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    January 18, 2018, 09:40:14 AM
  • BettyReggie: I only read the first chapter so far & I love it.
    January 18, 2018, 07:24:10 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @BettyReggie - so what did you think of LIFE WITH KEVIN?
    January 18, 2018, 01:08:44 AM
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    January 17, 2018, 09:51:03 PM
  • BettyReggie: The Life With Kevin Book just came.
    January 16, 2018, 04:01:39 PM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @Kallell - Right. That's what I meant. The solicitations that came OUT for the months of November, December, and January... as Diamond Comics Distribution dates their catalogs. And those ACP comics digests solicited in those catalogs would indeed have shipping dates in the months of January, February, and March.  Which means ALL the issues of Archie, World of Archie, Betty and Veronica, and B & V Friends in those solicitations are JUMBO COMICS digests. Unlike those titles, Riverdale Comics Digest, Marvel Comics Digest, and Archie and Me Comics Digest haven't varied in their format from one issue to the next.
    January 15, 2018, 12:22:20 PM
  • Archie Comics Collector(Kalell): Very interesting observation DeCarlo Rules. Actually December 2017 was the last month in which there was still three Digest formats: Annual, Comics Double Digest and a Jumbo Comics Digest. As I looked through Jan, Feb and March solicits it seems that the main two formats are Comics Digest 128 pager: Archie and Me and the rest of the main Archie Digests will just be Jumbo Comics Digest 192 pagers. They seem to be doing away with the Annuals and Comics Double Digests for now.
    January 15, 2018, 11:41:08 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: Looking back through the ACP solicitations from November, December and January, it just dawned on me that EVERY regular digest title solicted (except for Archie and Me Comics Digest, Riverdale Comics Digest, and Marvel Comics Digest) is a JUMBO COMICS Digest (192 pages). Are Jumbo Comics Digests the new permanent format? It sure looks that way.
    January 14, 2018, 03:28:01 AM
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    January 11, 2018, 09:53:48 PM
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    January 11, 2018, 10:24:54 AM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Thanks. :)
    January 10, 2018, 09:28:25 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @ TM -- Both Archie's Funhouse and Jughead and Archie digests were cancelled at the end of last summer, Mark.
    January 10, 2018, 02:21:53 AM
  • Andrewtub: hello world
    January 10, 2018, 12:55:22 AM
  • Vegan Jughead: I think that's the one that was replaced by Archie and Me, Mark.
    January 09, 2018, 12:50:13 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Is Archie's Funhouse Double Digest cancelled? There hasn't been a new issue since September 20.
    January 09, 2018, 12:45:11 PM
  • BettyReggie: Riverdale Espoide #1 Season #2 is on now.
    January 03, 2018, 08:07:13 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: My review of "The Kisser Strikes": [link]
    January 03, 2018, 04:31:49 PM
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 "Toni Topaz is a character who was added on a little more recently in the comic books and she's always been very, very vivacious, exciting and a bit of a disrupter."

Yeah in all of two stories and the gazillion covers she was on that didn't include her in a single panel. :)

At least tell me they have casted a Midge.

All About Archie / Riverdale episode 13: The Sweet Hereafter
« on: May 11, 2017, 11:47:55 PM »





Hey, there's going to be a season six of Total Drama Island.




I finally have enough money saved to get a 3DS. I'm thinking Litten as my stater.


"Cliff hanger" heh-heh. Jughead, you witty person you.

Turns out you can't get rich from Maple Syrup as it was just a front for drug trafficking from Montreal...the evil part of Canada. Mayor Josie's Mom decides she's going to stomp out corruption kind of like how Donald Trump has dinner with James Comey. Instead of focusing on herself or the Blossoms, she's going after the easy targets: Those loveable scamps The Serpents.

Sheriff Dummy wants FP to give names for a lighter sentence but FP says the Serpents don't deal in heavy drugs, just weed and bros before your only son.

At the jubillee...seriously there was just a prom a few days ago!!!... she is going to have Betty and Archie front and center to sing and give a speech as the heroes of the town. Okay, Archie is no hero. He only contributed at the end said contributions were breaking and entering and putting on a dead kid's jacket.

Betty points this out, but Mr. Blackbee doesn't have the integrity of his white comic counterpart (Hey, I'm the not the writers making nearly every black character on this show evil or a jerk!) and tells her to shut up and go along.

Betty's got other problems as her family is trying to ignore what happened and acting like one big happy family. Veronica and Archie finally tell Betty that they are seeing each other and she's cool with it since she's with Jughead, a true blue hero...

Who is being sent to the South Side to a foster home and having to transfer out of Riverdale. Apparently Fred Andrews is disqualified because of money and a DUI off screen (Boo! Show don't tell!)

And it's not easy on the workside as Hermoine has lapsed into being a ...witch and fired all the Serpent workers and want's him to sell his stack in the land before Hiram comes back. She even wants Veronica to seduce Archie to help with that. Veronica, being one of the only five people worth a flip in this show) disapproves. I'm thinking Smithers lied about Hermoine.

Cheryl is acting weird (well besides the usual bi-polar of being really mean and then being nice) as she gives up being captain of the vixens, apologizes to Jughead and even gives him something to pawn for money.

And Penelope is in real...witch mode herself as she is cold to Cheryl and won't even let her stay home....also why did Sheriff Keller leave that rope up in the barn? He is horrible at his job. Eh, like that will have an effect on her.

Archie goes to FP where FP tells him Jughead will go into the darkness and he needs to be there for Jughead before that happens. He of course doesn't.

