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  • Vegan Jughead: Mark, make sure and post links when you get your reviews done!
    Today at 08:40:01 AM
  • BettyReggie: I have Riverdale season #1 but I have to wait till I get new DVD player to watch it.
    August 17, 2017, 09:37:16 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Picked up "Riverdale" on DVD. Ripped the first disc to my hard drive and am gonna start reviewing episode 1 tomorrow. :)
    August 17, 2017, 07:51:23 PM
  • Vegan Jughead: Thanks DCR!  That's awesome news.
    August 17, 2017, 06:11:20 PM
  • DeCarlo Rules: You won't have to wait longer than next Wednesday, Vegan. The Best of Josie is on Diamond's confirmed shipping list for next week.
    August 17, 2017, 02:42:59 PM
  • Vegan Jughead: Good point on the pricing.  The new Josie and the Pussycats trade is only $9.99 and I can't wait for it.  I can't imagine they're moving many digests at retail.  The hardcore geeks like us subscribe but I doubt our numbers are large.
    August 17, 2017, 10:01:49 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @Vegan - That investment capital helped pay for Adam Hughes, and printer's bill, plus they resurrected a few of their old cancelled solicits on trade paperbacks that the work had already been completed on.
    August 17, 2017, 09:45:09 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: I'm going to take a wild guess and say that ARCHIE AND ME DIGEST must contain a new 20-page story. But why wouldn't they advertise that fact? It's baffling trying to guess what they're thinking.
    August 17, 2017, 09:37:32 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: So Double Digests are 160 pages for $5.99, but ARCHIE AND ME DIGEST is 128 pages for $6.99? Yet somehow a 416-page trade paperback is priced at $9.99?? Or $12.99 for 104 pages of Adam Hughes reprints. I guess they must be using the old "dart-board pricing" method!
    August 17, 2017, 09:28:34 AM
  • Vegan Jughead: Archie November 2017 solicitations: Digests are up to $5.99!  Annuals are $6.99 so I guess Jumbos will be $7.99?  No one is paying that.  Subscribe or don't bother.  [link]
    August 17, 2017, 08:32:09 AM
  • Vegan Jughead: DCR and Downloader, remember they also got that investment capital last year.  I think it was for a few hundred thousand dollars.  I don't know how long that will last, but I'm sure they're using that.
    August 17, 2017, 06:46:26 AM
  • BettyReggie: I saw the November 2017 Solicitations. Fiona Staples is doing a few covers. I can't wait to see what they look like though because they didn't show them yet.
    August 17, 2017, 06:06:23 AM
  • DeCarlo Rules: @The Downloader - What cash flow they have is coming not from the floppy titles, but from the digests and trade collections. They're just spewing out different one-shots and short-run series to see if they can find something that will last.
    August 17, 2017, 01:20:05 AM
  • The Downloader: How can ACP continue to push out new titles, when they dont have the money to back it up?!
    August 16, 2017, 05:40:53 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Crap, I just remembered I forgot to pick up "Riverdale" today.
    August 16, 2017, 03:15:05 PM
  • BettyReggie: I asked Adam Hughes on twitter who is working on B&V #4 . He said Rachael Stott is working on it.
    August 15, 2017, 08:31:36 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: Riverdale season 2 billboard on Sunset Boulevard: [link]
    August 15, 2017, 07:57:03 PM
  • Tuxedo Mark: I'll pick mine up tomorrow at Wally World. Getting only the DVD edition for now, so I can rip the files to my computer and review the episodes for my blog.
    August 15, 2017, 04:31:34 PM
  • BettyReggie: Season #1 of Riverdale came today from target.
    August 15, 2017, 01:00:25 PM
  • BettyReggie: 50 days till October 5th 2017 New York Comic Con
    August 15, 2017, 07:45:25 AM

