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    November 16, 2019, 05:05:30 am
  • Fernando Ruiz: Responding to the comments for the "When Archie Meets Archie" review, the idea for "Memory Lane" was mine. I borrowed it from an old Twilight Zone episode and thought it was a nice convenient device for the story.
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Feedback/Support / Re: Change settings?
December 07, 2019, 05:26:17 am
Quote from: Captain Jetpack on December 04, 2019, 06:44:55 amHow do I adjust my settling, so that the oldest posts are at the top of the Thread, & the newest at the bottom?

Here's something I think might work to fix it:

1. Click on your username to go to your account.
2. Click on "Forum Profile", and from the dropdown menu choose "Look and Layout".
3. Scroll down and under "Board and Topic display", make sure the box next to "Show most recent posts at the top in topic view" is NOT checked.

Let me know if it works. In my profile, that box is not checked, but the newest posts are at the bottom of the thread.
Feedback/Support / Re: Change settings?
December 04, 2019, 07:38:29 am
Isn't it that way normally by default? Mine is, anyway. You must have done something to change it.
Quote from: Captain Jetpack on November 22, 2019, 06:56:52 amHave you have a special time in your life, when Archie Comics were important?

NOW. They're important now because, while at one time the type of comics (humorous, fun, lighthearted comics that portray a kind of idealized middle-American small town high school experience) that are in Archie comics was very common, those type of comics no longer exist -- anywhere BUT in Archie comics. So, like endangered species, sometimes we never really appreciate the things we always took for granted would be there, until they've all but disappeared.

For me, while I had developed an appreciation for Dan DeCarlo's work (and to a lesser extent, Dan Parent's) years beforehand, my attitude towards Archie comics was pretty casual -- I mean, they'd always be there whenever I got around to finding them, right? It took something like being hit over the head with a lead pipe to wake me up; a screaming headline like "THE DEATH OF ARCHIE". That was July of 2014. And luckily, at that time, you could still get just about every trade paperback and hardcover collection of Archie Comics that had ever been printed (by ACP, IDW, and Dark Horse, too). And indeed, as promised, the for-real final issue issue of ARCHIE, #666 (The Number of The Beast) rolled out barely a year later, signalling the end of an era that will never return. Sure, B&V continued for a little while longer, and there have been mini-series and one-shots (and the 5-pagers leading off the digests) since then, but we're never going back, so let's enjoy what little is left of classic Archie while it's still there.
Feedback/Support / Re: Posts way down.
November 18, 2019, 01:56:16 am
I was thinking about this some more, and I guess I concluded that it's hard for ACP to build up any kind of momentum in reader interest. They've got only ONE real ongoing title (Archie), and everything else is miniseries that come and go, with no continuity between almost any of them. Starting with the rebooted Archie in 2015, it seemed like they hoped to add a new title (Jughead, Josie, Reggie) every 6 months or so and build the line of ongoing titles back up to a stable 4 to 6 titles. But it didn't happen because those titles just weren't embraced by enough readers, and Archie remained the only title that could sustain enough sales to continue.

Of course the reprint digests are ongoing too, but as far as any new material it's only 5 pages per issue, which will then get reprinted in a one-shot (although I guess you could look at the one-shots B&V Friends Forever and Archie & Friends as 'ongoing' titles), and eventually down the road as a trade paperback. So then after the digests/one-shot floppies there's the occasional miniseries (Your Pal Archie, Archie Meets Batman '66, Archie the Married Life 10th Anniversary) or one-shot (Archie Meets the B-52s). So I guess that averages out to about 1 or 2 issues of Classic Archie per month (including all the 5-pagers in the digests. The rest is all reprints (digests and TPs). Still, it's a far cry from the decades prior to 2014 when there were ongoing titles for Archie, Archie & Friends, Jughead, B&V, Betty, Veronica (replaced towards the end by Kevin Keller) and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Titles coming and going all the time means that there's no real brand loyalty in the sense of... every individual reader is picking and choosing ("I like this one; I don't like that one.") among the few titles being offered in any given month. Even when you find a miniseries you like you know it will be gone in 6 months or less, probably never to be followed up again (or at least not for a good long time, like with Cosmo). That works out okay for larger comic book companies that publish lots of different titles every month and split their output between ongoing series and miniseries, but ACP just publishes too few new titles each month, which makes it hard to generate reader excitement.