Jughead decides to give in and go to South Side High where...dear lord. You know those 90 movies that have horrible schools like the Substitute? Times that by ten and add in North Korea. That's about what South Side is. Betty and the gang (well not Kevin because...where the heck is he??) get him and show he's loved.

Too bad Cheryl is trying to kill herself in the frozen Sweetwater lake. She falls in but Archie (with no time to take of his shirt to show his abbs) breaks the ice with his bare, bloody hands, pulls her out, and breaths life back into her body! Okay, fine. Archie finally did something heroic.

Veronica takes her home and Hermoine is still being a...witch.

Jughead sees his dad. Jughead don't turn heel! If I can believe in Megatron being heroic, I know you can overcome this.

Archie and The Pussycats sing, Betty gives a speech that inspires Riverdale to overcome the darkness that is engulfing Riverdale! That Archie is Riverdale! Veronica is Riverdale! Whenever Kevin is there, he is Riverdale! Reggie is...well, he's not Riverdale. Fred regains his faith in humanity and refuses to sell! Puppies and kittens are playing together in the streets!!

And the gang goes off for shakes at Pops and everything's happy! Yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh!

(Looks at watch)

Huh. There's about seven minutes left.

And this is the CW Channel. With the guy who decided "Zombies in Riverdale" as the creator of the show.


Archie and Veronica make out...ah. There's those abbs.

Jughead and Betty are making out in FP's trailer when the Serpents show up and offer to help Jughead, don't take that jacket Jughead...don't....NOOOOOOO!!!

Cheryl burns down the mansion. Whatever.

Huh. I don't see Nana whatever.

Oh and there's a robbery at Pop's where Fred Andrews gets shot. Whatever.

Jughead turned heel. and I feel like I did when my hamster died... :(

Anyway, pretty good episode. I do have a few problems with it but those problems are the same through the series but it was great. Great cliffhanger, storylines were advanced. The acting was good. Archie actually did something worthwhile. So until next season...or I get around talking about what I liked and didn't like about the show.

All About Archie / Riverdale episode 12: Anatomy of a Murder.
« on: May 05, 2017, 04:48:28 AM »
Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched the episode.


It turns out the murderer of Jason Blossom was


Seriously, if you don't want to know and scrolled down this far, don't blame me.

Clifford Blossom. Okay, it stormed in my area so I missed some parts in the episode but from what I can piece together from what I saw. Jason didn't want part of the family business (not the maple syrup part) and wanted to leave with Polly and needed money so he wanted to run drugs for JP and Serpents. They decide to hold him for ransom because "rich kid" but that leads to Clifford shooting Jason. Looks like one of the serpents (the one who was going to clobber Archie in the bar) had roughed him up pretty bad.

Also on a more creepy level, we find out why Hal stole the evidence from Sheriff Useless and why the sudden mood swing: turns out grandfather Cooper...was a Blossom. That's right. The Coopers are really Blossoms, they just gave up the family name after their side of the family tree was robbed of their wealth. So Betty and Cheryl are cousins and Polly and Jason...are something I see in the South far too often.

Daddy Jones confesses to the murder because Clifford went to him when he went to jail and told him he'd kill Jughead if he didn't take the blame. I mean, yeah, he kidnapped and dumped the body, but y'know...who am I kidding, he's garbage. :)

The evidence was found on a flash drive after Joaquin leads them to where he stashed Jason's jacket. So that was his insurance.

When Sheriff Moron finally arrives at the Blossom compound he finds Clifford hung himself in the barn and several barrels with drugs. So that was what Jason was trying to get away from. So yeah. Jason was the only pure hearted red head on this show. And you can argue Archie when he stops going after every girl he sees! :)

Anyway random thoughts.

Jughead had it rough this episode. His friends betray him, his dad is in jail, all the adults treat him like garbage, and when he wants to live with his mom...she's moved on wants him to stay out of her and his sister's life. So all the hope of his family ever being together was for nothing. I'm a guy, and even I wanted to give him a hug.

Oh, and the adults in this episode, save for Alice Cooper, took a few levels in dumb. As the kids try to explain that gun was planted but are not believed. Fred took an extra level in jerkiness, too with his treatment of Jughead. He was so bad, Archie wanted to move to Chicago. Seriously, do you know how bad you are when being in Chicago is better than being in a room with you? Did you all not see that Draft?

The random serpent guy I didn't bother remember was killed and made to look like an overdose with money from a bag with the initials H L on them.

Betty Cooper really carries this episode as she proves that she and Jughead are the real stars of this show and the only two with fully functional brains. She even figures out "hole in jacket" something probably in the linen of the jacket. I mean, probably didn't need Archie to put the dead kid's jacket on, but Archie has been a jerk for a good bit, so yeah. Serves you right. Ghost cooties.

Sheriff Keller is an idiot.

Hiram is getting out of jail, so y'know nature hates a void so we're getting a new evil rich guy! Yay!

Kevin inherited a good deal of Sheriff Rosco's braincells, but luckily he has smart friends who convince him something is up with his boyfriend.

The House GOP reads healthcare bills better than Sheriff Keller examines evidence.  Well, evidence that doesn't get stole from him.

Hal breaks into the Cooper home to destroy the evidence and reveals...ewwww...and of course The Coopers get Polly the heck out of their. The transmission cuts off a bit, but Betty probably said something awesome to Penelope.

The transmission again goes out when Betty and Polly talk. So someone will have to fill me in on what they said.

Betty should be the Sheriff of Riverdale.

