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Here's yet another comic character named Archie... this one even pre-dating Archie Andrews' first appearance in PEP. Meet Archie Atkins, Desert Scout (Royal Australian Tank Corps). He first appeared in Quality Comics Group's MILITARY COMICS #1 (Aug. 1941). To be sure, this Archie was quickly forgotten and dropped from the line-up of features, as he was vastly overshadowed by the star of the comic, Blackhawk, and his paramilitary freelance air squadron, the Blackhawks (no more confusing than Archie Andrews and The Archies, I guess). This particular splash page was from issue #3, in case you're wondering.

Archie is (or was, at one time) not an uncommon name in England. England had its own long-running (1957-1983) Archie comic character in the form of ROBOT ARCHIE.

Additional background info and examples of the Robot Archie comic feature can be found here:
Quote from: rusty on April 28, 2019, 11:50:21 pmI've been reading the Treasure Chest series that ran from 1946-1972 in 27 volumes.  It was available at Catholic schools and features a lot of historical and religious content, but also has two adventure serials in each issue that aren't bad.  I just finished vol.16 and plan to finish the rest over the next couple of weeks.

I vaguely remember reading those growing up. Was there some sort of science fiction comic strip that ran in it fo a while? Or maybe I'm confabulating... recently I've been reading (online) old back issues of Boys' Life magazine. Well, not really reading it, per se... more like scouring through the run of issues from 1952 to the late 1990s. It had a comic strip (sometimes a single page, sometimes only half a page) called "Space Conquerors!" by Al Stenzl (actually ghosted for the most part by diverse hands) that ran in most issues between October 1952 and September 1972. I was able to save all of those pages and then read all 20 years worth of the strip. It was followed up on different occasions between the late 1970s and mid-1990s by some much shorter science fiction adaptations of stories by Robert Heinlein (Between Planets), James Blish (The Star Dwellers), John Christopher (the Tripods trilogy), and Janet & Isaac Asimov (Norby the Mixed-Up Robot). I seem to vaguely recall some adaptation (possibly of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds) from Treasure Chest... this would have been somewhere in the mid-to-late 1960s issues.
What's next, Jughead the Hunger & Vampironica vs. Predator vs. Red Sonja & Vampirella vs. Harley & Ivy?

So they've covered crossovers with Dark Horse, DC, and Dynamite... what about IDW?

Or what the heck, an Archie crossover with SONIC or TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES... just to be super-ironic.
Are Trula Twyst (and boy am I surprised to see HER on a new cover) and Toni Topaz THAT GOOD at volleyball that they can challenge the 4-girl team of Betty, Veronica, Nancy, and Midge?  ;D  Although on further reflection, Veronica's just standing there (a little too close if she's not actually in the game), and Betty's not even paying attention, just talking to Archie. So maybe it's just Nancy and Midge versus Trula and Toni, after all.

Below par compared to what? I admit they're not much when compared to some of the longer stories from the 1995-2015 era of classic Archie. As the number of classic Archie titles dwindled due to cancellation, the overall quality of the stories in the remaining floppy titles (basically just ARCHIE and BETTY & VERONICA, for the last 7 years or so of that period) got very good. They were trying new things, and upping their game. On the other hand, there were tons of mediocre shorts (the standard 5-6 pagers) published during that period, and in the couple of decades preceding that as well. It's easy to forget the bad ones... they're forgettable by definition. I can't forget about those, because they continue to show up as digest reprints, even though they've reprinted the better ones more often (but they can only reprint the same good stories so many times). And I hate to speak ill of the dead, since he gave ACP so much great work in his many years with the company, but Stan Goldberg's work (and there was a LOT of it) started deteriorating badly after the turn of the century, becoming rushed and sloppy-looking -- it made me sad to see it looking so tedious and dull, robbed of its former liveliness and vitality.

As for covers of the digests, the only time they were more interesting (at least in the post-Dan DeCarlo era) was during a brief period when they were spotlighting new lead stories in the digests, and the covers actually reflected a new story in that issue. No Dan Parent covers on any digest this month, even though he's got interior artwork in both B&V digests. He must be too busy working on that new "Archie Marries" sequel. The Golliher and Galvan covers are merely average, but Jeff Shultz' two covers are as good as anything he's ever done. I've already weighed in with my thoughts on the Kennedy brothers' work on another thread recently, so I'll let it go. A mixed bag as far as digestcovers go, but when was it ever otherwise? I'm going to guess that the going rate for cover art on the digests just doesn't compare with the rate that can be gotten for a floppy comic cover, and that's why we're seeing far fewer Dan Parent covers on the digests in the last year or so. It's even possible that ACP cut the rate they were formerly paying for cover art on the digests, due to slipping sales, but that's purely speculation.