I mean, Batman or Spider-Man are still WAY more popular and recognizable than Archie, but just try to imagine if DC or Marvel ONLY published one ongoing series, either Batman or The Amazing Spider-Man, and then a paltry few other different Batman or Spider-Man variant or spinoff character miniseries each month, all done in a variety of different styles with absolutely NO continuity between any of them.
Seems like it's ignoring everything after LIFE WITH ARCHIE #1 (i.e., all of "The Married Life" stories written by Paul Kupperberg). I like the art (well, except for Dan's decision that an older Archie should have a huge jaw in order to distinguish him from teenage Archie), but it's still too soon for me to pass final judgment on it as a story. I plan to re-read the whole thing in one sitting sometime after the last issue is released (or I might just wait for the TP), and maybe I'll have a clearer feeling about it by then. Clearly it's not a sequel to the run of LIFE WITH ARCHIE as written by Kupperberg, though. Having re-read the whole prior Married Life story fairly recently, both the strengths and flaws inherent in that series became a lot more obvious to me. After reading the whole thing again, I revised my initial opinion downward in terms of plot and story continuity, but felt like where it stood out was in terms of character interaction scenes and dialogue (only possible where you have a lot of pages for that kind of stuff).

That said, the story doesn't have anywhere near the same room to breath as the original LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine, and the plot is necessarily compacted to fit into six standard-sized floppy comic issues -- which amounts to the same as only THREE magazine-sized issues of The Married Life, so it's hardly fair to compare one to the other as a complete series, either. Then again, I can recall the same sort of complaints about the final B&V story arc by Uslan and Parent. Either one is still miles better than what we're getting in the current ongoing ARCHIE title and miniseries like SABRINA.
Feedback/Support / Re: Posts way down.
November 06, 2019, 08:05:47 am
There's more discussion about the lack of discussion than there is about Archie comics.
All About Archie / Re: Super7 Figures
November 06, 2019, 07:59:22 am
Nice. While I would have preferred modern style, more detailed sculpting and articulation, this may be the best set of figures produced so far.
Quote from: Archiecomicxfan215 on October 22, 2019, 12:36:40 pmI got 4 Bettys Diary issues from New York Comic Con this year. I didnt go but my husband went and got them for me (when he was just my fiancé lol)

Im trying to collect all 40 issues. I think i have only 10-15 issues more to go

That's a great series. Lots of stories written by Bob Bolling and Kathleen Webb, mostly with art by Doug Crane. Most (maybe all?) of the stories are told from the 1st-person perspective, so you really get a peek into Betty's mind to see how she thinks. I snap these up whenever I come across them (which isn't often, unfortunately, so I have nowhere near a complete run).

Question is, why hasn't there been a trade paperback collection of Betty's Diary in the "Archie Comics Presents" series (or of Veronica or Jughead, for that matter)? ACP drives me nuts sometimes.
Feedback/Support / Re: Posts way down.
October 19, 2019, 07:31:40 am
Hmm. The snowball effect also works in reverse, I think.

More new topics posted encourage more new replies, while conversely, fewer replies discourage the posting of more new topics.

Then there's Archie Comics Publications itself, which has fractured the definition of what Archie IS into a multiplicity of interpretive versions, mainly just miniseries.

Lots of people have also moved on to other types of social media like Twitter, Facebook, etc.
General Discussion / Re: What have you done today?
October 11, 2019, 01:23:05 pm
Quote from: Archiecomicxfan215 on October 01, 2019, 11:35:23 am17 days until my wedding! I am doing wedding stuff today then I work 5pm until closing

Only a week now!  :)
Quote from: SAGG on September 24, 2019, 02:59:28 pm:2funny: You cannot see attachments on this board.

It's pretty amazing what they could get away with in the good ol' days when creativity and laughs were all that mattered, and editors weren't looking at every panel with a microscope to determine whether everything was safe for the Soccer Moms of America. Not entirely sure without a larger image or other panels from the story, but this looks to be the work of either Al Hartley or Dick Malmgren -- most likely from an issue of BETTY AND ME.
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after that, I've already made a list of anime to watch, so it should keep me busy for a few months...
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All About Archie / KATY KEENE TP
August 29, 2019, 03:33:37 am
Just got this collection today. I'm disappointed. It consists of about 48 pages of KK reprints from 1957-59 issues of the title drawn by Bill Woggon (these stories have shown up occasionally in the digests), another 48 pages of reprints from issues #21-27 of the 1980s revival of the title drawn by John Lucas (for some reason I've NEVER seen these reprinted in the regular digest titles), and then another 125 pages reprinting the one-shot FCBD B&V issue where KK guest-starred, plus the entirety of the previously-published Katy Keene: Model Behavior (which was also the title of the story from the FCBD B&V issue) graphic novel, which collected individual chapters published in ARCHIE & FRIENDS. So the bulk of this trade collection consists of a graphic novel that I've previously purchased from ACP. (*sigh*)

