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All About Archie / Re: Trula Twyst (Jughead's nemesis)
September 09, 2022, 01:02:19 PM
Oh, I can tell. I liked Parent's way more.

And I'm not saying Golliher is bad--he actually wrote a fun digest story recently, but that was a miss for me.

And Dan Parent has written Trula before during the election where Obama met Sarah Palin. So he has some experience with the character.

And credit to Boldman and Lindsey writing an aweomse Trula story with just four pages.

Sigh. Makes me miss the classic Jughead. :(
All About Archie / Re: Trula Twyst (Jughead's nemesis)
September 02, 2022, 04:51:13 PM
Yeah, that's what I was saying, Parent didn't have Trula call Jughead "juggers" that's really the only complaint.

But I do agree more often then not you do have stories where the character is off when the creator isn't writing, like World of Archie 112 and, man did not like that story one bit.

But I think if the Archie editors would get involved a lot of these problems could be fixed. Like Trula. Character focuses on psychology tactics, She's the Cecil Turtle to Jughead's Bugs Bunny (in others she gets the W), and she calls Jughead by the nickanme "Juggers."

All About Archie / Re: Trula Twyst (Jughead's nemesis)
August 30, 2022, 02:41:39 AM
I mostly agree, but Dan Parent actually does try and I thought his latest one was really good. My only complaint is that she never called him Juggers and too short.

But with only five pages...yeah, you can only do so much.

All About Archie / Re: Trula Twyst (Jughead's nemesis)
August 21, 2022, 01:09:11 PM
Yeah, I gotta go Trula over Ethel too. Just more options for fun stories.

And the three stories I've read, two out of three were really good.
Well, in Battle of the BFFs, Lotta returned as he own character separate from Midge.

I'm pretty sure it's the same like Ophelia, early Ethel, where she just got replaced.
Through the Decades / Re: Alas, poor Jughead...
August 09, 2022, 01:11:35 PM
So are the Three Stooges, but I still laugh my head off on MEtv reruns. :)

But yeah, can't do things like the good old day. Heck, we can't even get the good old style comics. :)

I remember Pepe, he couldn't be in Space Jam 2 but the gang from Clockwork Orange and Pennywise...they're okay to be in a PG movie. :)

And Pepe is super easy to fix. Just have him as a guy looking for love, only he doesn't realize he's a skunk and thus...stinks. Have the cat... Penelope I think is her name, to actually like him--because he is super charming, but can't stand the smell.

Through the Decades / Re: Alas, poor Jughead...
July 11, 2022, 10:48:56 PM
Well, maybe Archie listens to at least one reader. I like Trula Twyst and I like Bingo Wilkin. So, um...let's try bringing back Regina Mantle! :)

And yeah,  I like Trula better than Ethel. But I do like the old time Ethel stories and I like the character. I mean, she has the misfortune of not being pretty and living in a town where everyone is at least a nine or ten. Plus she decided to fall in love with the only guy in town who doesn't care about romance and is pretty much the Bugs Bunny of the Archieverse. And I really like how she always took everything in stride. It's pretty admirable to keep going when the entire universe seems out to get you. :)

And that's one thing I don't like about today's world. It's kind of hard to do those Ethel stories now, given the social climate. And I understand why. But for Ethel you really are losing alot of what made the character fun and memorable. The most I can think of now is "Well, maybe later on she's successful and gets revenge." And I don't like that that's my idea because I watched a Netflix show like that and I did not like it. Had the actress who played Disney's Jessie as the star.

And corporate, yeah. Like we have Jake Chang in a few digest stories and he's going to be getting his own show on the CW. I'm kind of surprised that he doesn't get his own ongoing. It just looks like Archie Comics is banking on their tv shows, which does make sense. And it's always been like that. Cartoon doesn't sell toys or merch, it's gone; comic doesn't get some sort of tv or movie deal...unless it's selling well, goodbye.

The only thing I can question is why, in a world where super hero movies rule, that we haven't seen any of the Archie heroes like The Shield get some sort of movie or tv. That seems like an lay up shot to me.

And I guess characters getting new stories could be AC way of seeing "maybe this character can be used more or be in a show" Just to see if anything sticks. I don't know if that's the case with Trula. Honestly, I thought, given Riverdale, she would make a great villain but instead--she was a pussycat and a totally different character.

But again that's the world we live in. You have old properties being brought back or you have companies just making new shows or toons where only the likeness is the same and everything is--it's making new characters, but giving them old character skins. Still so upset about Jellystone. :(

Through the Decades / Re: Alas, poor Jughead...
July 05, 2022, 08:30:44 PM
Oh, Reggie's been getting the short end of the stick for a long time now. He wasn't a main character in Riverdale when it first started and...yeah. Best he got was a very good five issue Reggie & Me mini series. Also in the Archie comic, it looked like he was getting to be the one to look into the mystery involving going ons in Riverdale...then Covid happen and the book, I guess is canceled?

Plus all the classic Archie stories are now four pages in the digests now.