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General Discussion / Re: What comics have you been reading?
« on: August 17, 2017, 05:45:15 PM »
DANGEROUSLY CHLOE VOL. 1 (tankobon pb collection of the PixieTrix webcomic) By David Lumsdon (writer) and Cassandra Wedeking (artist) - This is my favorite of all the PixieTrix webcomics. It's a spinoff (as is Magick Chicks) of the earlier webcomic Eerie Cuties. Chloe Love is a cadet succubus, so it's her job to... collect or tempt new souls into Hell. But's she's kind of a softie at heart, so she just can't seem to bring herself to collect on a contract with a student named Teddy DeCarlo, and she decides to help him get out of his contract via the loophole of finding him a girlfriend. Well, she has good intentions, but you know what they say the road to Hell is paved with? Chloe's not the only supernatural being around, and a host of angelic characters, as well as her academy-mate succubi (BFF Pandora and arch-rival Lucretia Devotion) get involved in Teddy and his sister's life. Hardly a page goes by that there isn't some kind of joke or comical situation, and most of them are pretty damned darned funny too. Chloe's favorite expression when she's frustrated is "Oh, pitchforks!!", which I just love.

MENAGE A 3 VOL. 1 (tankobon pb collection of the PixieTrix webcomic) By David Lumsdon (writer) and Gisele Lagace (artist/co-writer) - Really too complicated to describe in just a few sentences, but this one's more down-to-earth with less of a fantastical angle. It's a little like "Three's Company", set in Montreal, but one of the characters, DiDi, is a French-Canadian (Quebecois) girl who reminds me a lot of Melody Valentine (although Gisele says she was inspired by Samantha Smyth, and she does have super-strength). I guess it was DiDi's fractured franglais that reminded me of how Melody mixes up her quotations and aphorisms. I found it a little hard to get into as a webcomic at first, and liked it better reading it in book form, but part of that might be because it's the second time around reading the strips in this first volume. I'll probably wind up getting the subsequent volumes sometime.

B & V FRIENDS FALL ANNUAL DIGEST #255 - What, no Josie stories?? And no Cheryl Blossom either!! There's 23 pages of Andrew Pepoy's post-millennial version of Katy Keene though, and a 5-page Suzie story by Samm Schwartz, and a 6-page Ginger story by Harry Lucey. There were a fair number of B&V stories by Kathleen Webb, which I always enjoy, plus another reprint of one of my favorite Dan Parent Veronica stories, "Drama Queen", where Ronnie takes on the Bard by rewriting Romeo and Juliet to update it for modern teens. "What a train wreck!! You want to leave, but you can't turn away!" The lead story by Dan P. and Bill Galvan, "Don't Test My Patience!" is pretty funny up to a point, but kind of left me hanging in the last two panels. Seems like it could have gone on another page or two.

General Discussion / Re: What comics have you been reading?
« on: August 17, 2017, 05:32:19 AM »
WEEK OF 08-16-17:
SILVER SURFER #13 (of 14)
SPY SEAL #1 (of 6)
ROM #12
SANDMAN SPECIAL #1 (one-shot)
ANNO DRACULA #5 (of 5)

Now that I think about it, the whole Adam Hughes' B&V thing has been pretty disastrous for the company. ... what B&V contributed to the company was 3 issues that took an entire year to come out. That is bad. ... Get a stable creative team that will commit to the title for at least 12 issues, and can deliver pages on time every 6 weeks, or less.

This has me wondering why writers and/or artists can get away with slow work in the first place. Shouldn't it be built into their contracts: "You will provide the script and/or artwork on this schedule, or the contract is terminated"?

Depends on who you think was in the power position in that particular instance. Adam Hughes does not NEED a paycheck from Archie Comics. Someone at ACP decided THEY needed Adam Hughes. The problem was they felt they needed him too badly, and were willing to wait for his work as long as it took. They set themselves up for disaster... after advertising an Adam Hughes story, what are they going to do when issue #2 isn't done by the contractual deadline? "Cancel the contract"?? Oh yeah, and then just get someone else to write & draw issue #2. That's going to make them look like total idiots, advertising Adam Hughes and then pulling the old "bait & switch"... upon which, sales immediately plummet like a stone. So it was no-win for them once they committed to riding the AH!-train. You know what a company like DC Comics would have done? They would have paid Adam Hughes his money IF they were committed to needing him for whatever project. And they would have waited. Waited until he delivered all his work, or was close enough to completing the final issue, before scheduling and soliciting the first issue. And if you're DC Comics, you can do that because you have the money to pay Adam Hughes for 3 issues of a comic book upfront. If you're Archie Comic Publications, you're living from one printer's bill to the next, and one check from Diamond Comic Distributors to the next. You can't pay this guy what you owe him until you get that money you were expecting from that last comic you published.