Apparently Pop Tates is like Wal-Mart: opened 24/7

Jughead is upset that his dad will stay in jail because...y'know disposing the body, kidnapping, perjury. While I know that this seems right in the normal world, I don't like agreeing with Sheriff Hindrance.

I want to feel bad for Cheryl...but nah. Maybe this will make her a better villain later on. Seriously, you tell everyone that Betty kidnapped and tortured someone...and Betty is still doing Homecoming? Your dad was right, you are a disappointment. :)

So my thoughts, all joking aside. I liked the episode, but I think the mystery could have been done a bit better.

Okay, let's take the Cooper/Blossom thing. Jughead and Betty were researching everything and they never stumbled across this or looked into it? I mean, I'm pretty sure town hall, archives, old newspapers. But whatever.
What bothers me is that this wasn't hinted at. Heck, how about something like "Polly and Jason have the same eyes" or some sort of comment.

And I'm supposed to remember that one random Serpent from when he messed up the costruction site in the dark and in the darkly lit bar?

Just a few subtle hints like when Monk goes over "Here's what happened" and I can go "oh okay, I missed that in the beginning but it's there." Just so I have a chance to get all the clues instead of two big bits revealed that I had no way of knowing. But I will give them credit for Clifford telling the family "I looked our son's killer in the eye" as proof he went to the jail. It's just one or two little tweeks to make this perfect.

But the jacket and it's importance did come up. And again, at least you had the two stars of the show, Betty and Jughead go to their board, eliminate suspect and come down to the finally two, The Blossoms.

And you really feel for Jughead. Man, do you feel for this kid. All the adults dump on him, his dad's in jail and still a criminal, and his mother doesn't want him in her life and when he tries to leave Riverdale he's stuck. Heck, he even moves into the Andrews garage after he overhears Fred not wanting him for fear something could happen to Archie. Great work by Cole.

And Reinhart. Those two are the main reason why I like this show. And Camilla. And the chuckles I get when Archie is just randomly shirtless for no reason but to show his abs. "Hey, let's go jog in my boxers to Ms. Grundy's."

So it was a great episode...and this isn't even the season finale!

Hiram: You idiot! You broke my prized vase! I'm going to throw you out myself!

(Archie holds up his shirt to show off his abs.)

Archie: You really think you can?


(Archie is landing on his face outside of the Lodge Estate)


(Archie begins to pick himself up)

Archie: Why does that have to be the one thing the comic and live action series has in common?

And if Hiram is smart, he keeps Veronica away from Jughead and Betty. It's never good for bad guys to be near meddling kids. :)

All About Archie / Riverdale episode 10: The Lost Weekend
« on: April 14, 2017, 10:32:48 AM »
It's Jughead's birthday as Betty tries to throw him a small, nice party--which is ruined by the two main villains of the show. Archie is depressed that not only is he and Valerie through but his parents are finally getting their divorce finalized. Veronica must come to terms with how ruthless her father can be. And Midge has to come to terms that she is non corporeal and that's okay.

Okay I know it's not right to start random musing with preview at the end...but Riverdale is too dangerous and CHICAGO is the better option!??

That's right, I was right as Cheryl teams up with Chuck to cause trouble just because they are both evil jerks who everyone hates, so why not?

I'm really enjoying Bughead as they are both damaged people who are decent human beings who have found each other and have connected. Jughead doesn't think he can be who Betty deserves and Betty thinks she has to be perfect. In the end they realize what they are. Honestly, I thought they were going to break up but Poppa Jones actually was a parent for a good ten seconds.

EEEEE Jughead took his hat off for Betty!!! EEEEE

I mean, Poppa Jones wasn't a parent for the entire kegger party, but hey, he's an alcoholic, thief, and possible murderer. Let's not hold him to too high of standards.

It looks like The Lodge Family has something on the Blossom family as they have forced the red hair clan to pay them a large amount of money every month--for seventy-five years!!! I'm guessing Great grandpa Lodge has evidence showing Great Grandpa Blossom killing Not as Great Cooper. Probably on VHS or something. That was around back then, right?

Speaking of Hiram, he hears that Veronica won't testify that he's a good human being--so he threatens to take down Hermoine with him unless Veronica says exactly what he wants!! Humanitarian of the years, folks.

Veronica: Smithers, is my mom good?

Smithers: A saint.

Veronica: What about my father?

Smithers: He's evil incarnate and has committed acts of cruelty that have made the world an irreversible worse place. I found religion solely on the need to believe there is a hell waiting for him.

Smithers: Oh, and how was school today, miss?

Veronica: ...

I think I might move Chuck up on my "going to get killed" list since he punched the son of a the local gang leader with said gang leader in the room and throwing him out.

And it looks like everyone is starting to get sick of Cheryl as the cheerleaders side with Veronica and even her two newly unemployed henchwomen/ vixens don't even vote for her. I guess it doesn't help that if you breath the wrong way this crazy psycho red head tries to ruin your life. To paraphase a horrible C Reiley movie "THE WRONG TWIN DIED THAT DAY."

To deal with getting dumped and his parents divorce Archie gets drunk before the birthday party and then gets drunk even more during the kegger party. And he even drunk dials his dad after the worst bit of camera work ever on the show thus far.

I like how even Poppa Jones acknowledges that the kids are the ones he needs to worry about.

And he probably feels a lot worse now that so much more information was given out during Cheryl and Chuck's revenge fest.

Joaquin: They're going to find out--they're going to know!

Jones: No they won't.