I'm kind of hoping the Classic Archie style comics will get back to the main front after Riverdale is finally gone, but, honestly, I don't that's ever going to be the direction of the Archie Comics as it is right now.
Fan Fiction / Archie & Friends: 4th of July Bash
July 04, 2022, 08:58:48 PM
Page 1.
Panel one: Mr. Lodge is outside his mansion as is talking with Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, and Reggie. Reggie is putting bunny ears on Jughead as Jughead is eating a bag of chips. In front of Betty and Archie are two coolers.
Mr. Lodge: Absolutely out of the question!
Veronica: But Daddykins, you said I could throw a 4th of the July Bash with my friends!
Jughead: ...And Reggie.
Panel two: Mr. Lodge is talking.
Mr. Lodge: I said "maybe", Veronica.
Panel three: Veronica shrugs her shoulders playfully as Archie and Betty open the coolers to show that one is full of soft drinks and the other is full of buns.
Veronica: Oh, you know that I'm as half glass full type of person.
Archie: And everyone is bringing their own food supplies.
Panel four: Mr. Lodge raises an eyebrow as he keys in on Archie's face sinks in as the rest of the gang turn and glare at him, save for Jughead who has his potato chip bag held up to his mouth as he lets the last crumbs hit his outstretched tongue.
Mr. Lodge: Everyone? As in it's just not the usual gang of miscreants.
Jughead: ...And Betty.
Page 2
Panel one: Mr. Lodge is looking down at the gang as they each express nervousness. Reggie avoids making eye contact, Archie rubs his nose, Veronica's nose twitches, Betty is biting her hair, and Jughead is looking down at his feet.
Mr. Lodge: Okay, just how many did you plan on attending this little soiree?
Panel two: The gang all look the same as the previous panel as they each hold up both of their hands.
Mr. Lodge: Okay, a simple math question now:
Mr. Lodge: Am I multiplying by one or am I multiplying by five?
Panel three: Archie speaks up as Mr. Lodge glares at him.
Archie: Um, would you feel better if addition was an option?
Panel four: Mr. Lodge folds his arms as he glares at Archie as Archie winces from Mr. Lodge's retort.
Mr. Lodge: With you, Archie, I prefer subtraction.
Page 3
Panel one: Mr. Lodge is talking as Betty and Archie look at each other.
Mr. Lodge: Why my home? My sanctuary? Where did you go last year?
Archie: My house.
Betty: Um, my parents didn't approve.
Panel two: Mr. Lodge looks suspiciously at the two as they both begin to form a thought balloon.
Mr. Lodge: Don't you mean "Archie's parents" didn't approve?
Betty: Well, um, the thing is...
Panel three: The thought balloon is shown as it is an image of The Cooper home's roof on fire as the fire department is coming to put it out. In the Andrews yard we can see, they had been shooting off fireworks as the gang nervously look over the fence to see the damage done. Betty is crying as Veronica is consoling her.
Panel four: Mr. Lodge pokes the thought balloon to burst it as it nearly knocks Betty and Archie over.
Mr. Lodge: Oh no!
Archie: Whoa!
Betty: Eeep.
Page 4
Panel one: Mr. Lodge is pointing at Archie as he puts his hands on his chest.
Mr. Lodge: You think I'm letting this walking calamity on my property with explosives?!
Panel two: Veronica is talking as Archie holds his head down and kicks at a small rock.
Veronica: That's not a problem! The fire department made Archie swear no fireworks, explosives, or anything that may go pop or boom!
Archie: ...Not even bubbles.
Panel three: The rest of the gang, save for Reggie, hold up their right hands and solemnly swear. Reggie is behind them bent over and rubbing his hands together as he obviously has different plans.
Archie: Sir, we all swear that the most we'll have are sparklers.
Reggie whispering: Speak for yourselves, goody goods. Mwaahhaaaa.
Panel four: Mr. Lodge is addressing Reggie as he is startled. The rest of the gang turn their heads towards Reggie.
Mr. Lodge: What are you mumbling about back there, Reggie?
Panel five: Reggie has a smile on his face and crooked imaginary halo over his head as he fakes being sincere. Archie frowns as Jughead pats his shoulder is support. Veronica nervously smiles back at her father. Betty eyes Reggie suspiciously. Mr. Lodge is satisfied by his answer.
Reggie: Oh...I was—just making fun of Archie and laughing behind his back.
Mr. Lodge: Hm. Very well. I often do that myself.
Page 5
Panel one: Mr. Lodge looks down as The Archie are all giving him puppy dog eyes. Betty is holding open Jughead's left eye while Archie holds up the right so Jughead can do it properly.
Panel two: Mr. Lodge rolls his eyes and sighs as he relents.
Mr. Lodge: (Sigh) Fine.
Mr. Lodge: The backyard. That's more than enough for you all and your friends and I have lights already installed.
Panel three: Mr. Lodge is pointing at Archie. Archie is frowning again as Reggie wraps an arm around him and jokes at him. Veronica is pointing at herself to Betty as if to say, "does that include me" with Betty just shrugging her shoulders and curling her face to her right. Jughead has taken a soda out of one of the coolers and is taking a sip with his pinky finger sticking out.
Mr. Lodge: But no loud music, you supply your own food and cooking utilities, only sparklers, you clean up afterwards. One neighbor complaint and I'll have you all—especially Archie—banned from these grounds forever!
Reggie: Here that, Archie. No more mishaps.
Archie: ...The wind suddenly picked up, I swear.
Page 6 + 7
A shot of the July party as most of the Riverdale kids are there as they are setting up or wandering around and interacting with each other. At the top of both pages are several tables (Three tables with red, white, and blue clothes over them) with various foods: Hot Dogs, pizzas, s'mores and several deserts. Near the red table are Betty and Veronica while Big Vic is putting down a tray of cupcakes. Marcy is nearby holding out a note pad and taking inventory of all the food. Betty and Veronica are glaring at Archie who is at the center of the splash page as he has hearts over his eyes as he turns his head towards Kim Wong, Kumi, and Wendy Weatherbee as they walk by. Wendy Weatherbee gives Archie a playful wink. Near the food tables are Kevin Keller, Chunk and Toni Topaz salivating at the enormous spread. Jughead is racing around a nonchalant Carla as Ethel is on his tail. Near top right corner of the splash page, at the table with the blue cloth, Reggie and Simon/ Prankenstein are each holding a back pack as the mischievously fist bump as they have something cooking. Near the top left of the page is Trula Twyst grilling burgers as Adam and Randolph hold out a plate. Harper, Sheila Wu, and Ginger Lopez are talking and showing off their fashionable clothes to one another, using their tablets or magazine. Cheryl Blossom looks towards the three fashion designers as she begins to plot. Dilton is next to her as he notices she's up to something. Sabrina walks by Jake Chang and playfully turns his bottle of water into a soda that is fizzing up. Jake Chang eyes the change curiously. The Madhouse Glads and Josie & and The Pussycats are talking. All the Gladys eyes are towards Melody as Josie, Valarie, and Alexandra look on jealously. Danny is playing on his guitar while Bridgette is singing as Alexander Cabott and Trev are listening and enjoying himself. Jason Blossom, Rob, and Nick St. Clair and playing football with Bingo Wilkin, Samantha Smythe and Icky. Ginger Snap is cheering on Icky as he begins to blush. Wilbur Wilkin, Laurie Lake, and Linda Moore are at a camp fire roasting marshmallows. Wilbur is paying all his attention to Laurie as he hands Linda a burnt to a crisp marshmallow. Tomoko is talking with Banni and Violet. Tomoko's brother, Akira, is showing off and doing a spinning round house kick as Evelyn and Lottie Little look on. Sherry is doing a cartwheel in front of a very not interested in being cheerful Shrill. Eliza Han takes a step back as the Twitters (Nina, Tina, Mina) are taking her picture with their phones. Next to Eliza is Lonnie who is just as nervous as Chloe is taking his picture. Behind the Twitters and Chloe is Raj who is filming everything in front of him. Chuck and Nancy are looking at the stars in the sky. Moose has a firefly land on his nose as he goes cross eyed as Midge lovingly laughs. Jinx Malloy is walking by a sitting down in a chair Ferdie as the chair legs break and falls as Suzie shifts her eyes up from her drinking a can of Pep soda with a straw over to what is happening. Googie Gilmore, Sandy Sanchez, and Thrasher are talking with one another. Sayid, scratching his head, looks on as Cricket O' Dell is sniffing the air. Maria is rolling her eyes as Franky is combing his hair. Bella Beezly is reaching over to place a hair net on Franky's head . Seymore is just by himself not knowing a five dollar bill is stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Bobbi and Dede (works at Pep comic store) are both sitting in yard chairs. Bobbi is reading a book called The American Revolution while Dede is reading a Shield comic.