Just like someone at ACP decided that Mr. Big-Shot TV Writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa needed to be courted and wooed ("Ooooo! We'll make you Chief Creative Officer!"), and you do NOT dictate terms to the guy you're begging to get your intellectual properties on TV.

If you're someone like Ian Flynn (who is a fine writer, and I mean him no disrespect for using him as an example), you probably can't afford to be a temperamental artiste who can only write when his creative muse inspires him, because you know they can hire someone else to do the job for the same money.

Now that I think about it, the whole Adam Hughes' B&V thing has been pretty disastrous for the company. What were they thinking, trying to publish Reggie and Josie titles before they could even get an ongoing (as in published at least bi-monthly) Betty and Veronica title established as a stable title?

Instead, what B&V contributed to the company was 3 issues that took an entire year to come out. That is bad. It's worse for a company that already publishes two other "ongoing" titles that only manage to come out once a year: Afterlife With Archie and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It sends THIS message to the consumers: "Don't get involved. It will only lead to frustration. They love to promise more than they can actually deliver. It's not worth the grief."

If they'd been thinking, they would have made a B&V title the very next priority after the rebooted Archie. Get a stable creative team that will commit to the title for at least 12 issues, and can deliver pages on time every 6 weeks, or less. Jughead should have been title #3, and once that was up and running, THEN, and only then, with both Archie and B&V coming out on a regular basis, something like Josie, or Reggie, or Veronica, or Betty, or Sabrina. Not too quickly... they should have let B&V build for a year before the next big title, Jughead. Then another 6-8 months before the next title, but only once they'd established some stability.

Between AWA, ChAoS, B&V, and all the various solicit-then-cancel products, they torpedoed any credibility they might have had as a publisher.

I'm pretty sure we'll see a Your Pal Archie-style Betty and Veronica before long.

I wish I had your optimism about it, Vegan. I'm more worried right now about how many issues of YPA we can get before the plug is pulled. Ideally I would wish for "more than 22", but... comic shop consumers seem to give any kind of humor series a chilly reception.

Oh you didn't know YPA is already just a 5 issue miniseries?  Dan Parent says it "might" go further, but as I said before he hinted at another series or something and maybe that will be B&V.  I just can't see Archie having Vixens be the only Betty and Veronica product.  B&V are their most popular characters.

Oh, I know the initial contract for YPA is just 5 issues. But I'd assume that any similar take on B&V would be contingent on whether or not YPA is able to sustain an audience, so it hardly seems likely to me that if YPA doesn't sell well enough, it would be replaced by a B&V title in the same style. Even IF such a title were to materialize, I'd hardly expect it to run more than 4 or 5 issues, or sell any better than YPA. To be honest, I really don't expect that YPA will run more than the initial allotment of 5 issues, sad to say. That's why it seems to me that you're being overly optimistic about the chances for a similar B&V title. I'd love to be wrong about that, but realistically, the odds don't seem good. I doubt that VIXENS will turn out to be an ongoing title, either.

I'm not quite convinced that B&V are currently more popular as their own franchise than ARCHIE. I think that you can certainly point to where that was the case for many years, but now...? I'm not sure if that's still true. It's true that the last ongoing floppy comic in the classic style to be cancelled was B&V, which continued for a few more issues after ARCHIE #666, but that's because they'd already committed to Michael Uslan's multi-part story. And while the classic ARCHIE title was replaced two months later by a newly rebooted #1 issue, after B&V ended with #278, it took a whole nine months before Adam Hughes' rebooted 1st issue appeared -- not to mention the 6-month gaps between issues 1 & 2, and 2 & 3. For "their most popular characters", it's awfully strange that ACP would allow so few issues of B&V to appear in the space of two years. THREE issues in 2 years?? Granted AH is slow and they knew that, but couldn't they have done something else with the characters to fill the gap? I can see that you're upset about the Vixens idea, but in reality if it follows fairly closely on the heels of the Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica miniseries, it will be a lot more issues of B&V than we've seen in a long time.

