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Title: The Best of Archie Christmas Comics
Post by: DeCarlo Rules on November 26, 2020, 03:07:43 PM
I was wondering why this was in such an odd size.


But then (despite it being only 256 pages) I realized it's claiming kinship with THE BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS trade paperbacks (which hasn't had a new volume in years, discounting those reworked Deluxe Edition HCs). That series were usually over 400 pages per volume. This book came out a few weeks ago, but this collection must have been back-burnered in production from last year or even earlier. It still lists Victor Gorelick as Co-President/Editor-In-Chief on the credits page.

The greatest joy was seeing not only each and every story with creator credits, but the source of the original printing of the story is cited along with the date of original publication. I sure wish they'd make that standard procedure on every trade collection they publish.