Page 8
Panel one: Betty and Veronica are thanking Vic as he holds up a hand and walks away.
Betty: Thanks, Vic.
Veronica: You are a gallant pastry knight.
Big Vic: Nah, thank my grams and the people who had last minute plans and canceled their pre-paid orders.
Panel two: Betty and Veronica are eyeing Archie as he is flustered by all the pretty girls around him.
Panel three: They both turn to see Reggie and Simon acting particularly fiendish as the each pat their back packs.
Panel four: Veronica is walking off to her right and Betty is walking off to her left as Veronica talks with Marcy.
Veronica: Marcy, you're in command. We only have enough cupcakes for one each. Make it so.
Marcy: You can count on me, Ronnie.
Panel five: Marcy turns around to see Kevin Keller, Chunk, and Toni Topaz stalking towards the cupcakes. Marcy has a giant bead of sweat rolling down her face.
Marcy: Just not past double digits...
Page 9
Panel one: Archie is watching Sherry do flip as Veronica is walking towards him from behind. Behind her, Sabrina is looking back as she is walking away.
Archie: Wow. What a sight to behold.
Panel two: Archie's face twists in terror.
Veronica off-panel: Really, Archie.
Panel three: Archie turns to see Veronica glaring at him. Behind her, Jake Chang has a magnifying glass out as he is following Sabrina's steps.
Archie Lamb's Lettuce! I can explain....!
Panel four: Veronica smiles at Archie as Archie's eye turn to hearts.
Veronica: Oh, Archiekins, whatever am I going to do with you?
Panel five: Veronica has her index finger under Archie's chin as a love dazed Archie follows her away from Wendy Weatherbee who looks on with a smile.
Archie: ...Anything you want...
Veronica: And that's what I like the most about you Archie...besides the cute freckles.
Page 10
Panel one: Reggie and Simon have their back packs open as they both snicker to each other.
Simon: I can't wait, Reggie.
Reggie: This is going to be a blast, Simon...or should I say Prankenstein?
Simon: We're both accomplishes in crime. Why be formal?
Panel two: Betty is standing over them as they jerk their heads up. Behind Betty, Seymore is casually walking around with the dollar bill still stuck to his shoe.
Betty: When I see two nefarious sneaks, sneaking about, I can't help but think something nefarious.
Panel three: Reggie and Simon fake being hurt by her words as they extend their arms to show what's inside of the backpacks.
Reggie: Us, nefarious? perish the thought.
Simon: Brings a tear to our eyes when an angel like you casts such accusations. 
Panel four: Betty looks inside of each back pack to see that both are filled with various kinds of bag potato chips.
Betty: Oh!
Betty: Huh, I guess I was wrong...
Panel five: Betty turns her head to see Veronica with Archie leading him away.
Betty: !!!
Panel six: Betty is running off towards Veronica and Archie. Just behind her is Cricket sniffing the air. Reggie and Simon have their backs straight and are smiling ear to ear as they both playfully wave goodbye to Betty.
Betty: Really sorry, guys! Just put the chips somewhere, would you?
Page 11
Panel one: Reggie and Simon look at each other smiling.
Panel two: Their smiles turn to smirks.
Panel three: Reggie opens up a bag of chips to show a rocket inside as Simon looks on approvingly.
Reggie: You can't have just have one omega rocket...
Simon: That's why we brought dozens!
Panel four: Simon is shoving the back packs under the blue clothed table.
Simon: We'll save these poppers and boomers for later.
Reggie: Until then though...
Panel five: Reggie and Simon fist bump as they both go off in their own direction. Behind them, A sniffing at the air Cricket O'Dell is walking along where Seymore went.
Reggie and Simon: Let's have some fun!!!
Page 12
Panel one: Cheryl is waving both hands over at Harper, Sheila, and Ginger as they motion for her to come over. Dilton adjusts his glasses. Sabrina getting more nervous is looking over her shoulders while Seymore is innocently whistling as he passes by her.
Cheryl Blossom: Look at that, Dilton, three of the hottest teen fashion designers beckoning moi.
Dilton: That's great—but what about our date?
Panel two: Cheryl pinches Dilton's cheeks.
Cheryl: Dilly, why don't you just mingle while I have a brief chit-chat that can skyrocket my career?
 Panel three: Dilton looks on as Cheryl is talking with Harper, Sheila, and Ginger. Also going on Jake Chang has his magnifying glass to the ground and is bent over while Cricket O' Dell has her head up, sniffing the air, as she leapfrogs over him.
Dilton: I wish I could be that personable. She makes the art of conversation so easy.
Panel four: Dilton walks off as he looks over at Violette and Banni.
Dilton: The idiom, "practice makes perfect" comes to mind.
Panel four: Cheryl is talking as Ginger Lopez talks her up. Harper rolls her eyes and Sheila looks past Cheryl as she notices something going on behind Cheryl.
Ginger: Um, yeah...Cheryl has done several shoots for Sparkle—
Cheryl: Which sold out. Muliple times. But I'm not just a one woman fashion magazine or designer gal. Why, I can even look past you being a Lodge to see you have talent and great taste.
Harper: Gee. Thanks.
Panel five: Sheila is pointing behind Cheryl as she turns around to see Dilton talking with Tomoko, Violette, and Banni.
Sheila: Looks like you're not the only one with great taste, Cheryl.
Cheryl: !!!
Page 13
Panel one: Dilton is talking as he notices Tomoko, Violette, and Banni beginning to back away.
Dilton: Why that is very interesting, I didn't know
Panel two: Dilton is rubbing his brow in confusion as Cheryl Blossom is glaring down at him.
Dilton: Maybe the educational system contrast and comparisons of different countries, is not an engaging conversational topic?
Panel three: Cheryl Blossom is dragging Dilton back towards the three fashion teens. The three teens are eyeing Dilton.
Cheryl: Dilton Doiley, you have four eyes and they all wander!
Dilton: But my optometrist made no mention of intermittent exotropia.
Panel four: A stunned Cheryl and Dilton look on as the three fashion teens fawn over Dilton. Sheila is on her tablet working on an impromptu design.
Harper: Wow! Dilton, you are perfect for my designer fashion for the educated man.
Sheila: The ideas are just overflowing.
Ginger Lopez: You have got to work with us.
Panel five: Dilton looks towards Cheryl as she is all smiles.
Dilton: Um, thank you...but only if Cheryl is paired with me. She magnifies everything around her.
Panel six: Cheryl bends down and gives Dilton a hug as he is blushing.
Cheryl: Dilly Willy, you are just so sweet.
Page 14
Panel one: Midge and Moose are talking as they look up at the sky. Behind them, Sabrina is wiping away her tracks with a broom as she walks backwards.
Midge: Isn't it a beautiful night, Moosie.
Moose: Duh, no star compares to the celestial being that stands by my side.
Midge: I love it when you get philosophical.
Panel two: Reggie steps in front of Midge. Reggie is wearing a headband that has mistletoe extending from it.
Reggie: Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas in July
Midge: Reggie!
Panel three: Reggie gives Midge a kiss on the cheek as she twists her face in disgust. Moose looks on confused as he scratches the top of his head with his index finger.
Reggie: Sorry, Moose. Holiday tradition. George Washington didn't cross the Delaware for us not to be patriotic.
Panel four: Reggie is walking away with a smile from ear to ear. Behind him Moose is talking with Midge. Midge is wiping the kiss off with her hand.
Moose: Can't argue with that logic. It's a 4th of July holiday tradition after all.