Those first couple of Adam Hughes B&V issues did more than respectable numbers in sales, but I'd say that had a lot more to do with Adam Hughes than with the B&V name. Still nowhere near as impressive as the sales on the initial issues of the rebooted Archie title, either. Or even on "The Death of Archie".

It might still be the case that B&V Double Digest outsells any of the Archie digests, but I'm not entirely convinced of that. World of Archie and Archie Double Digest are still at the 10x/yearly frequency, and while B&V Double Digest is still 10x/yearly, B&V Friends is only 6x/yearly. I have no real proof, but I'd suspect that either WoA or Archie Double Digest is now the best-selling of the digest titles.

Looking at the trade collections from the last ten years, the preponderance of titles released have the ARCHIE logo on the cover in large letters, and there have been relatively few B&V collections by comparison. Perhaps most tellingly, to date there has still been no trade collection of that last "Farewell, Betty & Veronica" multi-part storyline. All of the comparable multi-part Archie storylines got trade collections. No TP collections for those Jughead multi-parters "Jughead Jones, Semi-Private Eye" and "A Jughead in the Family" (a.k.a. "Movin' In") either.

I think ACP thought that the new reboot of Archie would lead to an entire line of ongoing titles featuring all of the characters who traditionally had had ongoing titles. I hate to say it, but with the cancellation of the New Riverdale iterations of Reggie and Me, Jughead, and Josie, it seems fated not to be. There seems to be just enough of an audience to support ONE ongoing title in the floppy comic format, and right now that title is Archie. I don't think The Archies or Jughead: The Hunger will last, either. I'm sure they'll continue to come up with one-shots and miniseries re-imagining the characters in various different situations, along the lines of AWA (which published its last issue a year ago) and Vixens, but they're all "novelty acts" destined for short runs, no matter how much of a happy face Jon Goldwater tries to put on the situation with his claims of having brilliantly re-invented the company for the 21st Century.

Reviews / Re: Some reviews.
« on: August 12, 2017, 12:18:38 AM »
A couple of other things I forgot to mention here about stories I found surprising. There's one Gladir/DeCarlo Sabrina story here where she's reminiscing about when she was a little girl (which also includes an appearance by Harvey), that I would bet dollars to donuts pre-dates any appearances of Little Sabrina in the Little Archie stories. Actually, if I'm not mistaken, I don't think Bolling ever used Little Sabrina in his original run on Little Archie, and she was first incorporated into the strip by Dexter Taylor after he had taken over the writing and art on Little Archie.

There's one Little Archie story here by Bolling that's quite recent because I saw it as the lead story in one of the digests within the past couple of years ("The New Kid"), and although it's a 5-page short, it does involve a fantasy angle, where an alien kid lands his UFO on earth and meets up with Little Archie, who's on his way to a costume party, and naturally both Little Archie and the kids at the party think the alien kid is just another friend in a weird costume, before Little Archie eventually learns the truth.

Also notable was a story in which Veronica appears in a Josie story when Alexander's car has trouble, and she stops to offer Josie and Alex a lift. Alex's bloated ego is profoundly insulted when Veronica asks him to wipe the mud off his feet before getting in the car. He refuses the ride, and determines to revenge himself for what he considers Veronica's insult. He knows not who he's dealing with...

Reviews / Re: Some reviews.
« on: August 11, 2017, 12:18:36 PM »
ARCHIE'S BIG BOOK: MAGIC, MUSIC & MISCHIEF is a full-sized (same page size as a standard comic book), 304-page collection of some of the best stories (all older ones) from Sabrina, Josie and Little Archie. I get the impression that they're putting this out to try to build familiarity with Archie readers for these, their next three biggest character franchises, and you really couldn't ask for a better introductory volume.

MAGIC: Most of the Sabrina stories here were just recently reprinted in the SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH COMPLETE COLLECTION v1, which I reviewed above, but there they were printed in black & white at the smaller page size used for the Best of Archie Comics trade collection. Here they're full-sized and in color. The editor selected all Dan DeCarlo-illustrated stories (with one exception, a short drawn by Stan Goldberg) for this collection, including all of his key earliest ones from Archie's Madhouse. The rest are choice early stories from Archie's TV Laugh-Out, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and one from Sabrina's Christmas Magic.

