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Days we look foward to as Archie Fans. by BettyReggie
[July 21, 2018, 10:23:01 AM]

What comics have you been reading? by DeCarlo Rules
[July 21, 2018, 01:38:05 AM]

PTF Reviews Z-People issue one. by PTF
[July 20, 2018, 10:38:53 AM]

Library Books That You All Read by BettyReggie
[July 20, 2018, 04:41:23 AM]

Riverdale Reviewed by Tuxedo Mark
[July 19, 2018, 08:52:41 PM]

PTF Reviews Telepathetic #1 by Sitcomics
[July 17, 2018, 01:57:57 PM]

My thoughts on the upcoming Archie 1941 miniseries taking the main series place by DeCarlo Rules
[July 16, 2018, 05:22:30 PM]

bulk sms delhi by Neikavai
[July 16, 2018, 03:13:32 AM]

Latest Hauls, what did you buy? by archiecomicscollector
[July 15, 2018, 01:24:50 PM]

My thoughts on what Archie comic plan to greenlit three shows by archiecomicscollector
[July 15, 2018, 01:16:21 PM]

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  • DeCarlo Rules: What I don't understand is why they're trying to discourage subscriptions to B&V FRIENDS Jumbo digest. It's been published at 10 times per year frequency for the last 3 years -- just like the other B&V jumbo digest. So if they're both published just as often, why do they offer a choice of 10 issue or 20 issue subscriptions for BETTY & VERONICA, but only a 6 issue subscription for B&V FRIENDS? You can get a 12-issue subscription to B&V FRIENDS on the website, but if I remember correctly, the printed ad for subs only offers the 6-issue sub option. Why isn't it the same option as the other digests (10 issues or 20 issues), if they're all published 10 times a year? And they ARE.
    July 21, 2018, 01:11:44 PM
  • BettyReggie: Archie was just on The Simpsons on FX.
    July 20, 2018, 06:50:15 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Summer Nights" from Riverdale One-Shot: [link]
    July 19, 2018, 08:53:14 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Just looked at Archie Comics' subsciption page. Archie Meets Batman '66 is a six-issue miniseries. Archie 1941 is a five-issue miniseries. There's a six-issue subscription for Betty and Veronica: Friends Forever and Vixens (surprisingly; might get transferred to the new B&V title) and a twelve-issue subscription for Riverdale. Riverdale Digest isn't listed, so it looks like it's been cancelled.
    July 18, 2018, 10:03:11 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: New Sabrina's new Instagram welcome message: [link]
    July 14, 2018, 03:29:59 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: My review of "The New Archies": "Gunk for Gold": [link]
    July 11, 2018, 11:09:16 PM
  • Vegan Jughead: Pretty sure Archie Comics, being New York based, knows someone at the Times
    July 11, 2018, 06:15:50 AM
  • ASS-P: I just find it " How things have changed " weird when comic book news breaks in The New York Times...but they hardly SELL anything! :-0 Strangeness.
    July 10, 2018, 10:42:57 AM
  • CAPalace: I'm a woman btw and I'm just so sick of the blatant anti-men thing going on in comics these days. It's not doing women any favors either. :/
    July 09, 2018, 09:05:40 PM
  • CAPalace: They're banking on Archie 700 to sell a lot because "lol a new number wow lol" and it will for the first issue but it'll just go back to the average/poor numbers it had before. And YOU KNOW with that writer on B+V it's going to turn into an anti-men, oooh girl power lol violence against men and demeaning men is feminism and fun lol lol Good luck. I'll stick to Ebay to find the DeCarlo stuff thanks.
    July 09, 2018, 09:04:54 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: I'm looking forward to the new B&V series. Personally, I think that previous B&V series by what's-his-name was way worse than anything that Rotante wrote on Vixens.
    July 09, 2018, 08:43:47 PM
  • DeCarlo Rules: So, so predictable... they love to exploit NUMBERS, whether it's a single digit (1 or 0) or a triple-digit ending in 00. Good lord, I can't believe they're actually giving Jamie Rotante ANOTHER B&V series to write ruin! She is the worst I've read -- although it's a tough call, Marguerite Bennett was pretty horrible as well. Nick Spencer can actually be quite good as a writer... or pretty bad, depending on the character and the direction. He was great on ANT-MAN and SUPERIOR FOES OF SPIDER-MAN (both books that had a strong humorous subtext), and not so hot on CAPTAIN AMERICA and THE AVENGERS. And he's he new writer on (yet another) first issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, so I wouldn't guess the ARCHIE gig will last. ACP could probably only afford to hire him for that ONE issue, #700.
    July 09, 2018, 06:00:07 PM
  • Vegan Jughead: News on new numbering for the Archie Flagship series and a new B&V series and DeCarlo Rules, you ain't gonna be into this!  And really neither am I: [link]
    July 09, 2018, 01:37:43 PM
  • Mr.Lodge: I still think 'The Married Life' was the best of the most recent and ended way too soon.
    July 06, 2018, 04:46:36 PM
  • DeCarlo Rules: No "big news about the flagship ARCHIE title" could possibly rock my world, short of CLASSIC ARCHIE RETURNS!
    July 06, 2018, 01:18:04 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: My review of "Sweetwater" from Riverdale One-Shot: [link]
    July 05, 2018, 08:44:20 PM
  • Vegan Jughead: ARCHIE isn't on hiatus officially. The last official word from Archie Comics is that there is "big news about the flagship ARCHIE title" coming up after the "1941" miniseries. We'll see. RIVERDALE is supposed to come back early '19 after the TV show returns.
    July 05, 2018, 06:14:32 AM
  • Mr.Lodge: Think it's time for new leadership, especially in the creative front?
    July 05, 2018, 03:09:04 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: I guess there's still THE HUNGER and VAMPIRONICA, but they're still so new that it's hard to think of them as "ongoing".
    July 05, 2018, 12:14:16 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: So both ARCHIE and RIVERDALE are "on hiatus"? That means ACP has no ongoing floppy comic titles. Not a good sign. Good thing they still have the digests going (knock on wood).
    July 05, 2018, 12:12:47 AM