Panel five: A shot of inside Moose's head as hamster is running on a wheel. The wheel is connected by wires to a machine that is hooked up to a light bulb that is giving off a bright light. The hamster is on two legs and drinking an energy drink to boost up his speed.
Panel six: Midge looks on as Moose gives chase after Reggie. Just in front of Midge is Jake Chang as he is still on Sabrina's trail.
Page 15
Panel one: Jughead is eating a burger as he is enjoying it.
Jughead: This has to be the best burger I ever tasted!
Panel two: Jughead looks over at Trula Twyst still frying burgers on the grill as she is giving one to Seymore. Behind Seymore the dollar bill has fallen off and is behind him on the ground.
Jughead: Just makes my skin crawl that it's coming from a scourge like Trula Twyst.
Panel three: Jughead is offered half of a burger by Chuck as him and Nancy walk by.
Chuck: Hey, Jug, I'm full, so I was wandering if you would...
Panel four: Jughead swiftly grabs the burger as Nancy playfully elbows Chuck as Chuck smiles back.
Nancy: How's that for an answer, Chucky?
Chucky: Can't hear you. My ears are ringing from the mini sonic boom, Nance.
Panel five: Jughead takes a bite out of the burger as his face twists in disgust.
Jughead: Yuck! This is the worse thing I ever tasted!!
Panel six: Jughead is stomping off, adjusting his hat, as he looks over at several of the teens with burgers on their plates talking.
Jughead: I bet that curly haired Freud is up to something!
Jughead: But I better make sure less I look the fool...
Page 16
Panel one: Jughead is eating Seymore's burger as he looks on confused. Cricket O' Dell is sniffing at Seymore's shoe as she is confused as to where the money is.
Jughead: Yuck.
Panel two: Jughead is eating a burger out of Franky's plate as he is even more annoyed at losing his food and wearing a hair net. Maria and Bridgette look on in confusion.
Jughead: Yucky.
Panel three: Jughead is eating the burger from Ferdie who is still sitting in his broken chair as Suzie is willing to share her burger with Ferdie as he has a small heart over his head.
Jughead: Yuck-Yucky-Patooie!
Panel four: Jughead is stomping towards Trula as Trula waves the spatula at him as a welcome.  Sabrina is briefing a sigh of relief as she has seemed to lost Jake Chang for the moment, but does not notice she now has the dollar bill stuck to her shoe.
Trula: Juggers! Back for another burger?
Panel five: Jughead is pointing at Trula as Trula tilts her head to the left and smiles at him.
Jughead: I don't know how you're doing it but, you made my burger delicious and everyone else's horrible! Obviously another one of your fiendish plots to poke at my psyche!
Jughead: And, I'm going to figure out how you're pulling this off...
Panel six: Jughead is holding a plate out as he licks his lips as Trula gives him two burger patties.
Jughead: --Tomorrow. This is a holiday after all and it'd be a national tragedy if I put in any sort of work.
Page 17
Panel one: Sayid is sitting down on a whoopie cushion as Prankenstein looks on with a smile. Behind Sayid, Sabrina is walking while spraying air freshener behind her back.
Panel two: Ethel takes the top off her burger to see that the pattie and her tongue is blue much to her confusion. Simon is nearby with a bottle of food dye on his thumb as he looks on. Jake Chang is still has his magnifying glass out as he is following Sabrina's trail.
Panel three: Chunk, Kevin Keller, and Toni Topaz are breathing out flames as they each have taken a bite out of a cupcake. Prankenstein is giving the reader a side glance as he holds up a bottle of ultra mega hot sauce. Jake Chang is still following Sabrina's trail while Cricket O' Dell sniffing the air behind him.
Panel four: Carla is just looking the opposite direction as Prankenstein has a paper bag filled with air and plans to pop it just behind Carla to startle her.
Panel five: Carla is casually back fisting Simon as Prankenstein's previous victims on this page look on with a smile. Jake Chang and Cricket O' Dell are still tracking down Sabrina. Behind Prankenstein's victims is Sabrina as she is face palming as she now realizes two people are hunting after her.
Page 18
Panel one: Bingo and Samantha are motioning for Icky to come back over with the football as he gives a worried glance at Nick St. Claire, Jason, and Rob as they sneer at him. Icky is much more battered than everyone else, showing he's had a rough game.
Bingo: C'mon! Last drive! A touchdown and we win!
Icky: Um...right.
Panel two: Ginger Snapp is cheering on Icky as Sabrina is running past her in the background.
Ginger: I know you can do it, Icky! Score the winning touchdown for me!
Panel three: Samantha and Bingo notice the trio still taunting Icky as both don't approve.
Jason: Yeah, Icky...score the winning touchdown.
Nick St. Claire: Like that will ever happen, dweeb.
Panel four: Bingo and Samantha wink at each other as they have a plan.
Panel five: Bingo, Samantha and Icky are in the huddle as he is petrified by the called play.
Bingo: Okay, let's make this nice and simple—Icky, you go long!
Icky: What??
Panel six: Icky is sadly beginning to run as Bingo snaps the ball to Samantha.
Icky: Well, Icky, you dated a girl several levels above you and you're a B honor roll student. You're going out on a good note.
Page 19
Panel one: Icky runs past Rob, Nick, and Jason as they look back at him.
Rob: Gotta give him credit. He's got guts. No brains, but lots of guts.
Panel two: The three turn around to see Samantha is running right at them with her right hand extended and the ball tucked under her left arm. Bingo has stepped aside and has his arms folded over his head as he is just watching.
Panel three: Samantha bulldozes over them. She knocks Rob and Nick into the air and she stiff arms Jason to the ground like she was Derrick Henry, driving his face into the ground.
Panel four: Samantha is just a few yards from Icky as Icky has his eyes closed and his hands over his glasses as Samantha softly tosses him the ball.
Samantha: Here. Catch.
Panel five: A bewildered Icky, surprised he's still alive, catches the ball as Ginger Snapp holds her arms out, signaling at touchdown.
Icky: Huh?
Ginger Snapp: Touchdown!
Ginger Snapp: You did it, Icky!
Panel six: Ginger Snapp hugs Icky as Icky's face turns bright red. Bingo and Samantha look on happily for him. Behind them A barely conscious Rob is lying on a barely conscious Nick. Jason still has his face in the ground as he has several pain stars over his head. Jake Chang and Cricket O' Dell walk around them, one to the left and the other to the right, as they continue on.
Page 20
Panel one: Alexander Cabbot is talking with the Madhouse Glads. In the background, a confused Jake Chang and Cricket are looking around as they seem to have lost Sabrina's trail.
Alexander: My dudes, listen to me, you guys are stars waiting to happen. You can be bigger than Josie and the Pussycats.
Panel two: Alexander continues to talk as he holds two one hand upwards and the other he has two fingers nearly pinched together.
Alexander: You guys are like the planet Jupiter and they're like a pebble you get stuck in your shoe. All you need is—moi and what I bring to the table.
Panel three: Josie and the Pussycats are behind him as Alexander waves back at them to keep quiet as he doesn't quite get what's happening.
Josie: Don't forget the thirty percent commission and twenty percent claim in all merchandise sells.
Alexander: I'm not going to say it like that. I'm going to sugarcoated it like a candy bar in a fructose barrel!
Panel four: Alexander's is shocked as the Pussycats are eyeballing him as he got caught red handed going behind their backs and bad mouthing them.
Valerie: So what do you have to say for yourself Alexander Cabot the 3rd. rat fink extraordinaire?
Panel five: Alexander is moonwalking away as he talks with both groups and gives them thumbs up. The Madhouse Glads look over at Josie like, "is he always like this?" Josie face responds, "Yeah." Valerie looks over at Melody as is super excited. Above them is Sabrina on her broom, on her tip toes, with her arms stretched out as she is trying to keep her balance. Again no one notices her.
Alexander: Great shinding, huh? I'm gonna go get us all s'mores'cause s'mores the better, in food and business ,am I right?
Melody: I love s'mores!!
Page 21