It was when I was counting the pages that I noticed there are just about 80 pages of Sabrina stories here, and that the cover illustration of Sabrina (which is also used in a larger image for the title page of the Sabrina section) is the same one that appeared as the cover of the formerly-solicited, then cancelled, SABRINA 80-PAGE GIANT, so I think if that comic had actually been published these are exactly the same stories you would have seen reprinted in that 80-Page Giant. While there are a few more than 80 pages in both the Josie and Little Archie section, I noted (again) that the images used on both the cover of this collection and the title pages of those characters' sections were the same as the ones that appeared on the covers for the respective 80-PAGE GIANT comics solicited, then cancelled, for JOSIE and LITTLE ARCHIE, so I'm guessing that 80 pages out of each of those sections would have made up those Giant comics.

MUSIC: Well, not all music. Three of the longer stories that begin this section ("A Gym Dandy", "Footlight Follies", and "Sweater Girls") are non-musical/non-Pussycats stories reprinted in their entirety (they were book-length stories) from early issues of She's Josie. Issues #1-3, in fact. I couldn't have been more delighted. I consider the longer early stories of She's Josie to be the very best stories Archie Comic Publications have ever produced, and these three showcase the talent of Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo at the height of their artistic powers. If ACP is ever wondering how to produce a new comic book that will actually be good, then they should dissect and analyze the way these stories are written and structured, and try to adapt that to stories about modern teenagers taking place today. I'm not saying they could do it, but they should at least attempt it. Josie was an interesting creation, because it involved the three main female characters taken from a proposed newspaper strip which Dan DeCarlo tried, and failed, to interest newspaper syndicate editors in. The male characters didn't come from those prototype strips though. They came from the last thing that Frank Doyle and Dan DeCarlo had worked on together, which was "The NEW" Wilbur. If you look carefully at Albert and Alexander, they're really just Wilbur and his rival Alec from the aforementioned series, with slightly different hairstyles and more stylish (for 1963) clothes. Albert even originally had the same flattop/brushcut hairstyle as Wilbur's, except that Wilbur was blond, and tended to dress more like the 1950s Archie, with letter sweatervests, saddle shoes, and checkered pants. The main difference here between Alec (from Wilbur) and Alexander Cabot is that instead of just being upper-middle class like Reggie Mantle, Alexander Cabot is filthy rich like the Lodges, and just as spoiled by it as Veronica. Otherwise the early Alexander looks and acts almost identically with Wilbur's rival Alec. Then there is Sock (short for Socrates, by the way, in case you didn't know), the big, dumb, (but good-natured) jock athlete who's absolutely bananas for Pepper and would do anything for her. He's an evolution of Tiny, who played a similar role (inspired by Moose, of course) in Wilbur's stories. Then there's Pepper, who had a namesake in the earlier Wilbur stories, but was nothing like Josie's Pepper, personality-wise. Although she may have taken some personality bits from a character in Wilber named Dodo. I have been fascinated by how "The NEW Wilbur" fits into the picture of characters' evolution in Archie Comics ever since I began noticing all the similarities. It's not so obvious, when you look at the characters of Alexander, who evolved considerably further in later stories of Josie and the Pussycats, and even Albert and Pepper evolved a little differently towards the end -- before being dropped altogether to make way for Alan M. Mayberry and Valerie Brown (later Smith). Did I mention that all the Josie stories (including the Pussycats ones) reprinted in this collection are also illustrated by Dan DeCarlo? All except one, just like in the previous Sabrina section. There's one final short drawn by Stan Goldberg, reprinted from years later than the original run of J&tP.

MISCHIEF: I'm not going to lie to you. I didn't actually read this section yet. But they all look to be early LA stories written and drawn by Bob Bolling. Bolling is an interesting writer to me, because he has very specific tastes, and includes very distinctive elements of fantasy, mystery, adventure and the supernatural in his stories (that goes for most of them, if he's allowed the page length to develop those ideas, regardless if it's a regular Archie story, a Betty story, or a Little Archie story). The shorter Little Archie stories rarely have those elements in them, and those are the ones mainly reprinted in the digests. This section contains at least two longer (both look to be book-length) stories containing those elements, that I plan on reading later. They are "Little Archie on Mars" and "The Strange Case of the Mystery Map". These both seem to contain complex plots, and other interesting incidental characters. I couldn't tell you what it is about stories featuring mainly a cast of primary-school children that disinterest me, but it is what it is.