Cheryl: ...Did you know that Lodge hired the Serpents to ruin the theater?

(Joaquin gives Jones a death glare)

(Jones takes a sip of his beer)

Jones: Meddling kids.

...Actually, come to think of it, it really wasn't that good of a revenge. I mean, yeah, you told about Archie banging Ms. Grundy...but that'll only make him more popular. Veronica nailed Cheryl with the the twincest and killiing her own brother. And in the end, the characters ended up in a better place with Bughead stronger after dealing with issues  and Veronica needed to get some anger out of her system. Heck, Cheryl gave the teens more pieces to the puzzle of the murder of Jason.


Wow. Cheryl is a horrible villain. She doesn't succeed at anything! I mean, yeah, she's snarky and gets in good lines, but that's all she is!

Turns out that Alice Cooper used to be a Serpent.

Also Mr. Weatherbee decides it's okay for her to advise on the Blue and Gold Whatevers.

She also caught Joaquin talking with Poppa Jones and she told Betty. Yep, Jones, those kids are the ones you have to worry about. BIG TIME.

And Archie and Veronica might be a thing. Well, it's a huge upgrade over Valerie. I swear, there should be a rule about bad Dan Parent ideas staying in one medium only.

Veronica decides to tell the world how great her dad is and he rewards her with a pearl necklace. That's good because she broke the last one out of grief about the parent of a friend who attempted suicide because of him.

Veronica decides to join up with Bughead and crazy mom to investigate what is going on. So yeah, that makes three of the four main characters now in the interesting storyline while Archie...

I dunno, there's about four episodes left in the season so he'll probably be with six different girls, mope about his music, and whine about his parents while occasionally showing his abs. See, I never got the hate for comic Archie, but this guy. Yeah. I get that hate.

Anyway this was a very good episode. The only thing I can say I hated was The Archie drunk camera thing they were going for as it looked really stupid. No episode next week as...there's a gamer contest??

Okay, what's up with these video game tournament shows? TBS has one and now CW? You know what I do when I want to see someone play video games? I go on youtube and watch Markiplier.


Who are the most likely to die...

Joaquin: Not based on anyone from the comic, is part of whatever is going on with Big Bad Daddy Jones and burning the car and taking evidence. He's got the relationship with Kevin to give him some sympathy (even though he is using Kevin, he does seem to be growing attached to him) and is in a dangerous spot.

Kevin Keller: And to be fair, Kevin's in a dangerous position because of the above. Say he finds out more than he supposed to (J is keeping Jason's jacket). Say, the sheriff's son finds the jacket, he does need to be taken care of. Serves him right for dumping Betty for Veronica.

Big Bad Daddy Jones: Well, he seems to be playing everyone and will likely be at ground zero when the crazy bomb explodes in Riverdale. And he feels he needs to keep evidence as insurance. Someone is out to get him or would want him dealt with.

Sheriff Keller: I can see him getting killed by the killer. Heck, he tried to jail one of the only two people who are actually coming close to finding the real killer.                                               

Mary Andrews: Hey, look who came back...TO DIE??? Maybe.

Hal Cooper: Remember when we thought Alice was the bad one?!? He and the Blossoms hate each other enough to kill one another.

Polly Cooper: And look who is in the middle of the blood feud. Personally, I think she's crazy and Jason's killer. I don't trust these Coopers. Even the nice one is slightly unhinged. I mean, I'm sure the Blossoms are evil...and possibly into inbreeding, but they do seem to really love Jason and are saddened by his death. So her telling Archie what she "suspects" doesn't float the boat with me.

Old lady Blossom. I think her name is Rose: Just old age.

Midge: Granted, we don't have any visual evidence she exists at all...

Reggie: Sorry dude, you're expandable.

Jughead: Turns out, he's a ghost narrating the story!!

All About Archie / Re: Riverdale Episode 4
« on: February 19, 2017, 05:35:05 AM »
Liked this episode way better than last week's. Mainly because it got rid of Grundy, at least for a little bit. And that's good for Archie because now he can associate with the best parts of the show: Betty and Veronica.

And...never thought I would say this, but thank you Alice Cooper. And I do like that the show is at least showing she has valid points: Archie sneaking out, The Lodges ARE criminals.

But yeah, Grundy got off easy. And I did like the end, showing she's probably not all that innocent (looking for another teenage boy in another town)

Mayor Josie's Mom Making Riverdale Great Again!

Riverdale has a gang? Lead by Jughead's dad? And Jughead is homeless. No wonder he's so surly.

I'm glad that it was some drive-thru that got closed down...I thought it was going to be Pop's again. I'm just used to it after all these years.