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General Discussion / Re: Days we look foward to as Archie Fans.
« Last post by BettyReggie on July 21, 2018, 10:23:01 AM »
17 Days until Riverdale Season #2 comes out.
77 Days until NYCC
81 Days until Riverdale Season 3 on The CW
128 Days until Cyber Monday
125 Days until Black Friday
157 Days until Christmas
213 Days until Reggie & Me Graphic Novel
General Discussion / Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Last post by DeCarlo Rules on July 21, 2018, 01:38:05 AM »

(of 6)

Debating on whether this is worth a purchase or not.

I LOVED it! (but what else would you expect?)  It's worth mentioning that it really should be ARCHIE '66 Meets Batman '66. So when you see Mrs. Lodge (who didn't have a first name in 1966), it's the 1966 version of Mrs. Lodge (i.e. a stout, matronly woman, with a hair bun). Veronica is wearing a minidress with a style similar to what you'd have seen her wearing in a 1966 Archie story. And it's really remarkable how much Mr. Lodge and Alfred (Batman's butler) resemble each other, but then that makes complete sense when you think about the actor that played Alfred on the 1966 Batman television series, and how he would look translated into the traditional Archie style. It's all those little touches of detail that make the story stand out from the POV of a fan of Archie comics. But then I guess it would depend on how you felt about the Batman TV series. At any rate, this is probably the last opportunity to read a long-form Dan Parent Archie story that we'll have for a while.