All About Archie / Re: Archie #22
« on: August 05, 2017, 12:25:34 PM »
I actually read ARCHIE #20-22 a couple of weeks ago, just to see what all the hubbub was all about. "Over the Edge" seems like a pretty cheesy attempt at some soap-opera theatrics, troweling a copious layer of angst on top of the usual behavior of Archie, Reggie, Veronica, and Betty.

Reggie acts like a jerk as usual. He doesn't care so much about taking Archie's car as just making him look like a dweeb in front of Veronica, and Archie, predictably, is just dumb enough to fall right into his trap. He'd just as soon do something both stupid and dangerous (not that there's one chance in a million of his car beating Reggie's in a street race) if he thinks that there's even the slightest possibility it might save his reputation from looking like a "loser" in Veronica's eyes. If that's all Veronica cares about Archie, she's not worth the bother.

But of course if either of the idiots responsible for creating this dangerous game of chicken were to suffer as a result of it, we'd just say... "Serves him right for being such a total dick" or "What kind of idiot cares so much about his 'image' that he gets suckered into something like that?" and that they got what they deserved. But of course that would be too easy, so Archie not using his brain and acting stupid results in poor Betty panicking and not using her brain and acting stupid to try to save him... and of course, blameless as she is, she's the one who had to wind up suffering for it.

Because it's always the innocent and blameless who have to suffer for the jerks and dumbasses of the world, who somehow or other always seem to lead a charmed life. Now in the real world that would be a life-changing event for both Archie and Reggie, and either wind up destroying them, or wising them up and straightening them out, making them re-evaluate their whole outlook and behavior. But we can be pretty sure that isn't going to happen here, because their characters are already written to be what they are... Reggie will always act like a jerk, and Archie will always be good-intentioned, but stupid enough to act like a selfish chump anyway.

Welcome/Introductions / Re: Hello, Citizens of Riverdale!
« on: August 01, 2017, 06:02:35 PM »
"Veronica in Texas" was just reprinted last month in one of the B&V digests. I enjoyed it, but didn't learn a thing about Texas. Neither did Veronica, since she spent most of the story with concussion-induced amnesia laboring under the delusion that she was "Dusty Marlowe, Rodeo Star" (from a novel she'd been reading on the plane just before she hit her head due to unexpected turbulence). As "Dusty", she dyed her hair red, which made her look amazingly like Cheryl Blossom (admittedly not much of a concern for readers in 1991, when the story was first published in VERONICA #17). I kinda miss Lady Smitty.

All About Archie / Re: Your Pal Archie
« on: July 25, 2017, 06:17:41 PM »
Your Pal Archie #1 was good. It contains 3 stories, the first of which (12 pages) is complete in this issue. The second story (8 pages) is Part 1 of a longer story, so it ends on a "To Be Continued!" teaser (not going to give away any spoilers here). The third story is a classic B&V reprint (5 pages), although the story selected is a relatively recent one, also by Dan Parent, so it doesn't look so obvious that it's a reprint (although it does actually say it's a classic reprint, so they're not trying to fool anyone here). It seemed vaguely familar to me, without checking, so I'm going to say it probably appeared in one of the two B&V digest titles within the past couple of years. It felt like a good selection to add some extra pages.

The cosmetic makeover of the characters was a little off-putting to me when first previewed, but in actual practice it doesn't make the stories that different. It felt like Ty and Dan were working from a presumption of readers having no real prior familiarity with the classic stories, so it's a bit of a clean break and a fresh start from that aspect. Notably absent from either of the new stories were any of those secondary supporting characters (virtually all of whom were created in the past decade) that Dan frequently likes working into his digest stories, since most new readers would not be familiar with them. All things considered, I find this to be a more-than-acceptable replacement floppy title for the 1st series ARCHIE, which ceased publication with issue #666 just about 2 years ago now, in a way that the New Riverdale ARCHIE will never be a replacement for me personally. I can accept it as an "alternate Archieverse" title for a different audience than me, but that's all. To me it will never be the "main" Archie.