Fan Fiction / Jughead in Hearts and Kisses.
« on: February 14, 2017, 08:57:52 PM »
 Page 1
Panel one: Jughead is lying in a heap in his bed as his stomach is grumbling. Jughead has half the cover on him so we can see his shorts and feet. One of Jughead’s socks has slipped off his foot. Jughead has his left arm over his eyes as he tries to ignore his stomach. Jughead’s bed and room have various food wrappers and pizza boxes lying on the ground. On his door is a dart board of hate with Trula’s picture on it with five darts on her smirking lips. Lying in a pile are various Derby Dalton comics. On a nearby counter is a picture of The Archies with a slice of pizza lying over it. We can see that he’s mark over Reggie’s face to give him a mustache and missing teeth.
Jughead’s stomach: Forsythe Jones the 3rd, rise. We must venture forth early this Valentine’s Day morn.
Jughead: No…Valentine’s Day bad…hibernation good…
Panel two: Jughead’s eyes pop open as his stomach continue to growl.
Jughead’s stomach: Have you forgotten the layaway from a year past, my indolent host?
Panel three: Jughead leaps out of bed in pure excitement.
Jughead: The giant chocolate frosted sugar supreme bomb of Mama B’s!!
Jughead: She only makes it once a year and they sell like hot cakes! I paid her a year in advance to make sure I got the biggest, bestest one!
Jughead’s stomach: Yes, YES!  Now, I will wait patiently. Digesting gum to bide the time.
Page 2
Panel one: Jughead is at his front door as he begins to reach for the door knob as he licks his lips.
Jughead: One bite of that delectable sweet will make this entire rotten lovey dovey pish posh fricka frack I’ll have to trudge through worth it!
Panel two: Jughead opens the door as Ethel is dressed up in a heart costume with a banner reading: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY. She has her lips puckered for a kiss as Jughead looks blankly at her.
Ethel: Do you know what today is, Juggie?
Panel three: Jughead just slams the door in her face nonchalantly.
Jughead: International Door Slamming Day.
Panel four: Jughead is walking away from the door as Ethel is knocking on the door.
Ethel outside: Hear that? That’s my heart beating for you!
Jughead: Thought it was the theme to JAWS.
Panel five: Outside Ethel is kicking and punching at the door as Jughead is sneaking out a side window of the house.
Ethel: Jughead!! Come out!! It’s the day of love!!
Ethel: LOVE!
Page 3
Panel one: Ethel turns around to see Jughead running away into the distance.
Ethel: Sigh. He’s so adorable when he plays hard to get.
Panel two: A close up on Ethel as she winks at the reader.
Ethel: But this year, Ethel Muggs came prepared.
Panel three: Jughead is looking back with a smile as he takes long strides down a sidewalk.
Jughead: Well, that’s that for Ethel.
Panel four: Jughead is shocked to see Ethel, now dressed in regular clothes right behind him, holding a plate with a cloche over it. Jughead stops in mid stride as he looks on in disbelief that Ethel somehow got ahead of him.
Ethel: Juggie! Fancy running into you!
Caption: Wait, What?
Panel five: Jughead is talking to a caption box as Ethel is frozen in place. The caption box is right at Jughead’s face ast they talk.
Jughead: Something wrong?
Caption: No. It’s just…. Um…I get your stomach talking to you, but how did she get ahead of you?
Panel six: Jughead slightly shrugs his shoulders at the caption box as the caption box tilts as if trying to sneak off the panel.
Jughead: You understand how my stomach has gained independent sentience…? You’re loony.
Caption: …I’m just going to say out of the way for the rest of the story unless there’s an emergency…
Page 4
Panel one: Over the shoulders of Ethel as Ethel begins to lift the cloche as Jughead turns his head.
Ethel: So how about the juggie love ship deck Ethel bay with a kissie wissie?
Jughead: The S.S. Jughead has set shore and laid anchor at Never Going To Happen Land.
Panel two: Ethel has the cloche up to reveal a pile of delicious chocolate cookies with the chocolate bits shaped like harts. The aroma goes into his nostrils as he is overtaken. Jughead is reaching out with both hands for the cookies as he has his tongue hanging down his chin.
Jughead: Raise anchor! Set the sails!
Panel three: Ethel slams the lid back down as Jughead bangs his fingers against the cloche as he winces in pain as pain stars surround his hands.
Ethel: No so fast!
Panel four: Ethel holds out her head and puckers her lips for Jughead to kiss. Jughead is blowing into his pain riddled finger as he tries to blow away the pain stars over each digit. A jogger confused jogger looks on at Jughead not noticing an open manhole.
Ethel: If you want cookies in stomach I want lips on lips. A kiss for a cookie. Sugar for sugar.
Panel five: Jughead takes a step back off-panel as Ethel closes her eyes and can barely contain herself as she thinks she’s finally going to get all the kisses she wants. The man is leaping out of the manhole as an alligator sticks it’s head out to bite at him.
Jughead: Fine. Just give me a few seconds.
Ethel: Tee-hee.
Page 5
Panel one: The entire panel is black with only Ethel’s thought balloon.
Ethel thought balloon: It’s finally happening!
Panel two: Pure black as the first panel save for the thought balloon.
Ethel thinking: And Jughead is so happy! Listen to him pant and bark.
Panel three: The panel is pure black save for the middle to show Ethel is opening her eyes to see Hot Dog and Vegas charge at her with their tongues out and overjoyed to see her.
Ethel thought balloon: “Pant and bark”? What is—
Panel four: Hot Dog and Vegas leap at Ethel and knock her to the ground as the plate of cookies fly in the air and Jughead happily waits for it to fall into his open hands.
Ethel: ACCKK
Panel five: In the foreground, Hot Dog and Vegas are licking Ethel’s face all over as this tickles her as she struggles to stop them while laughing her head off. In the background, Jughead is walking away while eating the last cookie as he leaves the plate and cloche on the sidewalk. In the background, a penguin with a hand glider is dropping a box of chocolates to the alligator as it waves hello to the penguin.
Jughead: Kiss for cookies.
Jughead: It’s for the dogs.
Ethel: Hee Hee! Stop Stop!!
Page 5
Panel one: Jughead is walking past an antique shop called Golden Oldies Retros as he has a strut in his step as he is happy he got rid of Ethel for a bit. Walking past him is Maria and Frankie and Chuck and Nancy.All of Riverdale is decorated in red and pink with red hearts hanging on poles and even a stop light with hearts shaped lights. On other shop windows are various drawings of cartoon boys and girls giving each other cards.

