun: Setting above stun. Lethal force parameters set.

Injured pirate: Aaahh...gadddd...!

Page 18

Panel one: The other pirates back away from Fly Girl as The Fox runs towards her. Fox Girl's lower lip is trembling as she continues to look ahead. Two pirates are gathering up the injured pirate as The Fox leaps over them.

Pirate helping the injured pirate: Get yer worthless hide up! That girlie's crazy...!

Fox: What are you doing?! Lower that setting! In fact, just put that gun away!

Fox: NOW!

Panel two: The Fox is looking down at Fly Girl as he can see tears rolling down her cheeks.

Caption: Oh man...

Panel three: The Fox is pushing Fly Girl's arms down as he tries to calm her down.

Fox whispering: Kelly...it's okay. Just lower your arms. Let them go limp. Everything is okay.

Fly girl: He-he--I just reacted. He was trying to kill you, me, I can't let--he was going to kill someone!! They always kill someone!!

Fox whispering: I know...what happened with your friend. It sucks. I know what it's like when--well, you have a bad day. I've had lots of them.

Panel four: The Fox pulls up his mask so Kelly can see his face to see how sincere he is.

The Fox: You're a good girl. You're a real hero. I am going to help you though this. Mae and Shinji, too. You'll never be alone again.

The Fox:  And you might not believe it now--but good days happen too.

Panel five: Fly Girl looks up and begins to pull The Fox's mask down.

Fly Girl: ...I hate superhero movies when the hero pulls his mask off like a goober during the fight scenes.

Panel six: Fly Girl hugs The Fox.

Fly Girl: Thanks, dad.

Page 19

Panel one: The ship suddenly has explosions coming from everywhere that knock Fly Girl and The Fox off their feet.

Caption: Of course. Explosions. Right now. Figures.

Panel two: The Fox and Fly Girl look up as the ship is in flames all around them.

The Blue Pirate off-panel: Hmph. I thought all the heroes were killed off--

Panel three: A high angle view from the standing Fox and Fly Girl as The Blue Pirate and his crew are flying overhead using the gold astro belts around their waists. Two of the crew are helping the shot pirate with an arm over each shoulder. The Blue Pirate points his cutlass down at the heroes and with his other hand, pressing a topaz ornament on his chest to show that he activating the ship's self destruct.

The Blue Pirate: --Well let the last voyage of the Topaz Terror correct that inaccuracy!

The Blue Pirate: Normally, the captain goes down with his ship, but I'm much too good to die with the likes of you and this deplorable city.

Panel four: The Fox is running towards the helm as Fly Girl extends her wings and points to the sky at The Blue Pirates as they fly away.

Fly Girl: Dad, we need to get off this damn ship and--

The Fox: First, don't swear!

The Fox: Second, we have to get the ship clear of Impact City! One plasma cannon took out a city block--

Panel five: A high angle view of The Blue Terror hovering high above Impact City as it catches aflame and spark flow from the sides as it begins to fly away dropping bits and pieces of itself.

The Fox: All of them at once would leave that ugly black mold you see in your trash bin after you take out the garbage bag!

Page 20

Panel one: The Fox is at the helm as Fly Girl looks on.

The Fox: ...Kelly, I know this isn't the best time to talk about this--

The Fox: --But I'm really sorry I wasn't in your life more and never kept in touch like I should have. I promise to make up for all the time we missed.

Panel two: Fly Girl over exaggerates with her hand motions as The Fox turns his head and looks at her.

Fly Girl: OMG! You're going to pry even more!?

Fly Girl: You were at ever holiday, you called me ten times a day! You follow me on twitter, you friend me on facebook--you even comment on my yelp reviews!

The Fox: You were right about the Blue Crystal Diner. Good hamburger, smelly hairy, cook.

Panel three: Fly Girl yells at The Fox as The Fox is having trouble steering the ship now as the wheel suddenly is on fire and he's trying to find a safe section of the wheel to touch. Behind them the mass to the ship falls behind them as they ignore it.

Fly Girl: It's weird! It's super weird for a father to do this! My friends think you're like Donald Trump! It's creepy!

Panel four: A high angle view of The Topaz Terror as it is over a beach and heading for the ocean as it falls in a mass of flames.