Panel one: Betty and Veronica are with Archie as they see Sherry and Shrill with sparklers. Sherry is all smiles while Shrill can't help but slightly grin. The sparklers are giving off red, white, and blue sparks. Behind the trio, an exhausted Sabrina is barely able to walk as she has her mouth open, gasping for air.
Betty: Say, looks like the sparklers are being handed out.
Veronica: It is much darker, the perfect time.
Veronica: Archiekins, could you be a dear?
Panel two: Betty and Veronica watch as Archie walks away. Sabrina notices Jake Chang approaching her.
Archie: Three sparklers coming up!
Panel three: Betty and Veronica are talking as Sabrina is beginning to backtrack.
Betty: Um, I love Archie and I trust him, but asking him to hold three sparklers with only two hands and two left feet, isn't that asking for trouble?
Panel four: Veronica waves Betty off as she has no worries. In the background Sabrina notices in the other direction Cricket O'Dell with her eyes closed sniffing the air is coming from the other direction.
Veronica: Bettykins, they're sparklers.
Veronica: What damage can even Archie do with sparklers?
Page 22
Panel one: Reggie and Simon are pulling the backpacks out from the table as they prepare for their fire work display.
Reggie: Okay, it's dark out and no one is looking. Time to make The Big Bang look like a hiccup.
Panel two: Reggie is holding out his hand as Simon looks on confused.
Simon: ...
Simon: You want a low five?
Panel three: Reggie begins to argue with Simon.
Reggie: No! I want a lighter! Or matches! Anything that I can light the fireworks with, you simp!
Panel four: Simon begins to argue back at Reggie.
Simon: Hey, this was my plan, slick! You're the one who was supposed to bring the matches!
Reggie: Your plan!? I'm the mastermind; you're the minion!
Caption: A semi-colon. Why don't you all just see when another comic has one of these bad boys in it.
Panel five: Reggie and Simon continue to argue as Archie happily is walking by as he has two sparklers in one hand and is holding two in another.
Archie: I know they're simple, but these might be my favorite type of fireworks.
Page 23
Panel one: Archie is looking at the sparkler in his one hand not noticing he's crossed the two in his other hand as they begin to give off bigger sparks
Archie: I mean, look at all the colors. And best of all...
Panel two: Archie is walking away as two stray sparks are picked up by the wind.
Panel three: Archie is walking away as the sparks land in a backpack each as Simon and Reggie have not noticed as they continue to point and shake fists at each other as they argue.
Archie: Completely harmless.
Panel four: Betty and Veronica see Archie approaching. In the background Sabrina is trapped between Jake Chang and Cricket O' Dell as she turns her head in both directions frantically trying to find a path of escape. Chang has his head to the ground as does Cricket.
Veronica: See, Bettykins, not a single mishap. Everything's going perfectly.
Panel five: A play on the famous image of the three sharing a soda, only with sparklers as Archie is in the middle holding his up while Betty and Veronica bring their sparklers into into his.
Betty: Yes. This is perfect.
Page 24
Panel one: Reggie and Simon are calming down as cooler heads are prevailing Behind them their back packs are beginning to jostle.
Reggie: Y'know what, never mind. Let's just grab a sparkler and light these bad boys up.
Simon: Good idea--glad you finally contributed.
Panel two: Reggie tosses a back pack to Simon and nearly knocks him over.
Reggie: Sheesh, now I know why I hardly ever see super villains ever team up.
FSX: sssszzzzz
Panel three: Simon is noticing his bag is moving even more.
Simon: Um, Reg. I think something is wrong.
Panel four: Reggie and Simon are beginning to look inside their backpack as red, white, and blue colors begin to illuminate in each bag.
Reggie: Yeah...why is our bags making this weird hissing noise? And shaking...? And giving off those radiant lights--?
Panel five: A downward angle shot as the two look wide eyed into their bags as the colors are even brighter.
Reggie and Simon: Uh-oh.
Page 25
Panel one: Veronica leans her head on Archie's shoulder as Archie rolls his eyes towards her.
Veronica: Isn't tonight just the best?
Panel two: Betty does the same to Archie's other shoulder as Archie rolls her eyes towards her now.
Betty: Yeah, Archie. How can anyone not be having a great time?
Panel three: Archie shrugs his shoulders and accidently knocks both girls chins. Behind the trio. Sabrina is nervous as Jake Chang has his magnifying glass right at her face as he is inspecting her. Cricket O' Dell is lifting up Sabrina's leg to see the dollar bill stuck to her shoe. Sabrina has a fake nervous smile on her face while she shifts her eyes behind her at Cricket.
Archie: Yeah, I don't...oops.
Veronica: Ow!
Betty: Ouch!
Panel four: Both girls are glaring at Archie at Archie as he begins to back pedal.
Archie thinking: I don't know if there is anyone out there looking down on us all—but if you are, maybe a little help...?
Page 26
Panel one: A high angle view above the party as fire works begin going off. The fire works are all red, white, and blue and are of different images like the American Flag, Cosmos the Merry Martian, and several exclamation marks.
Panel two: Betty, Veronica, and Archie look at each other in confusion.
Betty: Um, Ronnie?
Veronica: Not me. Archie...
Archie: Nope. Had nothing to do with it whatsoever.
Panel three: Everyone is looking up. Archie is holding onto a hand of Betty and Veronica each as they look up to see amazing display of fireworks going off.
Archie: But maybe we shouldn't question how or why it happened—
Archie: --And just be happy it is happening.
Page 27
Panel one: A shot of Mr. Lodge and Mrs. Lodge on their balcony looking down at the party as the fire orks continue to go off.
Mr. Lodge: Will you look at that, Hermoine. You give kids this day an inch, and they turn it into the equator.
Panel two: Mrs. Lodge looks lovingly at Mr. Lodge.
Mrs. Lodge: Well, nothing we can do about it now but enjoy ourselves.
Mrs. Lodge: Honestly, it makes me feel long again watching all the flashing colors in the night sky.
Panel three: Mr. Lodge stares at Mrs. Lodge as she is confused.
Mr. Lodge: Preposterous.
Mrs. Lodge: Oh?
Panel four: Mr. Lodge puts a hand under Mrs. Lodge chin as she is all smiles.
Mr. Lodge: My dear, you haven't aged since the day I was blessed to lay eyes upon you.
Panel five: Mr. Lodge and Mrs. Lodge are holding hands as they continue to watch the fireworks which are now taking the shape of many kinds of different sizes and shapes of hearts. Smithers is walking onto the balcony.
Smithers: Pardon, sir. The neighbors are calling and—
Mr. Lodge: Tell them to be quiet. My wife and I are enjoying the celebration.
Page 28
Panel one: A shot of everyone enjoying the fire works. Archie is in the middle he happily looks up at the sky. Veronica is off with Harper and Marcy as they pose for picture as The Twitters, Raj, and Chloe act like paparazzi. Betty is blushing as both Sayid and Adam are talking to her. Jake Chang is watching the fireworks and Bridget is looking up at fireworks that are taking the shape of dollar signs. Sabrina briefs a happy sigh of relief. Jughead is talking with Bingo and Samantha. Bingo is motioning for Wilbur and his friends to come join them. Couples like Dilton & Cheryl, Chuck & Nancy, Moose & Midge look up at the fire works. The Pussycats, Glads, Danny, Bridgette, Franky and Maria are together. Maria is taking the hair net off of Franky as his hair is still perfect. Kevin Keller is saluting a firework exploding into the American flag. Ethel is pointing out a firework display shaped like Jughead's hat to Trula. Wendy Weatherbee, Googie Gilmore, Thrasher, and Sandy also take notice. Sherry is ecstatic as Shrill is doing a cartwheel. A still battered, Jason, Rob, and Nick St. Clair are sitting down with bruises and ice packs on bruise and bumps as the look up at the sky.
Panel two: A small panel showing a charred comically at the face Simon and Reggie with their hair blown back.. Simon shifts his eyes towards as Reggie waves his fist at Simon's nose.
The end.
Through the Decades / Re: Alas, poor Jughead...
June 06, 2022, 02:39:58 PM
Let's just say I look back on the Boldman-Lindsey run with respect and awe.