Since you asked about it before in the Shoutbox, I'll mention ARCHIE AT RIVERDALE HIGH VOL 1 again. Originally, I was going to pass on picking this one up, and after reading it, I have to conclude that my initial gut impressions were correct. I relented in my initial conviction to skip it because I had a moment of doubt where I questioned whether my subjective impressions of that title might have been wrong. First off, this is not, as I might have expected, a complete chronological reprinting of the stories proceeding from ARCHIE AT RIVERDALE HIGH #1. It reprints stories from issue #1 through 33, but at 224 pages, obviously not ALL of the stories from those issues. Most curious of all is the fact that none of the stories reprinted features Chuck Clayton in a starring or co-starring role (in fact, I don't remember him having a significant part in any of the stories reprinted here). That's decidedly odd when you look at those 1970s issues of A@RH, because this title was the place that stories with Chuck most frequently appeared. Perhaps they purposely left those out, because the company's well-meaning attempts to promote racial/ethnic equality at the time might seem patronizing today without any contextual hindsight. The quality of the artwork is certainly on a par with other Archie stories from this same time period (1973-76), but storywise...

All of the stories are little didactic lessons in which Archie sees a problem and solves it. Nearly all the stories downplay or outright ignore the typical Archie situation comedy format. The stories all present Archie as sort of a role model for emulation by the young readers who would have picked up this comic in the early 1970s. It's hard to imagine Archie Comics publishing a title like this in the 1950s or early 1960s, but I chalk it up to the mass exposure Archie and friends were getting at the time in the Filmation animated cartoons on TV. Like the A@RH stories, the television stories ignored the rom-com and slapstick situations that were the main strength of the original comic books. Those stories as well as these are safe, squeaky-clean pro-social message stories like the few plots that television broadcast standards and practices censors of the time could find no fault with, and let pass for Saturday morning kid-vid. That's fine for the less-demanding childrens' audience, but not for adult comic readers looking purely for entertainment value.

The worst sin of these stories is that few if any of them derive the impetus for their plots from the standard character flaws, relationships, or motivations that are the hallmark of the best Archie stories. Jughead does nothing of any importance, nothing remotely Jughead-like, with the exception of lending support to Archie as a best friend, and even that plays into very few of the stories. Betty and Veronica don't display any traits of best-friendship or of competitive rivalry. The plots don't turn on the characters' motivations of jealousy, covetousness, selfishness, or ego competition. Only Reggie is allowed to maintain a small portion of his vanity and jerkiness in a few stories (again, reflecting the situation of the plots of the Filmation TV cartoons).