Classic Archie is on the wane, and will never make any sort of serious comeback. Not for the floppy comic marketplace, for which the kid audience makes up a fractional percentage, and the nostalgia audience another small fraction. It will continue to dwindle into a niche-market nostalgia product, similar to the Disney reprints (still popular enough in Europe, but not here) and EC reprints. The regular digests will be gone (except maybe for 1 or 2) probably within 5 years, 10 at most, anyway -- taking the last of the new classic Archie shorts with them. The Giant and 1000 Page format may go on a little longer, if it's feasible for them to skip the earlier publication of reprints in the Jumbo digests and just print them in the larger compilations. Digital could continue on for quite some time, without the limitations of break-even economics which print comics are bound to, and distribution is no longer a factor.

Kids today don't seem to want the cartoony stuff, unless a love for this stuff is actively inculcated in them from their parents being fans of the old stuff, so that leaves a consumer base of graying nostalgists.
Archie vs. Predator II? Ugh. The only thing worthwhile about the first one was Fernando's art, so this is kind of like a backhanded slap to him from ACP. Alex DeCampi's story for the first one was absolutely the worst thing that ACP had ever published up to that point, so it looks like they'll be hitting a new low again.

Welcome/Introductions / Re: Howdy!
April 19, 2019, 01:11:28 am
Quote from: Good Ole Samm on April 18, 2019, 08:34:20 pmYeah, Bolling was very good at writing, "Little Archie on Mars" being my favorite of his scripts. I totally agree with you that Archie should compile those Jughead stories into a TPB- I've got "Folly" and "Hercules" in a digest, but that'd be really cool.
Until about the late 1980s, when they stopped doing new Little Archie stories, and Bolling became one of the main writers on Betty & Me, Bolling's stories seemed to exist in some weird alternate Archie-verse. On Betty & Me, he began integrating his LA characters like Chic and Polly Cooper (and Betty's cat, Caramel) into the Betty stories. A Bolling story always tended to have a fantasy, supernatural, mystery or adventure element (like his series, "Betty Cooper, Super Sleuther" in Betty). Towards the tail end of Sabrina's original run, he took over and briefly turned it into more of an adventure-oriented title. He also really liked to do 'outdoorsman' stories (Mr. Weatherbee was obviously a favorite of his) about camping and fishing ("The Plight of the Perilous Pike"), and he loved drawing maps and always had his own unusual names for local landmarks in Riverdale (Like "Bongo Bay", and I believe it was Bolling who introduced "Pickens Park"). It's hard to mistake a Bolling-written story even in the absence of credits. In hindsight, it seems odd to me that Bolling wrote only a bare handful of stories (all of them relatively short) for Life With Archie, which was the relatively permanent home of adventure-type stories at ACP. If I had to guess, Frank Doyle must really have enjoyed the change-of-pace those type of stories offered him, and wasn't willing to give up that assignment, even though Bolling would have been perfect for the job.

Quote from: Good Ole Samm on April 18, 2019, 08:34:20 pmNever really bothered to check out the pre-code Harvey's for the most part, maybe someday. Could be something I'd quite like, although I'll always have the soft spot for the ghosts, witches and devils the publisher eventually became famous for. I get that you're not crazy about the Sacks, I guess for some the drawing style might need some getting used to.
Harvey's biggest characters, prior to the horror-comics boom, were The Black Cat (in Speed Comics and especially in her own mag, as drawn by Lee Elias), and The Green Hornet. The two big Harvey anthology titles were Speed (which also starred Shock Gibson and Captain Freedom), and Champ Comics (featuring Duke O'Dowd, the Human Meteor). Simon & Kirby seemed to be peripherally involved with Harvey off-and-on, at times editing and/or providing covers, and late in the Golden Age, after leaving DC, they tried to launch some new characters like Stuntman, Boy Explorers, and Captain 3-D, that never really took off. Other than that, Harvey tended to lean heavily on reprinting popular newspaper strips like Joe Palooka, Dick Tracy and The Phantom.

Quote from: Good Ole Samm on April 18, 2019, 08:34:20 pmI also really like the Mickeys, too. A pity I don't have enough of Floyd Gottfredson, the guy was talented. He was what Barks was to the Disney ducks.
Fortunately, Fantagraphics has reprinted all of the early Mickey Mouse newspaper strip adventure continuities from the '30s and '40s in a series of hardcovers. Cheaper and easy to find are the old Gladstone Comics from the late 1980s, many of which reprinted Gottfredson Mickey strips.
Story Help / Re: Jugheads new boots
April 18, 2019, 02:21:05 pm
Quote from: Good Ole Samm on April 15, 2019, 09:55:58 amI can help you with this one since I have this one in my collection: it's simply called "Boots" (creative today, aren't we?), and it was originally published in JUGHEAD #115, Dec. 1964, indeed drawn by the great Samm Schwartz. GCD and digest printings of the story credit Jim Ruth for the story, but I think the great Frank Doyle actually wrote it, although it's possible Schwartz took Ruth's script and revised it a bit as he was prone to doing.