One of my favorite Archie artists back doing Archie stories. Finally, some good news this year! :)
Alright more Bingo.

And who knows maybe we'll get a good Jughead story with Trula in it someday. :)
Reviews / PTF Reviews Blue Baron 3.3
July 25, 2020, 01:26:36 AM
PTF Reviews Blue Baron 3.3

Well, still stuck at home. Still feel fine. Still having my life wasted.  So might as well do something constructive and review a good comic.

What's worse than being in the body of a hero? How about ending up in a hell dimension? Who is the Wonder Witch and what ties does she have to The Blue Baron? Will Professor Wraith give the world a crash course in evil? And how desperate is Cedric Carson to get his life back to super normal? Find out in—BLUE BARON.

The Good

Writing: Yeah, it's another typical great issue from Darin Henry. One thing I'd like to point out is I like how the A storyline and the B storyline connect. You have demons connected to Cedric in Ernie's body and Jenna as Professor Wraith prepares his spell. Also, I love the two demons reactions as the demon with Cedric/Ernie has no idea what this kid's issue is. And I really liked Cedric and how everything blew up in his face because he is a nice guy and women, no matter the age, are tricky. Seriously, guys, we play checkers, they play chess. Never forget that. We're going to lose. The goal is to not lose as badly as possible.

And I like the Wonder Witch character as she's a super likeable character. Nice, kind, and it's really hard not to root for a character who seems like the universe took a swing at and then forgot about entirely. She connects to the Blue Baron's past and sets up a future storyline with a new villain. And best of all, she never felt forced or shoehorned into the story. And she does contribute to the defeat of Prof. Wraith. And it serves as motivation for Ernie in the future. And I'll admit it, I'm invested in Wonder Witch being saved. Helps that she gave the biggest laughs for this issue.

And really it is a feel good issue that I think was needed. One of my problems with Invincible is that—well, darn if that kid ever did anything right or was allowed a moment of joy. Ernie got that and it's well deserved. After all the kid's went through, he deserved a bit of happiness and respect. And he learned an important lesson about being a grown up.

And for those of you who are more sadistic, there is some tragedy. The Wonder Witch loses her only companion and is left with the same promise that was broken over two hundred years ago. Also...NASDACK.

And I love the last two pages and what is set up. Especially Cedric's as he turns to an unlikely ally to help. Also, what is going to happen with Ernie and his parents is going to be super fun to read. Oh, and also a reminder of the entity that is still looming on the horizon.