Taken as merely one of a dozen or so Archie-related titles that ACP published at the time, A@RH can be seen as simply providing some variety to the lineup of titles published by ACP, and having its own distinct flavor so that the stories appearing in each title seemed less totally interchangeable. Spread out as reprints in the digests, these stories merely seem like the raisins in an oatmeal cookie, which is fine -- but reading 224 pages of them at a sitting wears thin awfully fast. There are only a half-dozen or so basic plots in A@RH stories, the rest being merely slight variations or embellishment; Archie motivates the baseball/football/basketball/hockey team to win through teamwork or school spirit, Archie recognizes a problem and helps organize the students to pitch in to help the school or the community, and few basic others. They're a little obvious and repetitive, especially when read one after another in a collection this size. In short, boring! It's equally true that can also be said of the comedic situations in most Archie stories, but the variations on the same basic tropes seemed more like a challenge to the writers' inventiveness in many of those stories. There are maybe half-a-dozen stories in the whole collection that stick out or are memorable in any way.
Reviews / PTF Reviews Z-People issue one.
« Last post by PTF on July 20, 2018, 10:38:53 AM »
What is it that makes us love them? Our subconscious desire to eat other people? The idea of a stabilized society thrust into chaos by unthinkable and unstoppable forces? We just think zombies are cool?
Probably the latter.
A virus turning normal human beings into flesh eating zombies has hit America. Luckily, the government has been able to quarantine the outbreak to western Pennsylvania. Three million zombies and it is up to six people to tag them until a cure can be found. They are—The Z-People.
And for extra fun, a chilling tale for Barbara Macabre’s Morbid Museum.
The Good
The story: Hey, if you’re going to do a zombie story where there’s a ton of zombie media, do something different and Darin Henry did.
It’s a really good first issue. We’re introduced to the characters, we’re thrown right in, and we see where the series will be headed.
The characters are easy to identify: Tim’s the leader, Jay’s his son, Perry is the know-it-all know nothing, Sandra’s the smart one, Joe’s the prick mostly likely to get you killed, and Annie is the ambitious reporter now stuck in the rut with everyone else. They all have their own personality and quirks. We get basic background on them as well. Out of the three comics I’ve recently reviewed for Sitcomics, this has done the best job with getting the reader to know all the main characters of the series.
The humor is great. Just for someone doing what I always wanted to see: throwing the dumb jerk to the ravenous hordes after they mess up beyond forgiveness. Perry being annoying, but ending up being proven right in his definition of zombies was fun. How the characters survive is cute. And President Warner being a perfect caricature of what a the POTUS has become  (No not a Trump homage…well, there is a Putin joke) pretty much just a no nothing who does the occasional pictures to make himself look good.
And I like the idea of these six people having to work together and tag zombies until a cure can be found. There is a lot of zombie media out there and this idea sets it out from the rest.
And there’s a little bit of drama with Tim’s wife out there among the mess of flesh eating fiends.
And the Barbara Macabre is a good homage to Tales from the Crypt. Barbara even has the same colored scheme as the animated version. And there’s enough difference where I don’t believe anyone call call it a ripoff. The Cryptkeeper did puns, Barbara rhymes as she tells the story.
So credit to credit’s due, Darin Henry did another great job.
The art. We have art by Tom Richmond and Al Milgrom and they booth do a very good job. There style fits the stories (zombies and a tales from the crypt homage)
Tom Richmond took me awhile to get into, but after I read the story I really liked it. His zombies look great and I like the facial reactions from the main characters. Backgrounds are really well done. Even a funny background event with a zombie bursting in, Perry screaming, and then Tony just whacking it with a club. The art reminds me of the old Now Comics Married with Children comics I used to read as a kid. Art’s a little quirky and may take a few pages to get into, but I think most people will end up enjoying it.
And as I stated during the writing section, we’re thrown right into these people and the design and clothing of the characters pretty much gives you an idea who these characters are. For example, Sandra is wearing a white lab coat so, she’s the smart one. Joe is wearing a business suit, so I had him begged as a jerk when I first saw him. Perry wearing a vest hints at him being a know it all (Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of smart alecks wearing vests in my life). Clothes make the man and good choices were made to help readers know the characters on the very first page.
Al Milgrom. I’m more used to him as an inker but I like his art here. The art is very old school and it fits the nature of the story. I like how Chester I drawn, just this big, disgusting waste of a human being. I like the Frankenstein monster picture hung in the boss’s office and little things like Poopsie Cola. And I appreciate this story not getting disgusting to the point where I get sick reading it. I’ve got baaaad memories of the Toxic Crusaders comic Marvel Comics produced.
Coloring and Lettering. We get colors from K. Michael Russell and Glenn Whitmore respectively.
Russell does a great job. I really like the coloring and shading of the zombies. Just check out the first few pages with zombies, the water puddle, the moon. It’s beautiful. The main, living characters really stand out from his tones. I love the colors he used when Tim just lost it on Joe after Joe destroyed the possible zombie cure.
Whitmore is just great like normal. Even has his own little nice “character enraged” panel. Before the last page, I kind of wish the story had been colored a bit darker, but then when you realize how a character is going to die….yeah, brighter was probably for the best.
Lettering was done by our favorite Marshall of Dodge City and it’s the usual great job. I like the giant sound effect when the zombies are breaking into the garage and the main characters freak out. The splash of the green goo. The different colored lettering for important moments (SHUT UP, PERRY said by everyone). The Shove effect motioning like Joe as he’s pushed forward was a nice touch. And I like Barbara Macabre’s word balloons being darker outlined and warped. And honestly, the sound effects and how they’re done, really helps get the fart jokes over for me.
The Bad
 Fart jokes. If you hate fart jokes, you’re really not going to like The Barbara Macabre story because that’s what a good portion of the jokes are. I was okay with it, but I know people who when they hear a fart joke just give up on the movie or story. Sigh, and to think it was once our greatest human achievement, but we’ve misused over and over.
 Barbara Macabre’s....where’s the Morbid Museum? Okay, I get that’s a fun little take on Tales from the Crypt…but since it’s called “Morbid Museum” it would have been nice to have a tiny panel of museum filled with the morbid. Something like Night Gallery would work. It’s a nitpick, but I think it would be great to do in the future.
 The art. I like the art fine  but the first few pages doesn’t really add up in Z-People. Our heroes are stuck in a garage they keep making jokes about being disgusting. But it looks just fine. Perry steps in something that—just lines on the floor. I’ve been in horrible garages and sheds. My uncle grinds up pigs in his work shop. I will take pictures and show you what disgusting truly is!
 Coloring. Don’t normally bring up mistakes from Whitmore, but Barbara’s one good eye keeps changing colors.
What I learned.
 Man, Pennsylvania is almost as bad a place to live in as Maine. (Get the reference and be proud of yourself)
  • Tim has the right idea on how to handle hindrances to survival.
  • They are not zombies they are people inflicted with a virus that turns them into flesh eating monsters.
  • Green Goo, the ultimate repellant.
  • Mark Cobb, save for one little incident, had to have been the best security guard if he can go from that to corporate!
  • In every zombie apocalypse there is one or two idiots who shouldn’t survive you wind up stuck with somehow.
  • Rejected means REJECTED for a reason, people!!
  • When someone is being pulled away, grab the leg, not the shoe, dummy!
  • Brody Langenbauch really carried this issue on his back.
Yeah, I really liked it. The stories were good and well written with nice humor. The art really fit the formats. Honestly, I could see people not liking the second story because of the constant rhyming and the fart jokes—but let them write their own review. I really enjoyed reading this comic and I think most people would enjoy it.
Again this, and other Sitcomic titles, first issues are downloadable for free. I’d recommend giving it a chance.
I give it a B+
And next time I’ll be reviewing StartUp. Will it zoom ahead or will it trail behind the rest of the pack? Find out soon.
General Discussion / Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Last post by irishmoxie on July 20, 2018, 10:13:31 AM »

