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What comics have you been reading?

Started by irishmoxie, March 30, 2016, 10:49:35 pm

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Goldie Vance #1 - Nancy Drew in South Florida. It's definitely an all ages comic and I wouldn't compare her to Veronica Mars. Not snarky enough.

I liked the preview in the back for the Lumberjanes and Gotham Academy crossover. I've been trying to catch up on Gotham Academy in preparation.


Quote from: invisifan on April 14, 2016, 05:18:32 pm
Quote from: irishmoxie on April 14, 2016, 04:47:36 pm
In my attempt to try superheroes again I read Mockingbird #1. It was interesting. The first issue didn't explain much.
She has a long history (which isn't totally necessary) -- nothing like Patsy of course and she's always been in the superhero side of things, but about 50 years I'd say ... I could do a summary if you want, but I doubt it's essential ...

Do you think I would like issue #2? I think it was released this week. I'm on the fence with continuing the series.


I've picked it up but not read it yet -- will get to it tonight and let you know  ;)


Harrow County #11 - Oh how I love thee. Still acting mysterious. I especially like the scary stories sent in by readers in the back.

Another Castle #2 - Beautiful art especially the colors. The story is standard princess fare/fairytale written by a man.

DeCarlo Rules

Today I read ARCHIE GIANT SERIES #590 and 602, and JUGHEAD'S TIME POLICE #1-6; plus about halfway through JUGHEAD AND ARCHIE COMICS DIGEST #2.


Quote from: irishmoxie on April 14, 2016, 06:08:30 pm
QuoteIn my attempt to try superheroes again I read Mockingbird #1. It was interesting. The first issue didn't explain much.
Do you think I would like issue #2? I think it was released this week. I'm on the fence with continuing the series.
Quote from: invisifan on April 14, 2016, 06:39:29 pm
I've picked it up but not read it yet -- will get to it tonight and let you know  ;)
Okay -- if you thought #1 was interesting I'd say definitely give the next 4 a try ... it's a bit of a mystery and more spy than superhero for the most part -- and it's supposed to be a puzzle that's shown as it goes along, with the first issue just intended to intrigue ...



April 16, 2016, 12:54:55 am #127 Last Edit: April 16, 2016, 09:01:09 am by BettyReggie
I read
📖 - Cheryl Blossom #6 & #8 & #27
📖- Archie 3000 #1 & #2 & #7 & #11
📖- The New Archies #1 & #15 & #22

DeCarlo Rules

Friday 4/15

Saturday 04/16
ARCHIE DOUBLE DIGEST #267 (arrived that same day, along with Jughead and Archie Spring Annual #20)

... and that catches me up on the current digests, at least until Archie Comics Annual #268 or Betty and Veronica Double Digest #243, whichever comes out first. Until I get those in the mail, I'll be catching up on older Jughead and Archie, and Jughead & Friends digests.


I read each of 12 minutes
The Best Of Archie-75 Years 75 Stories
Archie 1000 Page Comics Celebration
Archie 1000 Page Comics Blowout
The Best Of Archie Comics Starring Betty & Veronica


I read
Jughead #5-Henderson
Deadly Class #19
Jem & Holograms-Valentine's Day Special
Jem & Holograms #13
Lumberjanes #23 & #24
Black Canary #2 & #9


DeCarlo Rules

Quote from: irishmoxie on April 19, 2016, 01:35:32 pm
Bruce Lee The Dragon Rises #1

I have this, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Any good?


Quote from: DeCarlo Rules on April 19, 2016, 02:22:49 pm
Quote from: irishmoxie on April 19, 2016, 01:35:32 pm
Bruce Lee The Dragon Rises #1

I have this, but haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Any good?

I like it. I had no idea what the story was before I read it. Lots of fighting scenes which is to be expected.

DeCarlo Rules

So I was just reading HOWARD THE DUCK (2016, Vol. 2) #6, which is, in addition to being the second part of a crossover with THE UNBEATABLE SQUIRREL GIRL (also 2016, Vol. 2) #6, a story that takes place in between HOWARD THE DUCK (2016, Vol. 1) and HOWARD THE DUCK (2016, Vol. 2), that explains just where the heck Howard got that cyborg cat that he's had hanging around since the beginning of Vol. 2.

Now, the interesting thing here, is that a running footnote/sidebar metatextual commentary (which is the usual case for things in SQUIRREL GIRL, but not in HOWARD THE DUCK) reveals some previously unknown facts of major significance to the Marvel Universe mythos. To wit, and with reference to the character of Weapon II (who, I guess I need to explain, is a mutant cyborg squirrel, and a product of the same clandestine government program that produced Weapon X, whom most of you may know as Wolverine): As it turns out, "Weapon II" is (shockingly, I know) NOT pronounced as "Weapon Eye-Eye" but as "Weapon Two" ("II" being the Roman numeral for "2"), which means, by implication, that "Weapon X" is not pronounced "Weapon Echhs" either, but as "Weapon TEN" (again, "X" being the Roman numeral for "10"). THAT, in itself, was mind-staggering enough to those of us who had been pronouncing it "Weapon Echhs" all these years, but THEN, to have it revealed (still in the aforementioned running footnote/sidebar metatextual commentary - stay with me here) that IN ACTUAL FACT, Professor Xavier had meant to create a team of mutants known as the "Ten-Men" (his idea being that he could find 10 mutants to fill out the team ranks), but had tried to be clever and used the Roman numeral X as the designation for the number of mutants in the team. Well, obviously he did not succeed in finding his ten suitable mutants for the team, and gave up after finding only five. Since everybody was already calling his mutant team "The Echhs-Men", he just let them think he meant the English letter of the alphabet X, and not the Roman numeral, all along. This is the kind of shocking revelation that totally rewrites TOHOTMU (that's The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, in case you haven't been paying attention). Oh, and there's a story in here (HOWARD THE DUCK #6, still) with both Squirrel Girl and Howard in it (and the aforementioned cyborg cat - not to be confused with Weapon II, who is a cyborg squirrel), as well. AND THERE ARE THOSE WHO SAID THAT THIS TITLE WAS NOT IMPORTANT TO THE MARVEL UNIVERSE!! HAH!, I say, HAH!

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