Wow, impressive. Every once in a while I come across a credit (almost always a writer) for someone who I'm totally unfamiliar with. In this case, a good example, Jim Ruth. Don't know a thing about him, and have only rarely seen his credit on a story. There have been maybe half-a-dozen or so names I've seen in credits that I'm entirely drawing a blank on, which indicates to me that their tenure with ACP must have been relatively brief. It isn't just the older stories, either... occasionally one pops up from the eighties or nineties stories. Actually, I'd probably be more likely to know who it was if it was an older story, at least if the writer had worked for other companies. And now that I think about it, I guess it's because ACP tended to employ writers (and sometimes artists) who didn't work for any of the larger comic publishers.
Welcome/Introductions / Re: Howdy!
April 18, 2019, 05:17:17 am
I always liked Bolling better as a writer than as an artist. I'd rank Kathleen Webb right near the top echelon of writers, too. She was to B&V what Boldman was to Jughead, IMO. And Al Hartley's way under-rated as both a writer AND an artist, IMO. I agree with your choices of JUGHEAD'S FOLLY and JUGHEAD'S FANTASY, though -- ACP really ought to collect all of those in a trade paperback. Those are to the early Silver Age what JUGHEAD'S TIME POLICE was to the late '80s/early '90s.

I also like the Disney Ducks (and Mickey) comics and MAD and Looney Toons (and Spongebob and Ren & Stimpy), but totally drew a blank on Gravity Falls and Oggy and the Cockroaches (sounds like a good name for a band, though). My obsession with Harvey Comics is for the pre-Code ones (actually, the pre-horror ones, too) -- but for some perverse reason I find that Baby Huey and Hot Stuff appeal to me in a casual sort of way, while I can just skip Casper, Wendy and Richie Rich (and Sad Sack just creeps me out -- it's the drawing style).
SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #1 - Well, what do you know. It's just a different version of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, by a different creative team. Still a horror comic, though. I guess it's one way to get out of the fact that they've got a hit Netflix Sabrina series, based on a comic book that they no longer publish. They can't publish it unless Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa makes the time to actually write it (and let's face it, if he's going to do work, that's the least profitable use of his time, for him). So ACP gives us someone else's alternate take on a horror version of Sabrina, because they can't afford to pass up the opportunity to cash in on the profile-raising character-awareness the video (almost said "TV" there) series is generating. Maybe I'd have liked it better if this one had come first.
All About Archie / Re: Is It Just Me....
March 27, 2019, 08:30:11 am
Quote from: SAGG on March 26, 2019, 10:23:03 amI wonder now, the styles: Schultz is similar to DeCarlo (B&V). Ruiz to Schwartz. The Kennedys to Lucey. Parent, his own? 🤔

Dan Parent worked closely with Dan DeCarlo (over his layouts) in the beginning, and his own style evolved gradually after being closer to DDC's at first, although he always had his own idiosyncrasies. Funny you say Schwartz for Ruiz, as I would have said Lucey more than anyone else... but also more "his own" than anything else (especially since working on Archie's Weird Mysteries). Remarkably, Jeff Schultz' style has changed hardly at all since his earliest work, always closely modeled on the DDC style. The Kennedys started out sort of nondescript, and then more recently began studying Lucey's style very carefully.
Personally, I plan on taking a pass on purchasing future volumes in the ARCHIE COMICS PRESENTS series such as ARCHIE AT RIVERDALE HIGH and ARCHIE AND ME. The first volumes in those two series weren't all that great. I'm still waffling over whether to purchase a Book 2 collection of EVERYTHING'S ARCHIE.

Where the heck is the ARCHIE 1 collection? What about an ARCHIES collection, beginning with the earliest stories of the 3-man combo from Life With Archie? What about a book of the earliest VERONICA stories? And what the hell do they have against poor JUGHEAD?
Quote from: Tuxedo Mark on March 22, 2019, 09:39:05 am
Quote from: Oldiesmann on March 21, 2019, 07:26:58 pm

$12.99 US/$14.99 CAN
6 x 9" TR
120 pp, Full Color
Direct Market On-Sale Date: 6/12

Yes, this trade paperback collection of a reprint series is all-new!

Not only is it NOT all-new, but weren't those same stories just part of THIS recent collection?