(of 6)

Debating on whether this is worth a purchase or not.
General Discussion / Re: Library Books That You All Read
« Last post by BettyReggie on July 20, 2018, 04:41:23 AM »
I got Alex & Ada & Invincible # 10.
General Discussion / Re: Days we look foward to as Archie Fans.
« Last post by BettyReggie on July 20, 2018, 04:40:18 AM »
I'll update this page when I go to the Library.
All About Archie / Re: Riverdale Reviewed
« Last post by Tuxedo Mark on July 19, 2018, 08:52:41 PM »
A bit late, but this week I review "Summer Nights" from Riverdale One-Shot.
General Discussion / Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Last post by BettyReggie on July 19, 2018, 08:06:26 PM »
I read Eerie Cuties presents Freaky Frights.
General Discussion / Re: Library Books That You All Read
« Last post by BettyReggie on July 18, 2018, 09:13:29 AM »
I finished Archie's Big Book #3 - Rock & Roll & My Boyfriend Is A Monster- Volume #6- Wrapped Up In You
And I also read
Black Butler #24
Montress - Awakening- Volume #1
Jack Of All Fables - The Deluxe Edition - Book #2
General Discussion / Re: What comics have you been reading?
« Last post by DeCarlo Rules on July 18, 2018, 09:07:52 AM »
(of 5)
CABLE #159
(of 6)
(of 3)
STELLAR #2 (of 6)
by Peter David & Colleen Doran
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