I've mentioned this before, but all I really want is more new pages of classic Archie stories. I don't care what format they're in. It doesn't have to be the floppy comic format. I can accept the cosmetic facelift because that's what they think they need to do in order to sell this comic in the direct market. I'd probably have been happier to see them making a real effort to attract new readers to the digest titles by adding more pages of new stories (10-20 pages in every title), because that's where the real market for Archie seems to exist to me, outside the comic shops. If it were up to me I'd be making real efforts to reconnect the Archie characters with their main demographic, school-age kids, by pursuing formats that would get NEW stories into schools and libraries, where there already exists a "captive audience" of readers, and revitalizing the digests to make them more attractive to more readers. I do question what they think has changed in 2 years of absence of classic Archie stories in the floppy format that is suddenly going to result in a new influx of readers from the direct market (because outside of digital, that's really the only sales outlet here, comic book stores). If I had to hazard a guess I'd say they think the mere existence of Riverdale as a television show has raised awareness of the characters across the board to the point where a new classic floppy might be viable -- but I don't know... maybe I'm wrong, but it seems the mainstream comic shop consumers have always marginalized ACP's comic books and their characters, and never really embraced them like Marvel and DC's (or even Image or Dark Horse's) characters. Maybe relaunching with a new #1 will help, maybe not. I'd rather be wrong on this one.

Welcome/Introductions / Re: Hello, Citizens of Riverdale!
« on: July 23, 2017, 03:27:41 PM »
Well, he's the best male character. Hands down. Not even close. I think I'd rate the Boldman/Lindsey version as #1, with a tie for 2nd place between Samm Schwartz and Fernando Ruiz. All three versions are slightly different characters. Dan Parent's version would rate higher probably, if he'd done more Jughead solo stories, but I haven't seen all that many crop up. I don't know what I'm going to do now that JUGHEAD & ARCHIE digest is cancelled. Probably have to start buying more back issues, if I can find them.

What kind of monster tosses a box of Archie Comics on the side of the road?

All About Archie / Re: Your Pal Archie
« on: July 23, 2017, 03:12:09 PM »
I like the idea of 2 stories in each issue, and the idea that one is complete, but the other is continued in the next issue. That allows for variety of stories (if you don't like one of them that much, you may like the other one better), plus stories of different lengths. And if it's done right, the "continued" story can be written in such a way that it's sort-of complete in itself, while still leading into a second part - basically complications or consequences arising from the events of the first part. That gives it a connection and encourages people to pick up the following issue to see what's going to happen next.

All About Archie / Re: Your Pal Archie
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:53:10 PM »
Got issue one in the mail yesterday as part of my subscription.

Pretty fun!  Great art and I like that there's several shorter stories instead of one long one.  B&V are beautiful drawn by Dan of course!!!

I thought I read an interview with Dan that said each issue would have two stories -- one complete, and another which continues into the next issue.

Sadly true.If only Sega will allow Archie to make one more issue of Sonic the hedgehog with a closure before they end production.But If sonic is adapted to IDW  then it will be a new continuity for the sonic the hedgehog comic book series with no mention of the old Archie continuity.

That's just the way these things go sometimes. No closure for those Sonic readers who were in the midst of reading a story arc -- and no trade collection for anyone who was reading the comic that way. I guess we can reflect on the fact that this was just the standard operating procedure for MOST cancelled comics for decades, before the rise in popularity of trade paperbacks led to discretely-planned multi-issue arcs -- stories would just END, with an implied "to be continued next issue" that was never fulfilled.

All About Archie / Re: Archie #22
« on: July 20, 2017, 05:38:13 AM »
You can probably expect to see a sales bump on the "Over the Edge" arc issues of ARCHIE due to retailer speculation, following in the same pattern as prior retailer speculation on VERONICA #202 (first appearance of Kevin Keller), and LIFE WITH ARCHIE #16 (The Marriage of Kevin Keller cover variant), #23 (Francavilla
"Afterlife With Archie" cover variant), and #36 & 37 (the "Death of Archie" issues).

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