I was REALLY hoping that the bulk of this collection would consist of the John Lucas stories from the 1980s revival of KK, which I've rarely had the opportunity to read.
Quote from: archiecomicscollector on August 25, 2019, 09:04:33 pmI hope to ... find a solution to display my 2000+ comics.

You should subdivide your collection by format (digests, trade paperbacks, hardcovers, regular periodical comics) to get some idea of the current total volume those will take up. If the estimate of 2000 individual comics (regardless of format) is pretty accurate, that's not that excessive so you'll have more options for creating a nice looking display. You'll need bookshelves whose minimum dimensions are at least as large as the biggest format, but for the digests, since those are so much smaller, you may want a dedicated bookshelf just for those, so you don't waste too much shelf space. Fortunately, those are easy -- they make all kinds of prefabricated storage units for DVDs, which coincidentally fit Archie digest comics just as well, presuming you have a lot of them. You can even get one of those nice rotating tower units that will spin and has storage shelves on all 4 sides.

If you want to use comic collector's storage boxes (the short ones hold something like 300 periodical comics, but it would vary depending on whether they're all bagged and boarded), then buy at least one of those first, measure the dimensions of the box, and base the size of the shelves on the dimensions of the box. They also make digest-sized, magazine-sized, and graded & slabbed (CGC'ed) comic-sized boxes. Measure the the box lid from front to back, and you'll know how deep the shelves need to be. If you want to go the cheaper route (but not as nice looking), metal (or wire rack) shelving works well to hold comic storage boxes. Measure the width of the front lip of the storage box cover, and multiply by some number (4, 5 or 6, depending on how big a bookshelf or metal shelf unit the room will accommodate in the space available).

If you can give up an entire wall to storage, you can get shelving custom-built by a carpenter -- or do it yourself if you or someone you know is handy with carpentry tools. Pretty much anything you'd need would be available at a Home Depot or somewhere like that. That solution has the advantage of not wasting ANY of your available space. Sometimes baseboards, ventilation/heating ducts, or electrical outlets make using a whole wall for storage a bit problem, though. If you want something a little different, you can actually buy one of those retro-style comic book spinner racks. They're a little pricey at $350 a pop, though. If that sounds like an interesting idea to you, then check out this site: https://spinnerrack.com/

In any case, make sure you think ahead to accommodate for room for your comic collection to grow.

QuoteDo you you have a comic or toy room?

 [...] My whole house? I'm pretty sure this is that thing that people refer to as "hoarding".

As far as inserting images in your posts, I don't know how you're posting your comments, but if it's on a PC (or Mac) then when you get into the reply box, look to the right of the text formatting icons (above the emoticons), and you'll see icons for inserting YouTube video, images, URL links, and email directly to the right of the formatting tool icons.
Quote from: Terry1 on August 15, 2019, 02:43:42 pmIt's true.  They're a smaller company.  They don't have the clout or the long term judgment to demand quality licensees.  That's part of why I love them.  They're the runt of the comics industry.  And occasionally some great stuff came out, like those tin figures, or the Dark Horse archives, which are beautifully done.

I googled those Mighty Crusader figures.  Yikes.

I'm kind of bummed out about the Dark Horse Archives series because they only reprinted the public domain stuff (I would be interested in knowing the exact story behind what went on there between DH and ACP), which is also available for free on various websites as digital scans. TBH, I'm not really much of a fan of the 1940s Archie comic book stories. I kind of got a little excited when they started doing the Jughead Archives, but they only did 2 volumes (again, just what was in public domain) and then quit.

Bob Montana's newspaper strip from 1946 (published in hardcover by IDW/Library of American Comics) is a whole different story... why oh why didn't they continue on from the first volume instead of skipping to the so-called Swingin' 1960s (by which time it was no longer a continuity strip, just a gag-a-day strip)? There's absolutely nothing Swingin' about those early sixties strips, either (unlike the comic books of the time, and later), so doubly disappointing, except from the historical perspective (Montana's art is still good, though). SO frustrating.

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