Jughead: Well, took care of Ethel, and now to get my just reward.
Panel two: Jughead walks up to Mama B’s bakery to see that a long light of teenage boys are waiting in line and out the sidewalk. Each one has a pink or red envelop in their arms. Jughead tips his hat as he’s concerned by what he sees.
Jughead: Curses. There goes my hope and dreams of this being a six page story. If there’s one thing I hate more than Valentine’s Day, its extra work.
Jughead: Well, work in general. Just effort specifically.

Panel three: Jughead taps the shoulder of one of the angry teens in front of him as he is scribbling on a Valentine’s Day card.
Jughead: Pardon.
Angry teen: What’d ya want, string bean?
Jughead: Two things: one, when did everyone come down with a sever case of sweet tooth…
Jughead: …and two, can I skip ahead. I already prepaid a year back and all the red and pink is making me nauseous. I’ll be in and out.
Panel four: The teen grabs Jughead by collar and lifts him off the ground. Jughead’s face remains stoic to everything.
Angry teen: We all forgot today was Valentine ’s Day and we now we need to get our sweeties’ chocolates to show how much we love them!
Jughead: Sounds to me you fellas forgot the wrong type of date.
Panel five: The angry teen to the approval of the other angry boyfriends toss Jughead right at the reader as Jughead does his best to try and flap his arms hoping it will help him fly and not be injured.
Angry teen: --And as for skipping ahead of us all after we’ve waited hours—
Angry teen: SCRAM!!!
Caption: EMERGENCY! Readers, duck! He’s coming right at you!!
Page 7
Panel one: Jughead falls into the arms of Moose as Jughead tips his hat to him.
SFX: Plop
Moose: Duh, Jughead I didn’t know you could fly.
Jughead: Anything can fly if you propel if fast enough. It’s the land that’s normally the problem. Thanks, Moose.
Panel two: Moose sets Jughead down as Jughead looks back with a sinister glare at the line of boyfriends just a few feet away from him.
Jughead: So guess you’re out getting gifts for Midge for his hallmark holiday.
Moose: Nah, I don’t read books. But I did get my Midgie a few Valentine ’s Day gifts last week. Only the best for Midge.
Jughead: Huh. Funny thing…
Panel three: Jughead points back at the line of teens who are all reading and comparing cards. Over the left side of the panel we can see Moose become enraged as blood vessels in his arms and fists pop out.
Jughead: Those guys were getting the best chocolates for Midge. I told them the lady was spoken for, but they gave me the heave ho.
Moose: IS. THAT. SO.
Panel four: Moose’s finger taps the angry teen’s shoulder as he begins to turn around, not knowing who it is.
Angry teen: Look, needle nose, I’m getting my girl her stupid chocolate and that’s that!!
Angry Teen: Wah---?
Panel five: Moose is towering over the angry teen and all the other teenage boys waiting in line as he looks demonic. Moose has flaming skulls in his eyes and his skin tone is a bright red as he is so enraged. Moose’s hair is standing up straight. Steam is erupting from Moose’s ears like a volcano and he is snorting flames. Behind him Moose, Jughead is pointing with a free hand at the sign he is holding that reads: You say scram, I say VAMOOSE.
Page 8
Panel one: Jughead is at the counter to Mama B’s as Mama B is confused as to what happened to all her customers as she walks back behind the counter from the back. She has small specks of floor on her face and apron. Jughead has set the sign he had on the counter as play innocent.
Mama B: Jughead! Where did you come from?
Jughead: If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that, I’d have Hiram Lodge as my butler.
Panel two: A close-up on Jughead as he has his arms folded on the counter as he eagerly waits to get his chocolate frosted supreme sugar bomb. Mama B is trying to hold her laughter as she is reaching down behind the counter. In the background through the windows Mama B’s, Moose is still chasing after every guy who was waiting ahead of Jughead.
Mama B: I meant what happened to that long line, child.
Jughead: Well, let’s just say, Cupid’s arrow isn’t the only thing that’s going to strike them today.
Panel three: Mama B opens a large sized flat box that the reader can’t see over her shoulders but Jughead looks at it as his face twists in disgust.
Mama B: It doesn’t matter, and don’t fret, Mama B has an elephant’s memory. I know why you’re here.  I made you treat just how you like it and even gave it a special design for the holiday.
Jughead: It’s like something from my nightmares.
Panel four: Mama B closes the lid and pulls the box back slightly much to Jughead’s chagrin.
Aunt B. Well, if you don’t like it, I can just give you your money back. I’m sure someone else would appreciate—
Panel five: Jughead snatches the box as Aunt B chuckles to herself.
Jughead: I eat with my eyes closed and mouth wide open. This is not a problem!
Mama B: Mmm-humm.
Page 9
Panel one: Jughead looks at the box in his hand with a smile as he struggles to carry it, happy with his purchase as he walks back to his home as he is now in a suburban area of Riverdale.
Jughead: Not a fan of the chocolate sculpting, but I don’t understand how an unfinished statue with no arms is considered a work of art.
Jughead: Besides, it will be delicious. I waited a year for this. Nothing is going to ruin this for me.
Panel two: Jughead is turning the corner as he hears a noise that stops him in his track.
Ethel off panel: Sob Sob.
Panel three: Ethel is sitting on the sidewalk crying into her arms as Jughead looks on sympathetically. Sitting next to her is Hot Dog and Vegas. Hot Dog leans his head sympathetically towards her while Vegas licks her elbow as he tries to make her feel better.
Ethel: (sniff sniff) All I wanted…was to wish him a Happy Valentine’s day…!
Ethel: (Sob sob) And maybe just one little kiss…is just one kiss asking so much....
Panel four: Jughead looks down at the box as he exhales and his lips flutter his facial expression is one that says” easy come, easy go.”
Panel five: Jughead walks up to Ethel and taps her shoulder as Ethel turns her head up towards him.
Ethel: Huh?
Panel six: Jughead offers the box with his chocolate frosted sugar supreme bomb inside as Ethel is perplexed by Jughead’s actions and words.
Jughead: This is the best anyone can ever hope for.