The art. Ron Frenz does what he does: draw good comics that only costed me 99 cents. If only all artists could have those two traits...

It's just his typical great work that I've enjoyed since Spider-Girl. I like The Wonder Witch's design. And I like really like some of the angles and positions he took for panels, like when the demons break into Wonder Witch's home with the overhead shot. Also the last three panels we see of The Wonder Witch as we zoom out more and more to show how alone she now is. And I like Cedric in Ernie's one panel where he breaks away from Jenna. Coherent motion in just one panel. Hard to do. And I love the two demons over their heads as they don't know what to make of these two. And as for the best pages to look at I actually like Blue Baron's fight with Prof Wraith as it captures the tone of this book perfectly and looks great.

Lettering, Colors, and inking: I really like the lettering in this comic. You have the pink word balloon and purple lettering when Wonder Witch casts a spell. Nifty. And helps her stand out. I especially love when she gets angry over her friend's death and the WAAAKOOOOM. The colors are again great. I love all the demonsion and the colors and the inking.

I think I'll name my newest Pokemon WABAMMO.


Sigh, I miss freedom.

Super Sleepy. Awww. Fun little story that reminds me of the old Harvey comics I used to read. And not because of how I say Super Sleepy looks like Lil' Audrey. In fact,

Turns out I was completely wrong.

Heh. Waited awhile to do that joke. But now to get to—

Why doesn't Dot have more dots? She's Dot! Oh, um back to the comic review--

The Bad

Blue Baron taking down Prof Wrath. This issue doesn't have the same action as the last. And I can see some people complaining about how easily Wraith went down, especially after we saw what he can do in the last issue. I'm not one of them. Like I said, I think Ernie needed a strong showing. And he did have a magical lamp to aid him. And really, when you read this story in just a single sitting, there really isn't an argument.

Sargasso Lamp. That ain't a lamp. That's a lantern! A lamp has genies and a lantern has the souls contained in it. This is common knowledge! Sheesh!

Law enforcement in this universe: Remember the bad guys from the first story. Released from police custody. And people complain about the revolving door in Arkham!!

Somebody forgot something. Just before Blue Baron returns, we see The Clique and no energy field holding them in place.

Headmistress. Wow. Amazing how you just showed up the second after Blue Baron handled things. You are not fooling anyone here. You are a horrible mentor, robot lady!

Freddy. We never learn why Freddy was mad at Audrey. Was it because of using "like" as a conversational pause or the dumb hat? It's like Ernie's dad all over again and I know it'll be six issues before I get my answer!

Darin Henry. Great, now I have to buy another comic to find out what happens to Wonder Witch. Can't believe this guy wants me to buy his comic that he's making and wants to profit off of it. Wait, I can just illegally—no no, he made a special note against it! Curse you and your foolproof schemes and ironclad foresight Darin Henry!!

The second page. We're getting dangerously too close to hentai for my liking...

What I learned from what I read.

1. Mayday Parker is going to take Cedric Corp to the cleaners!
2. How lucky I am to be an only child.
3. I'd want a pet like Delphyne if I was in the demonsion.
4. Destruction of property, robbery, endangering lives, and fighting the main hero team of this universe is only a slap on the wrist.
5. Wonder Witch is easily the most observant and rational person this comic has ever had.
6. Christopher Carson was a liar!
7. "Platonic friends" had a different meaning when I was a teen.
8. Bean can ski.
9. Wolfbarker knows fake news when he sees it!
10. I'm not the only person who needs his banky to help with sleep.

Overall. A. It's a great job by the team and we have several set up for future stories. Not much more to it then that folks.

So until next time--if I'm not in a makeshift bed in my hospital's ICU—thank you for reading and I hope the reviews were informative and entertaining.
Reviews / PTF Reviews Blue Baron 3.2
July 22, 2020, 03:14:04 AM
PTF Reviews Blue Baron 3.2

Well, still quarantined and it seems that the test will take two weeks. So yeah, no problem, just missing filing my taxes, helping my aunt keep her health I'M IMPRISONED IN MY HOME—again! Oh, and I could possibly have a virus that could put me on a ventilator. I'm just so angry and filled with hate for my fellow man...

So perfect time to review a Blue Baron Comic.

Ernie has found that being The Blue Baron/Cedric Carson to not what he thought it would be. So far he has alienated himself from The Hero Union, Carson Corporation is facing financial ruin and he's struggling with the pressure of being a hero. So what's to do? Try joining a group of heroes your own age—The Clique. Too bad all they see is some silly old Boomer. And as for Cedric Carson, it's unwanted high school drama. Oh, and new villain Professor Wraith has come to teach what pure evil is to—THE BLUE BARON

The Good

The Writing. Darin Henry delivers his usual great issue. It's a really good issue that shows the depth of Ernie. Yeah, he's an annoying whiny teen (very common) but he really is alone and wants acceptances nearly as much as he wants to do good. Even when The Clique humorously defeat him, you do feel for him as he ends up reflecting on how bad he's handling things—will he effortlessly stops a hold-up and is given praise for it. And he shows maturity going to help The Clique as soon as he hears they are in trouble.

You also have Cedric just being bored out of his mind with junior high school as he is so used to hero science AKA techno babble that staring out a brick wall is more interesting than a typical lecture about moogle electrons. And he's having his own body swap problems as calling Union Headquarters doesn't help, as he seems like a crazy fan. Oh, and Jenna has developed a crush on him.

There's a good deal of various action. You have Blue Baron vs. The Clique. It's action packed, it introduces the Clique and their powers more and you learn helpful information (Jock doesn't control water—that's sweat. Ick. And Class Clown is a girl) and comical. It ends with Blue Baron's pants around his ankles. Then you Prof. Wraith just being a ruthless creep, who brutally, strategically and systematically takes The Clique down while displaying all of his supernatural powers. And you get a nice little hero moment with Blue Ernie vs. regular criminals. And every character has their own disposition and characteristics. The most glaring example is Stoner who...well, is rightfully scared. So yeah, action while being informative and developing characters to the reader at the same time. What a concept.

And you have other characters getting moments like Rossi and Bishop trying to turn around Carson Corp. A really fun page and probably my favorite humor wise.

It's a great story with an awesome set up as The Clique are captured and Blue Baron isn't faring much better.