Let's do a little simple math here. ARCHIE MODERN CLASSICS had 256 pages (which included all of 2018's new Archie digest 5-pagers, as well as the B&V ones), for a cover price of $9.99. The above-pictured B&V FRIENDS FOREVER collection contains only 120 pages of stories, for a cover price of $12.99. Admittedly, by the time this collection comes out it may contain 30 pages or so of B&V stories that didn't quite make it into the Modern Classics book that came out in January.
Now here's some previews of more coming distractions:

Archie Comics is proud to present our first picture book for little readers! This title follows the footsteps of great children's books like Corduroy and Where the Wild Things Are as being a modern classic for little ones to enjoy. Featuring full page illustrations and easy-to-read text from the masters of DC Comics' kids books.

Archie's wildest day ever starts with a cat eating his homework - and things just get crazier from there! But this isn't just an ordinary cat, and this certainly won't be an ordinary day for Little Archie and his friends. Join in on the fun adventure from the superstar comics team Art Baltazar and Franco (Tiny Titans, Action Cat and Adventure Bug)!

Hardcover | $14.99 | 32 Pages | 9 x 7
May 07, 2019

Archie and Sabrina team-up for a spook-tacularly fun coloring book!

It's the ultimate treat for those looking to get colorful! Everyone's favorite teenage witch joins the fun as the whole Riverdale gang is back for a Halloween-themed coloring book. There are plenty of costumes, candies and creatures to customize in this latest entry! Plus, each image has an intricate background pattern to add to your color experience. The possibilities are endless and the fun never stops!

Paperback | $9.99 | 128 Pages | 7-1/4 x 10-7/8
Oct 01, 2019

The following titles are all forthcoming volumes in the ARCHIE COMICS PRESENTS... series:

BETTY & VERONICA SPECTACULAR VOL. 2 is the second in a chronological collection featuring the magazine-format series spotlighting Riverdale's iconic duo. This is presented in the new higher-end format of Archie Comics Presents, which offers 200+ pages at a value while taking a design cue from successful all-ages graphic novels.

Betty & Veronica take on the world in this series of once-quarterly stories! See how B&V tackle the world of fashion, prep for the red carpets of Hollywood and still have time to finish their homework!

Paperback | $10.99  | 224 Pages | 5-1/4 x 8
Jul 23, 2019

ARCHIE AND ME VOL. 2 is the second of a chronological collection of titles featuring the classic series. This is presented in the new higher-end format of Archie Comics Presents, which offers 200+ pages at a value while taking a design cue from successful all-ages graphic novels.

For 161 issues, Archie's craziest interactions with Riverdale High principal Mr. Weatherbee were showcased in this classic series. Now the first dozen are collected here!

Paperback | $10.99 | 224 Pages | 5-1/4 x 8
Aug 13, 2019

KATY KEENE  Since the 1940s, fashion model supreme Katy Keene has enthralled audiences with her own self-titled series as well as Katy Keene Pin-Up Parade and Katy Keene Fashion Book Magazine. Readers have followed her adventures on the runway as well as her intriguing romances. Best of all, Katy Keene was one of the first interactive comic book series, inviting readers to send in fashion suggestions of their own that were turned into pin-ups and paper dolls that they could cut out and keep! This fully-colored edition features her high-fashion-hijinx!

Katy Keene, model/actress/singer extraordinaire, has been an inspiration for the fashion-conscious for years! Now, Archie Comics is pleased to bring you a collection of some of Katy's most wonderful stories! Katy certainly has her hands full with the Hollywood lifestyle she has. Glitz and glamour, famous boyfriends and runway rivals make for quite a balancing act! Can she keep it together and keep her fans wowed?

Paperback | $10.99 | 224 Pages | 5-1/4 x 8
Sep 17, 2019

WORLD OF ARCHIE VOL. 1 is the first of a chronological collection of titles featuring the classic series. This is presented in the new higher-end format of Archie Comics Presents, which offers 200+ pages at a value while taking a design cue from successful all-ages graphic novels.

Archie takes on dinosaurs, cowboys and the wilderness in the collection of the '90s series! Join him on a journey throughout the world and beyond!

Paperback | $10.99 | 224 Pages | 5-1/4 x 8
Oct 29, 2019

EVERYTHING'S ARCHIE VOL. 2 is the second of a chronological collection of titles featuring the classic series. This is presented in the new higher-end format of Archie Comics Presents, which offers 200+ pages at a value while taking a design cue from successful all-ages graphic novels.

Back in the days of Saturday morning cartoons, The Archies ruled both TV and radio. While "Sugar, Sugar" was on the airwaves, you could also read the band's adventures in this classic series -- reprinted here again for fans young and old alike!

Paperback | $10.99 | 224 Pages | 5-1/4 x 8
Dec 17, 2019

The Archie character names and likenesses are covered by the registered trademarks/copyrights of Archie Comic Publications, Inc. and are used with permission by this site. The Official Archie Comics website can be visited at www.archiecomics.com.