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How to upload a Signature


I need help uploading a Signature here.Its lame , But with Jughead! :2funny:.Could anyone lend a helping hand? :( I can't seem to upload it.Do I need photo Bucket or any other sites' help?

You have to upload the picture somewhere, yes. You can use photobucket, imgur, picasa, imageshack, etc. Or you can just upload to your Gallery here.

Once your pic is uploaded, the site will give you a link to the picture itself -- usually called a "direct link". Take that link, and then put these tags at the beginning:  [img width=225 height=75]

At the end of the direct link, put the closing tag, which is /img inside the [] brackets.

The size adjustment comes from another post on this subject from Oldiesmann. It keeps the size small enough not to eat up the screen space.

Oh , I'll try that thanks !


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