Page 10
Panel one: Betty and Veronica are walking along the street as Betty and Veronica are each carrying several boxes of different size and shapes of candy.
Veronica: Bettykins, I’d have to say this was a nice year for us both.
Betty: And even better day for our dentist, Ronnie.
Panel two: Betty and Veronica are walking down the same street that Jughead had been before he saw Ethel from the last page. Veronica is rolling her eyes and smiling at Betty’s comment.
Betty: I say we share with our friends. Like Ethel. Poor girl spends her entire day chasing the same boy all for naught. I can’t imagine what that’s like.
Veronica: Sure you can’t.
Panel three: Betty turns to Veronica to argue as a wide eyed Veronica is pointing straight ahead.
Betty: I saw that! I saw you roll your eyes!
Veronica: Really? Good. Now look at that and tell me what I’m seeing!
Panel four: In the foreground, Ethel is standing up and is kissing the now revealed giant puckered lips chocolate frosted sugar bomb as she has melted chocolate covering her face and dripping down her arms as Hot Dog and Vegas happily wait for each chocolate drop to hit their extended tongues as they happily wag their tails. In the background, Betty and Veronica are in shock and let their arms down and their valentine candy falls at their feet.
Ethel: BEST
Ethel: EVER!!

Reviews / PTF Reviews Target: Jughead
« on: January 25, 2017, 02:17:18 AM »
 PTF Reviews Target: Jughead.
Man, the things you find at a late January yard sale! I guess global warming isn’t so bad afterall. Trust me, when I went into that old ladies y-sale, I did not expect to find digests (Jughead with Archie 171-173...for a dollar! WHOOO!) containing a story I’ve been looking for forever, along with all issues of the Kevin Keller series and a certain infamous storyline round these parts. Oh, and The Changling. But the DVD didn’t work so that’s one dollar wasted, but does the first Trula Twyst story live up to the hype? Let’s find out!
Jughead is paranoid. The boys of Riverdale High believe he is faking being a woman hater and this one particular curly haired girl is everywhere he goes. Is there a connection, a scheme, if so what?
The Good.
Boldman and Lindsey: The ultimate Jughead crew. I really can’t think of a single story by these two that I hate. And they had over ten years. And this story is one of their best. Jughead is at his quirkiest and wittiest. Jughead dealing with each agents of J.U.S.T. by eating, sleeping, or just turning one into a couch potato. How I miss closed eyes, witty, cunning Jughead over opened eyes, “happy-happy-cray-cray” Jughead. And the build to this story is really good. Trula is brought in as possible an innocent victim of circumstance, to the reader thinking she’s just another one off character Jughead will best to…wow. She won. And the design for Trula Twyst probably looks familiar because Lindsey used this design for a lot of one time characters. Let’s see there was a girl at museum, softball player, and girlfriend to Mad Doctor Mad’s sidekick, Chester. At least I think it was Chester or a handsome rip off of the guy.
Anyway, the character designs (and there’s quite a few) are great, each character looks different in some way. It’s just a great classic Archie art from the most underrated Archie artist. ...And kudos for the ominous wind whenever the orange door is in panel after part one. It's just super funny to me.

Trula Twyst: Easily one of my favorite supporting characters of Archie Comics. I’ve always considered Jughead the Bugs Bunny of Archie Comics. Trula Twyst is the tortoise or The Gremlin. A character that the usually invincible can’t beat because they’re just better than the main character at being clever. And she is at all time form in this story that sees her manipulate everyone at Riverdale High, with Jughead being the lynch pin to her plans, and she wins. Plays everyone like a fiddle with not a single hiccup along the way. And the thing is: she’s just so witty and entertaining you’re fine with it. She’s smart, able to hang with Jughead in the wit department, and she is pleasant to everyone. She’s just manipulative and dead set on getting her end result.
 I think my favorite part in the story that shows she is a threat is at The Chocklit Shop. Jughead is pretending he wants a girlfriend and chooses Trula (hoping to make guys want to date her/unwittingly doing exactly what she wants) Jughead breaks character when he orders an oversized ice cream cone and doesn’t plan to get Trula anything. Trula’s response? Just break the lower part of the cone off. Closely followed is Jughead’s reaction to Trula telling him she tricked him. One of the few times when Jughead is at a lost for words and loses his composure not food related. Well, until later encounters with Trula.
Each part is twelve pages and it just flows really well.

The Bad:
The Coloring: We have a few problems with the coloring in this three part story. In the first part, Trula’s hair is more of a brownish red instead of just red. Also the dreaded orange door that leads to the lair of Trula Twyst…is brown until the last part of the story. I kind of understand Trula’s hair because she is just introduced. But the door is said to be orange. I guess Barry Grossman decided to read the script at part three a bit better. But besides these minor problems, the typical great job from Barry Grossman.
The wait. I had to find this at an old lady’s yard sale!?! What the heck, Archie Comics?! Some intern lose a box labeled “Boldman characters?” Sorry for bringing back bad memories to the furries out there. Totally insensitive on my part.
What I learned from reading:
 There’s always someone better than you at what you’re the best at.
  • Rhymatic channel surfing is a lost art. (Stupid DVRs making it easy on lazy kids these days)
  • It’s not how thick a thief is, but how crooked.
  • Girls are way more organized than boys.
  • Everyone wants what someone else has.
  • Poetry reading helps move along a good nap.
  • You’re not paranoid if someone really is out to get you.
  • Dumpsters are the best hiding spots in comics.
  • Jughead dating throws off the entire universe.
  • Beware of orange doors!!!
And there we have it. A story I’ve long waited to be reprinted in a digest…and end up just lucking into it. Trula seems to be a pretty popular character…so we don’t we ever see more of her? I remember reading how she wasn’t going to be used much, but was popular with the readers. And I can see why: good character design, her mind games set her apart from the other characters, and she’s just a great nemesis for Jughead.
Why she didn’t appear near the end before the reboot or even show up in the reboot? I have no idea. Best I can figure that in the end it was down to Ruiz and Parent and each had characters they preferred. Trula wasn’t one of them. I’d like to say that Trula will be in the new verse one day—but I’m still wondering if Jughead has a baby sister or if Ethel exists in the Jughead book. But the thing is with Trula or any other character that isn’t getting the representation we all like: there are still stories out there to find. Sure it’s harder, but after all the waiting I had for this story, it made reading it more special. Of course, I’m saying that as someone who accomplished his quests so…have fun slaying your dragons, folks, I’m done! WHOOO!!
Grade: A. The worst is a few miscolorings. This is a classic story that should be read. HEAR THAT ARCHIE COMICS. …Oh, you’re busy making a one shot Jughead as a werewolf. Sorry for interrupting your important business.
And for my next review Betty and Veronica: Farewell Riverdale. Betty & Veronica 272-277  I read one part of this years back and…it wasn’t good. Maybe time has aged this story like fine wine. And c’mon, I got these issues for two bucks. It’s going to be hard to not be worth the money.

News and New Releases / Re: ARCHIE COMICS FOR APRIL 2017
« on: January 24, 2017, 09:17:39 AM »
Alright! Love the Moose special.

And could Betty & Veronica come out before the next Afterlife be in April? It's the ultimate tortoise vs turtle race reaching it's conclusion!! :)

All About Archie / Re: Some questions about Adam Hughes' BETTY & VERONICA
« on: November 23, 2016, 03:01:26 PM »
Okay, finally got to pick both issues up.

What I liked.

1. The art. It's Adam Hughes so you know it's going to have great art. And I actually like the story, the dialogue and the characters. And the jokes are pretty funny.

2. Crazy Betty. The best version of Betty: her being super nice and also being nutso.

3. Ethel. I'm glad he actually drew her not so pretty. Heck, Ethel exists in one of the titles! The best she could do before was being undead in Afterlife. :)

4. Heel Kevin Keller. Yeah, he hasn't said much, but I already find him way more interesting than the original. Not even close. I'm not joking.

5. Veronica. I can see some going "Too Cheryl" But it is a new universe with it's own continuity and I did find her entertaining. She's so incredibly smug and stacking everything against Betty, it's going to be great to see her lose. Favorite moment had to be the liquor license and her kissing it then winking at Betty.

What I didn't like.

1. Pop Tate. ...Um, ya couldn't draw him fat because when I first looked at him, I didn't recognize him.

2. The Hot Dog stuff. ...Um, why Hot Dog? I mean, if Hot Dog did this for the Jughead book I could understand that. Honestly, even then I'd be willing to throw logic out the window if I knew this book was going to keep on schedule. It's Archie Comics and it's Adam Hughes. Eh-eh. So we're losing page time. Plus...why can Hot Dog talk and Caramel can't? That's not fair. :)

3. Toni Topaz. She is the most popular unpopular character I've ever seen!! :)

4. The cussing. It's not so much the words as who is doing it. I just can't see any version of Betty cussing.

5. The carwash scene. Okay, you had a bunch of middle age guys taking pictures of teenage girls washing cars in 57 degree weather. I mean, it's funny, but--yyyeeeessshhh.

So yeah, it's not perfect but it's still very good. But I can see why some people would be turned off. The first issue was about a B and the next a B+.

General Discussion / Re: Oh. My. GOD!! (For Real)
« on: November 09, 2016, 11:16:47 AM »
I saw this coming. Hillary did what she did against Obama: Not have the right message.

Bernie had the right message and Trump--even though it's a twisted, evil version--had the message.

But the best we can do is hope for the best and do what we can for the next four years---please save us Corey Booker. :)

That Wilkin Boy.

I mean you have comedy, a funny pet, two dads who hate each other and are next door neighbors, and a love story. It's practically Romeo and Juliet. :)

News and New Releases / Re: ARCHIE COMICS FOR DECEMBER 2016
« on: September 22, 2016, 01:58:33 PM »
Just did a google search and Sandy's art looks pretty good.

Plus, Tom DeFalco is still amazing. I still kind of wish Ruiz could have done the art. Reggie's his favorite character. Plus he was the other part of my favorite Archie comic of all time.

Pat the Brat is the Son of Satan.

Wilbur and his crew are actually clones of the Riverdale gang and part of a government experiment.

As long as one of these is true I'm happy. :)

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