Caption: My teenage daughter is annoyed by me in her life! I am a good dad!

The Fox on the ship: Okay, ship's falling apart and read to go boom but there's the ocean--so let's touch the sky!

Panel five: Fly Girl is holding the Fox by both hands as they zoom away as the Blue Terror explodes in the ocean kicking up a massive wave and kicking up water in ever direction, including on the panel like a water drop on a camera.

The Fox: ...You think Ivanka holds her father like this?

Fly Girl: I'm going to drop you if you don't stop.

The Fox: Then I would have to renege on our little wager.

Fly Girl: Which I won.

Page 21

Panel one: Fly Girl is dropping The Fox several feet from the beach as she prepares to land.

Fox: Fine. I'm fair. You can stay up late enough to watch half of Colbert.

Fly Girl: Colbert? I'm watching Fallon.

Caption: Now I know I failed as a father.

Panel two: Fly Girl looks down at the gun at her holster as The Fox puts a reassuring hand on Fly Girl's shoulder.

Fly Girl: Dad...what happened on the ship--it won't happen again.

The Fox: Just forget about that for the moment...

Panel three: The Fox and Fly Girl are looking up at the sun set as the watch the remains of The Blue Terror sink as the ocean boils around it. Below are several bright yellow flashes showing the plasma cannons exploding underwater.

The Fox: ...And bask in the knowledge you saved an entire city.

Panel four: The Fox pulls Fly Girl in for a hug as the continue to watch as the Blue Terror explodes as even more ocean is kicked up into the sky thanks to the plasma cannons going off.

Fly Girl: Awesome.

Fly Girl: But I was wondering...?

The Fox: Yeah?

Panel five: A farther away view of the same panel.

Fly Girl: Why didn't he call himself "The Blue Buccanneer"? That makes so much more sense.

The Fox: How about "The Sky Blue Swashbuckler"?

Fly Girl: "The Ultramarine Marauder".

The Fox: "Cerulean Captain."

Fly Girl: How about...

Page 22

Panel one: A close-up on Aparna, Mr. Smile's confidant and secretary, as she has a box collected of Paul Patton Jr.'s clothing as she looks straight ahead.

Aparna: All of Paul Patton Jr.'s clothing and belongings have been collected, sir.

Mr. Griffin off-panel: Excellent. Please have it delivered to his home as soon as possible.

Aparna: Won't he become suspicious?

Panel two: A close-up on Mr. Griffin's head as he is finishing tying the last of his bandage around his head. Parna is looking ahead at Mr. Griffin as Mr. Griffin seems to be sitting on something in his office while looking ahead as the sunset reflects on his shades.

Mr. Griffin: I'm fairly certain he already is...

Mr. Griffin: ...But I did need to confirm your reports and eyewitness testimony with my own eyes. No offense to you, Ms. Aparna. I hope you don't think of me too rudely or paranoid.

Aparna: No offense taken, sir. My last employer was a psychopath.

Panel three: Aparna walks beside Mr. Griffin who is sitting on the anchor and looking out through his demolished wall as he watches the sun set and the sky turn shades of red and purple to send an ominous image to the reader.

Aparna: You knew this would happen?

Mr. Griffin: Not this specifically.

Mr. Griffin: Paul Patton Jr.--he is a lightning rod to insanity. Laws of nature, space and time bend and warp in his direction. The unexpected is mudane.  He is...he is....

Aparna: A freak magnet.

Panel four: Aparna begins to leave as calmly as if nothing has happened as Mr. Griffin begins to take his shades off.

Mr. Griffin: As good as term as any.

Mr. Griffin: Now could you please contact the mayor and city council? Inform them I will personally fund the reconstruction for damages recently inflicted upon Impact City...

Mr. Griffin:... And for the victims and families, Griffin Enterprises will help them, be it their hospital expenses or funeral arrangements.

Aparna: Very well, sir. And The Fox and yourself?

Panel five: A close-up on Mr. Griffin face where we can see that he has no visible eyes or anything else. Showing that Mr. Griffin is the Invisible Man.

Mr. Griffin: Regrettably, I we'll ever see eye to eye.


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