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they didn't even dig them up when they got their own movie!
Other Media / Archie's Weird Mysteries
June 29, 2016, 09:59:33 PM
Back on the old forums we used to have this topic about archie's weird mysteries and all of it's episodes

I'm making another one because it deserves it as the last cartoon centered around the riverdale gang and probably the most interesting one as it was the first foray into An Exclusively Supernatural Focused Archie Series(this was long before Afterlife With Archie Became A Thing)

it didn't help that it aired on a network unknown to Most (PAX...which is now known as ION Television and now only dabbles in Reruns of shows made famous by other networks)
it takes place near the end of the 80's and has a bit of friday the 13th vibe going for it

constant delays with no news as to why they happen and when issues will actually start coming out on a regular's enough to make fans just drop out completely

so what's the point in archie doing this when even their grand hit afterlife with archie doesn't see more than one issue a year at best?
gonna make it to 30 issues and will relaunch in August With 2 Issues A Month

plus she's gonna be in the newly relaunched Suicide Squad also with 2 Issues A Month

Let's Not Forget She's had 2 mini's(Harley Quinn/Power-Girl And Harley Quinn&Her Gang Of Harley's)and A Team Up Series Called Harley's Little Black Book that ships once every two months

but eventually it's gonna stop right? how long will people line up for The Crazy Clown Girl before the well runs dry
Welcome/Introductions / i have returned
June 11, 2016, 07:13:03 AM
yo yo it's me The Magical_Necromancer under a slightly newer name  :coolsmiley: