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According to an article that I found from cbr.com : https://www.cbr.com/archie-comics-animated-live-action-series/

It seems that Archie comics will greenlight three shows,Two live actions and one animated series.So I thought of giving my guess on what the three shows are all about

The first live action show will be based on Josie and the pussycats and will likely set  in the riverdale and chilling adventures of Sabrina universe with horror undertones,My guess is that it will be similar to the josie animated series from 1970 where the gang are  caught in adventure/mystery situation but it will have  a tone similar to the CW supernatural series where it will involve real supernatural forces  and real criminal activities much like the X files.

Or maybe the josie live action series will have them turn into werecats or vampires like the one from afterlife with Archie

The second live action show will be based on an obscure character published by Archie comics from the 50s called Sam Hill, Private Eye which will probably be a crime drama television series but will likely be set in its own universe in other words a standalone series not connecting to the riverdale universe.

And the third will be an animated series but unlike the dark live action shows it will be light-hearted and family oriented and will be faithful to the source material that is comedy as it involves the misadventures of Archie and his gang though I wish that a live action sitcom or a comedy drama would be nice.

an thats all my guess  on what Archie comic plan to greenlit three shows

As you all heard from this news : https://www.cbr.com/archie-700-new-creative-team-riverdale-direction/
The Archie main series will come back after the Archie 1941 miniseries ended which is no surprise for me because I am glad that the series will come back after the miniseries but the reason why I give mixed opinions on it is because it will be renumbered as 699 which will lead to issue 700,But I am not against renumbering because the reason they do renumbering is because Archie like other comic book magazine are long running and they keep on renumbering the issue to its original to show how many issues they publish,but my mixed opinion is that this series is continuing from the 2015 reboot version instead of the classic version.
I mean that's the problem because the reboot archie doesn't look like the classic archie eventhough it's faithful to its predecessors elements but still if they want to continue the main series they could have at least be renumbered as "1" just to be safe since the new team of Nick Spencer and Marguerite Sauvage will handle it and I also think it should give a hard reboot which will not happen at least until in about few years with a clean slate.

You know I read the news that a new miniseries called Archie 1941 will replace the Archie main series which is about to be in hiatus which I don't know 'why?'As it tells about the Archie gang in a 1941 setting after they graduate from high school reaching towards  adulthood as they deal with life in the  town of Riverdale when their country heads towards world war II.
Now my opinion is that I appreciate that the miniseries will take place in a year the character debuted however I think it should have  been the retelling of Archie and his gang earlier tales during the 1940s or least take place in the middle of the 40s and the 50s which was the era where the characters gain their popularity.
Still maybe we will see what the miniseries like as we take a look at the 1941 version of the Archie characters dealing with life in world war 2 era ,And I wonder if the main Archie series will come back after the miniseries ended and see if it is ongoing or not.
Archie comics has gained a renaissance after going through low sales throughout the 80's,90s and 2000s all thanks to the  the leadership of current CEO  Jon Goldwater.
It introduce a gay character named Kevin Keller,It introduce mature storytelling with Life with Archie: The Married Life that focus on Archie's married relationship with Betty and Veronica of both worlds.It introduce a horror series for teen readers called Afterlife with Archie which give a dark and grimmy  take on the archie characters while facing monsters and zombies.It with CW introduce a teen drama television version of the Archie characters called Riverdale which like Afterlife with Archie  is dark but with mystery elements.
And gave a reboot of the Archie universe with Archie #1 aiming for the teen demographic after ending the main classic line and speaking of the classic line,have you wondered that 3 years after the classic line ended.There isn't a single new classic lineup story in the main comic book lineup except the Digest because they are still running with new stories in classic line up  but there are mostly reprint and less new material.
Now even though the modern reboot stays faithful to the classic with its humour and drama. Archie comics attempted to revive the classic lineup with Your pal Archie which is a redesigned version of the archie classic with  new material, Archie vs predator which is black comedy crossover between archie characters and the predator painted in classic style but with gore and blood  and then the upcoming Betty and Veronica Friends forever ,
The classic style still has new material in the digest  since they are still available in the magazine racks that you see in your local supermarket but only less as they mostly reprints of various stories and will continue in various newspaper strips under creators syndicate as shown here : https://www.creators.com/read/archie and even co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit which Jon Goldwater made a personal feud with her over the property distributing her own archie comics one of them focus on Autism awareness with a character named Scarlet as shown here :https://www.bleedingcool.com/2018/01/19/nancy-silberkleit-archie-comic-scarlet/

But this is what we need to discuss in this topic,Will Archie main comic book line will one day return to it's classic style?

When I heard that that the upcoming miniseries called Archie Superteens vs Crusaders,I was amazed because it would be about the superhero version of the Archie gang teaming up with the golden/silver age version of the crusaders in an alternate Archie universe.

However I think that this miniseries should have belonged to the Archie Action brand because you see the Archie action brand focuses on Action and Adventure so without Sonic and the now ended Cosmo ,I think maybe  Archie Superteens vs Crusaders should have been used for the Archie Action brand instead,So that this brand will involve the action/adventure version of the Archie characters like Explorers of the unknown,Archei the barbarian and the superteens opposite to Archie horror where it focuses on the horror genre of the archie characters like Afterlife with Archie for example.

During the fall of 2017,It was announced that the title from Archie comics from the 50's Cosmo the Merry Martian will be rebooted as an Archie Action title (which is now an only title) written by Ian Flynn and aimed for the general audience ,But now when I look at Archie comics April 2018 solicitations,It just turned into a 5 issue miniseries as the cover says 4 of 5.as shown in this link https://www.newsarama.com/38299-archie-comics-april-2018-solicitations.html

COSMO #4 (of 5)
Retailers: Combined initial orders matching or exceeding 75% of combined initial orders on issue #1 will receive an additional 10% discount.The evil battle princess Cleo has our hero Cosmo cornered! Is this the end of the mighty Martian's mission or will the wheel of fate turn in his favor? Find out in the penultimate chapter of this 5-part mini-series!Script: Ian FlynnArt: Tracy Yardley, Matt Herms, Jack MorelliCover: Patrick SpazianteVariant Covers: Vincent Lovallo, Asami MatsumuraOn Sale Date: 4/1832-page, full color comic$3.99 U.S.

So what caused this series reduced into a 5 issue miniseries?,Is it the sales,reviews or both?

Extended title : My reaction on Archie comic not making a  Dick Tracy Reboot Canceled Due to Licensing error from Tribune Content Agency

Some time ago,I heard the news that Archie is about to adapt Dick tracey and make a reboot of the series starting with his early detective cases ,However due to the  "preexisting licensing deal"  as mentioned by Tribune Content Agency the license-holders of Chester Gould's Dick Tracy through that reboot was cancelled before release.

Which is a darn shame,Because this would have  been Archie comics first official licensing deal with another property  since Sonic the hedgehog which IDW now owns the rights to make comic book adaptations of it.So I guess Archie comics will once again deal with their original properties like they do now. :-\
You know when I heard the news from the link that Archie comics is about to reboot an old property that was still printed in the newspaper strip called Dick tracey: https://www.cbr.com/dick-tracy-reboot-archie-comics/

I was surprised because I thought Archie comics will focus only on their original property but now they are once again doing licensing comics this time by rebooting  Dick tracey,I am just surprised and almost speechless by this announcement,I guess the reason they are doing to get some extra cash for their company anyway I hope Archie comics will do their  best on Dick tracey even though I think IDW will fit for this job.

I understand the Riverdale (a non-comedy but mystery drama series) series is now a popular one in CW including Netflix, Which one of the reasons for the popularity is that most people don't read Archie comics which is comedy and later comedy drama for the reboot series.
But what if another live action series based on Archie comics property is made but would be faithful to the original source materials genre that is comedy but it will be a comedy-drama series like Scrubs,Orange Is the New Black or Freaks and Geeks
I mean the reason I think another live action series based on Archie comics property which is comedy but Comedy-drama should be made not like riverdale is because for many years the archie comic book series were full of comedy though they include drama before the present where the comics are subdivided into each brand based on every archie comics properties like New riverdale (the reboot which is comedy drama like the current Archie series),horror (afterlife with archie) and dark circle (the current mighty crusaders)
Think about it, another live action series will be based on Archie comics will be comedy like its source material but it will include drama dealing with serious topics including teenage ones like gun violence,bullying and teen pregnancy ,It should be inspired from the new riverdale brand the reboot archie comics and the older actors will be portrayed by adults and middle ages (especially Grundy who should be middle aged) while the teenager actors will be portrayed by actual teenagers or young adults just to be safe.
So what I am trying to say is if a live action comedy-drama series is based on an Archie Comics property which is not riverdale a mystery drama series is made ,How will audience react?
Look What I completed (?) a wraparound your pal Archie chocklit shoppe variant cover

When I read Archie Comics solicitations for January 2018 ,One of the upcoming comics for Archie:Actions ( former home of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series) is COSMO a reboot of the short lived funny sci fi Archie comic from the 1950's and I have Mixed feelings about this.You see The positive side in me thinks that reviving an old but almost forgotten funny science fiction comic is great with new designs and a bit of adventure in it's theme and it will be aimed for young and old audience alike along with the reprints of the classic archie comics.But the negative side in me told me that this will be the only product in Archie Actions brand and that is considered a problem how will readers sell this only product  in that line,Archie comics should have at least make new titles for the Archie Actions brand before releasing Cosmo for 2018,I mean even if it gets positive review the sales will be low and it will be cancelled. The only way to prevent it is to have Archie Action brand be rebranded as a family brand and maybe revive  few titles aimed for both young and old audience rather than  the now teen focussed archie brand like Little Archie and Lil Jinx (the original) with maybe some original titles based or not based on any archie property and let Cosmo be a part of that line.
Or Maybe have Archie comics make a family brand with maybe the  revived Little Archie and lil Jinx (original) with family friendly Archie titles  and let Cosmo migrate in that new brand  since the design is childish and cartoonic.While the Archie Action brand will be rebranded and aimed for teen audience which will consist of the revival  of old archie action/adventure properties like Super Teens,The Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E and Archie the Barbarian along with maybe the original action/adventure series based on any archie property or let the Archie Action brand be dead.
I got some news from CBR.com that Archie comics is about to launch Betty and Veronica Vixens another archie alternate universe spinoff starring Betty and Veronica where it takes place in another world where Betty and Veronica are biker girls taking on every bad biker gang and pays homage to the Biker girl movies from the  late 60's to the 70's and also the female equivalent of the Sons of Anarchy and will revive The Mighty Crusaders where it will involve the Dark circle version of the mighty crusaders. You can check out the news source from this link right here: http://www.cbr.com/archie-superhero-team-betty-veronica-bikers/

But still seeing with these upcoming releases ,I think I am going to guess what these two new titles are used for, I think Betty and Veronica Vixens will be used for the newly Rebranded Archie Action where it involves the action version of the Archie characters as Superheroes like 'Pureheart and the superteens' and Spies like The Man from R.I.V.E.R.D.A.L.E Because unlike the alternate horror spinoffs which is Archie Horror/Madhouse like Afterlife with Archie, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Jughead The hunger. Vixens would pay tribute to the Action Biker gang films from the 60's and 70's and will help to rebrand Archie:Action since it no longer has the long running Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

And with the upcoming revival of The mighty Crusaders with the Dark Circle Characters,I think that the series will return the brand to its light tone but is still aimed for the Teen Audience since Superheroes comics are for Teens only and will probably rebrand Dark Circle as Red Circle so that it can follow the process DC and MARVEL did with Rebirth and LEGACY.
Since Archie Comics and Sega's partnership comes to an end after 24 years, That means Sonic the Hedgehog # 291 and Sonic Universe # 95 will become the final story of the Archie Sonic Universe before Sega will find another comic book company possibly IDW to make a new comic book adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog.

But in case if the 2 comic book issues are  never made, I am going to write the plot details  of the revised Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 291 and Sonic Universe # 95 which the latter will be the eulogy for the series.
It will be similar to what Dark Horse did with the Star Wars comic book series before giving its rights to Marvel  since Disney bought the franchise with Star Wars (dark horse 2014) issue 20 except Star wars legacy vol 2 and Archie Comics with Mega Man issue 55 ,If only this will happen to Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series .Well anyway,

Plot Details:
Sonic the Hedgehog#291 –The story will remain the same as this will be the adaptation of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 but it will be marketed as the final issue as there will be  narrations by tails about him and Sonic's first encounter with Knuckles  during their battle with Dr. Eggman. Then some added new last pages will reveal Sonic (the present one after the Shattered world crisis and the panic in the sky storyline)  reading Tails Journal about their adventures, When he heard that Tails is coming back from his walk. Sonic quickly closes the book and pretends that he didn't read Tails Journal as he is going out for a morning walk, Tails begins to suspect that Sonic had read some of his Journal but he decides to ignore it as he  is about to write about his next journal entry about his friendship with Sonic which will be explained in Sonic Universe # 95 the final issue of the series as well as the finale of Archie's Sonic Universe.
The info box at the end will say something like this  'Well Guys, That's the end of Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series, Thank you for 291 issues but if you want to see what Tails is writing in his Journal and see how this will all end , read Sonic Universe#95'

Off Panel Segment: This Off-Panel will be considered one page  as this involves characters shock that the series is cancelled and that there are many things that they wanted to do, Here's how it goes ,The Character are preparing for the next storyarc when suddenly Sonic gets a horrifying news from twitter that their Comic book series is cancelled. This cause the characters to panic and complain as they are shocked that the series didn't reach their 300th issue milestone ,there are too many plots left unresolved, and there are upcoming story arcs which are  never to be told  and that Eggman is making plans for his world conquest, The Off Panel segment ends with Sonic looking discontent at seeing his friends and enemies panic for the inevitable

Sonic Universe #95-This will be the final issue of the series as well as the finale of Archie's Sonic Universe and it will be similar to Archie's Mega Man final issue before the issue (in reality cancellation) but it will be considered a farewell to the Archie Sonic Universe, The plot continues where Sonic the Hedgehog#291 left off as tails is about to write his journal entry about his friendship with Sonic .He will also write some of the details about his adventures with Sonic during the Pre-genesis wave through good times and dark times but there will not be any mention of Ken Pender's creations due to 'you know' lawsuit and then Tails will also write about his post genesis wave adventures that is the Shattered world crisis saga. The framing segment will also have Sonic going for a morning run and greet his friends including the Archie ones  (but no kender's characters) along with Tail's narrations saying that Sonic cares about his friends and his world and won't let anyone like Dr. Eggman ruin it.
Sonic will then have a moment of Silence for Chip (the light Gaia) who merge with the Gaia Colossus and the Dark Gaia to prevent Sonic's world from being destroyed as shown with Sonic still holding the bracelet he got  from chip. After a moment of Silence Sonic witness Eggman in his Egg Mobile and his goons about to conquer Sonic's world as always. As Sonic calls his friends to join him in defeating Eggman ,Tails finish his Journal entry before joining his friends as he says whatever bad thing  happens Sonic and his friends will always save the day as the final splash page shows Sonic and his friends charging in toward Eggman and his Army .As this will be considered as 'And the Adventures continues' ending where Sonic and his friends continue their never-ending battle and adventures .

The info box at the end will say something like this  'After 95 issues ,The series is over for now but Sonic and his friends adventures will live on,  Thank you for 25 years Sonic fans'

Off Panel Segment: The Off-panel will be considered a farewell to Archie's Sonic universe as the characters 'leave the set' after the series has come to an end and that Archie and Sonic 's partnership is over after many years especially that it pays tribute to the final moments to the series finale of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, It will also come in one or two pages  ,Here is how it goes: Sometime after  the off panel segment from Sonic #291,and taking place in party in the studio Set Sonic with tears in his eyes gives a heartwarming speech saying that even though their series is coming to an end ,he believes that they will meet again and after they raise their glass possibly water or champagne some person off panel tells them it's time to close the set.
And then we see the group of character exit the set one by one as each of the group sings It's a Long way to Tipperary ,First the original characters from the post genesis wave made by the staff of Archie Comics, Then the characters from the  post adventures era by Sega, Then the original  characters from the Pre Genesis wave made by the staff of Archie comics (but no characters by Ken Penders which again is due to lawsuit) ,Then the villains Eggman and his goons ,Then Sonic's friends Knuckles, Tails and Amy and finally Sonic himself before joining his friends stands  in front of the door alone takes one last look at the set and then us readers before he turns off the light and close the door leaving the panel all black and thus bringing Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog series to an end.

What do you think?
Bad news sonic fans,As you all heard Archie's Sonic the hedgehog comic book series along with Sonic Universe is about to end because after many years Sega and Archie ended partnership http://www.cbr.com/sonic-the-hedgehog-archie-comics/   :'(

Which means that in about few months this year , Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 291 and Sonic Universe 95 will be rewritten as the final issue similar to Megaman before reaching to hiatus later revealed to be cancelation.

Let's hope the series will go off with a bang with issue 291 (along with Sonic Universe 95) since the series is about to end after many years.
Guys,You're not going to believe this but when I read the news about the announcement that Jughead:The Hunger the Archie Horror one shot is about to be a full series and is about to debut on Halloween this year.:http://io9.gizmodo.com/werewolf-jughead-will-return-for-his-own-ongoing-comic-1796810743

I discovered the brand logo that Archie Comic is about to unofficially 'unannounce'  that they are going to  rebrand Archie Horror as Archie's Madhouse which was named after the surreal science fiction horror comedy anthology series from 1959 to 1982.

And I have proof ,Here is the Archie Horror logo:

and here is the new name for Archie's Horror Brand 'Archie's Madhouse'

What do you think?Do you believe that Archie Horror is about to be rebranded as Archie's Madhouse
Look, This maybe considered a weird theory but here goes,You know the Archie Reboot that's been ongoing since 2015,I was thinking suppose if the writers run out of ideas for the reboot and that the characters will keep on evolving throughout the years ,I have a feeling in about few years,The Archie reboot will end and will end with the characters graduating and will have an epilogue showing their new lives though It will probably never show who Archie is married to.

Then there will be another reboot to the Archie Comics series probably about going back to the Classic roots or something new with new designs.I mean, I understand there are new writers who are going to take over the title but I  still think that those writers will probably run out of Ideas since the characters will evolve through time and then they will end this era while creating a new one.

Am I right ? Will the Archie reboot end in about few years and replace with a new reboot?
Since Archie Comic's Sonic the hedgehog comics are now remaining on hiatus and with Archie comics focus more on their main brand and the television series that is called 'Riverdale'.I think that Sonic the hedgehog comic book series will come to an end.

So here are my thoughts on how Sonic the hedgehog comic book series will end when the company annouce that they end contract with Sega  and how the final issues play out.

For the Main series: Since the hiatus began with Sonic the hedgehog 290,I think the writers will probably cancel the plots for the future issues of 291-300 and just rewrite 291 or/and 292 as the farewell issue/s for the series similar to what the final issue of Mega Man did when it began its hiatus and now cancelation by just giving a sneak peek to upcoming plots that will never be made and then ends with an 'And the Adventure continues' ending along with the bonus final page saying goodbye to the fans before the series ends or maybe a break in the fourth wall issue saying that the series is cancelled as the characters leave the set before the stories are over and then ends with sonic before going along with his friends to unemployment waving goodbye .

But if Archie comics decides to give the writers a chance to write one more issue before the end  then they will release 291-294 before ending the series with issue 295 which will be the final issue of the series and it will have  the 2 similar plots to what  I said about issue 291 and perhaps maybe a funny bonus page before closing the series will have the characters complaining that the series is cancelled and they didn't reach issue 300.

But if Archie comics decided to end the series  with a bang with issue 300,I think that they will get a chance for the writers to make the final story arc from the series that will begin from issue 295 to 300 which will be the epilogue issue and bring  closure to the series

I think that the series will be released on monthly or maybe weekly since Archie Comics focus more on their main brand and just end the sonic series quickly.

For the Spinoff : Since the series has the only spinoff that is Sonic universe,I am going to guess how Archie comics is going to end the series along with the main one,Perhaps maybe they will cancel the planned freedom fighters storyarc that was supposed to begin with issue 95 to probably 100 and just turn issue 95 into the final issue as it probably deals with the series cancelation or with present Sonic thinking about the memories of his previous adventures and write down in a journal or something.

But if archie comics wants to end the series with issue 100 then they will greenlight the freedom fighters storyarc making it the final storyarc of the Sonic universe series and end it with a historic 100th issue.

and like the main series, this  series will  also be released on monthly or maybe weekly since Archie Comics focus more on their main brand and just end the sonic series quickly.

So these are my thoughts on how the final issues of Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog comic plays out,What do you think?

You know the superhero characters in Archie comics? Well, They were originally the comic book creations which are superheroes until Archie and his gang gain their popularity during their debut.And was the reason why MLJ was renamed as Archie comics.

The superheroes who are then formed as mighty Crusaders had short term revivals in the secondary  Archie Comics brand called the 'red circle' in the 60's,70's, 80's and the early 90's before being sold to Dc comics to revive them as 'IMPACT comics 'a DC sub-brand.However due to low sales that brand was canceled.DC tries this again by adding the characters into the DC universe but that didn't catch readers attention so they canceled it.

Archie comics gained back their characters from Dc and revive them as New Crusaders in their revived 'red circle'  brand but it was short lived so they cancelled it living a cliffhanger though they made a continuation sometime later as New Crusaders: Dark Tomorrow.

So Archie comics change the red circle into 'Dark Circle' where they make stories about the dark reinterpretation of the Archie superheroes.And you know the rest.

So if Archie Comics decided to revive their superhero brand maybe they should include them in their newly Archie action brand (in case if Sonic is canceled) or rebrand Dark Circle as Red Circle and here how they will do that. By rebooting the characters like valiant during its revival but make the tone be like the current Marvel comics and Dc rebirth.

Have the superheroes be heroic and villains be villains but don't let them include the dark tones like the Dark Circle, Make the tone be like regular superhero comics  Also Give them event story arcs much like most superhero comic books in the industry and that's all I can say.

What do you think?
I know that the reboot archie  universe series which started from 2015  is faithful to its original predecessor with its comedy but  with a bit of  drama which i am okay with that since the original classic predecessor also has drama.

However with the success of Riverdale a teen drama which for me is not faithful to the original  archie comics ,Archie comics decided to do the one trope that is used in most comic books and that is death, They used 'death' in alternate archie universe like with Life with archie the married life which involves archie's heroic sacrifice and Afterlife with archie where it takes place in the alternate archie universe where most characters turn into zombies while the survivors try to struggle for their lives and battle  other monsters and stuff.

This death part however is now used in main archie canon and that is used in the storyarc OVER THE EDGE ,Where it involves archie and reggie going for a race and it involves one of them to die (spoiler alert i think archie survives but reggie didn't)

I mean this is ridiculous they are going to use a dramatic death element in archie comics i mean this is kinda stupid i mean I understand that most comic books are not for kids but using death on one of the major archie characters in main canon this is stupid and cliche .I wish archie comics will not do that which brings to my next part ,theories.

  • Theory 1-Death of a minor character during the race - Archie and reggie will race and then crash but in issue 21 they will survive with some injuries however some  minor character which is not important to the universe might have been caught in the crossline that he or she was fatally injured and succumbed to his or her injuries leading to his or death which shocks both Archie and Reggie as they realise that their dangerous race must have unknowingly killed a person which will haunt them for the rest of their lives,Issue 23 will involve the minor character's funeral as Archie and reggie who also attended the funeral tries to apologise to the deceased member's family then after the funeral ,the storyarc will end with Archie and Reggie agree never to do the dangerous stunt again otherwise this will cause harm to them or others around, this storyarc might give character development to the characters.

  • Theory 2 -It was all just a dream for Archie-I think that the storyarc will just  be a dream as it involves archie  killed off in the race then has his spirit see his friends mourn him because he died and see his funeral in issue 23 before he is  dragged to heaven until he wakes up and realise that  it was all just a dream but it might be considered a warning and then the storyarc ends with archie telling reggie that he decided not to race with him after all so that he doesn't want to die just like in his dream.

  • Theory 3-Killed off but with a second chance ending- I think it will be similar to theory 2 but it will be  death for real as archie will end up as a spirit in issue 22 and meets a guardian angel who gives him a tour of his post death with many of his friends mourning him and then ends with a funeral and issue 23 has him going  to heaven but then god gives archie a second  chance and then returns back to the starting point from issue 22  where reggie and archie challenging each other to a dangerous duel but then he changes his mind as he doesn't want to race with him otherwise he will be dead for real.The arc will end with archie thanking his guardian angel for giving him a second chance.

  • Theory 4-one major character killed off for real- And here is the last theory which is considered the ridiculous thing happened to most comic books, the 'death' cliche as this arc will have reggie or a major character killed off leading to a change in status quo to the archie universe which will have a dramatic aftermath in the next storyarc.

And that's all the theories i explained tell me what you think and if you are not impressed with one of the theories maybe you can come up with your own theory and explain it by yourself.


Look what am I about to write is my opinion and it's about the sonic the hedgehog comic book series and the brand 'Archie action'.

As you know recent sonic the hedgehog comics no longer gain the popularity it once has  sales are probably low and most important of all people are no longer interested in licensed video game comic book series ..kind of. It makes me think that in about few years the sonic the hedgehog series is about to end or cancelled ,I mean look what happened to the Mega man comic book series it was good but  now it remains in hiatus which in my opinion is cancellation. Besides the Archie comics are currently focusing on rebooting the titles along with the Riverdale tv series.

So if the sonic the hedgehog comic book series is about to end in about few years after its long run probably that Sega ends their licensing with Archie comics , What going to happen to the Archie action brand.

Well here is my take on how the Archie action brand should be rebranded after the sonic comic ends ,Perhaps the red circle will be revived once again but this time as a full reboot not dc or marvel reboot type a clean reboot like the resurrected valiant did.
Or Maybe like the Archie horror brand which has its own universe since it is different from the main Archie series  but unlike the one which has horror it will be about action and adventure how about reviving three of the Archie action adventure titles set in a different Archie universe like Pureheart and the superteens, Explorers of the unknown and the man from Riverdale. I mean it might have some funny moments but it will be about action and adventure set in the different Archie universe .

So that's my take on the retool on Archie action brand in case the  sonic comic series ends, What do you think?