Professor Wraith. Wow. He's a lot more awesome than I thought he would be. I like the design as it perfectly fits the book as it's a mix of humor and terror—like all the great clowns. And he's a good evil counterpart for The Clique as an evil teacher who takes them to school. He shows a great display of powers and creativity. From messing with Teacher's Pet morphing, to draining Jock, to using an incanchatment to take out Bully. And I love his reply to Bully's scratch my nose comment. Yeah, that's what a real villain would do! And I like his plan. He wants to give every person a demon that will possess them and either kill them or corrupt them. Haven't heard of that one, so yay for inhumanly cruel originality.  How evil is Professor Wraith? So darn evil he cut ahead of the artist section!!

Art. Ron Frenz. Honestly, this is the best I've seen his art. I have a ton of his comics and nothing else springs to mind that competes with this issue. It helps that you have so many different characters that you can only be impressed with how much work he had to put in this issue. All the action is really well done and easy to follow. And unlike my latest Super Sucker review, I don't see a single panel where I feel he took the easy way out. He just banged it out and showed how much range he has. If I had to pick out the best of the best pages, The Clique vs. Professor Wraith for the action and atmosphere. And for range and emotional response, Blue Ernie saving the couple where he goes from depressed to confused to happy to conflicted. So yeah, nothing I can point out that I didn't like. Closest is not knowing Class Clown was a girl, but that's a character dressed as a clown with the most loose costume...and probably my favorite of the Clique.

Inking, Coloring and Lettering. Well, it's an action packed comic so we get a lot of action packed sound affects and they're all pretty awesome. Every comic needs a good KRAK WHAKK. So yeah you have sound effects enhancing the action and putting in some gut punch. Most of all, I like the blue around Professor Wraith's word balloon as it really helps his stand out from all the other characters. The coloring is again excellent. I mean, just a wholr lot of different shades, tones that set up atmosphere. And the inking is great as it doesn't take away from the art. If I had to go favorite page that combined everything; it would be the last page that sets up for the next issue. So great work from by the trio of inkers, Marshall Dillion and Glenn Whitmore.

Super Sleepy: Okay, I'd admit, that's a lot of cute in a two page story.

The Bad

Banishing The Blue Baron. I don't mind Prof. Wraith banishing Blue Baron to a demonsion (I like that word). Very evil with a warped, twisted logic to it. And sending someone to a hell dimension is acceptable evil. My problem is the reasoning. Instead of trying what he did to The Clique, he talks about how in his old life he used to admire him and banishes him instead of trying to kill him. And while he was a teacher on heroics, he never shown any admiration to The Blue Baron. This could have been helped in the first issue by having him bring up The Blue Baron in his lecture or when in his study show some sort of Blue Baron memorabilia. Or just some newspapers framed of The Blue Baron. It's make sense for his professions since...well, Blue Baron is one of the first heroes in this universe.

It's just a minor complaint. I just think it would have enhanced the story a bit and made a connection to The Blue Baron just to make William Wharton's fall from grace sting a bit more to the readers.

Small grammatical errors. When Audrey--kid wearing the kind of hat I think is dumb-- walks by, there should be a comma before the word "like". Also we have the other kid talking and I'm pretty sure the word "tell" is left out.

Dumb knitwit hat kid's friend: Yeah, well, sucks to be them. Now can you please me why Freddy got so mad at you in study hall?!

Granted, the sentence is funnier, but still pretty big boo-boo.

That stupid college student with the question. GOOD WORK!!! There should be an issue where Prof. Wraith goes after her to answer her stupid question.

Audrey. For wearing that stupid hat...and a bandana? Makes me sick to my stomach it does.


Fine we'll wrap things up.

What I Learned From What I Read.

1. Class Clown is a girl.
2. Jock has to be smelly.
3. No matter the problem, think of it as a broken down car and how you'd fix it. (Might not work if the problem is a boat not working)
4. Demonsion is my new favorite word.
5. Mood rings work.
6. It's always sad when some poor demon doesn't have a person to possess
7. The difference between recessive, genetic, and kinetic bonds.
8. Don't tell a bad guy your nose itches.
9. Headmistress, another in a long line of leaders or instructors of heroes who never leave HQ.
10. I am really invested in why Freddy was mad at Dumb Hat Audrey. Can't wait to find out!!!

Overall. Yeah, it's a great issue. I mean, I had nitpicks but that's all they are. And there are the two grammatically errors. Everything about this comic was great. You have great writing, action, art, and a great cliffhanger to set up the next part. I'll go B+

Well, until next time when I review Blue Baron 3.3. And who knows maybe I'll have my test done by the time I post the review. THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, BLUE BLAZE IT ALL TO HECK.

So thanks for reading. And remember to social distance, wear your mask, hand sanitizer...and try to find someone else to help take elderly relatives to about ten different doctors in eight different places. That last one if just a personal tip.
Reviews / PTF Reviews Super Suckers 5.1
July 20, 2020, 09:40:45 AM
PTF Reviews Super Suckers 5.1

Yep, we're finally back. Fair warning to everyone: I am currently in quarantine. So keep six feet from your computer and/or smart phones. Don't worry, I'm wearing my mask and gloves and I have a bottle of hand sanitizer that I will use after every third sentence. Oh, and for people who wonder what a covid-19 test know how the Egyptians used to scoop the brains out of people before making them mummies? Like that.

But you're not here for mummies, you're here for vampires! So let's just get to the intro.

Jess and Kelly learn that being an undead blood sucking fiend has consequences: like not being able to give birth. Not a good time for Dragos, the STD provider, to return, but why is he back and has he lost weight? And Vera has gotten word that her father is a cowboy without a single cow. Sounds like more zany adventures with our favorite—Super Suckers

The Good.

The writing. Out of all this issues this is probably my favorite from Darin Henry and crew in regards to quips, comebacks, and one liners. Every page has a character saying something very clever and witty. So it's really hard to go a page without chuckling...and I'm a guy who might possibly be doomed. And we get some fun with caption boxes with the winking and just doing a caption box to annoy the letterer. One of the best jokes even gets to make it in the cover. It's not my favorite joke, but it's the joke I'd put on the cover. What is my favorite joke? Read on.

This issue is what you expect from the first part of a trilogy. You have the characters being introduced with problems/plot and the set up for the next two issues. You have a flashback of Vulture Gulch to show what is probably still going on in the present. Jess and Kelly realizing being undead can cramp your life outside of college, Vera's dad is having problems in the homestead, Dragos is back with a little freaky problem. Yeah, you really want to see what happens next and that's what this issue should be about. And I like that we're setting up for another possible storyline in advance. Also more proof that women named Connie are or will be evil.

And it's nice to see Stewart and Vera on a date and bonding. They do play off each other really well. And we even get a bit from some of the minor supporting cast with great one liners from Clover and the other girls from RHO RHO RHO House.

I'm really surprised how good the writing is because when I see three writers credited my first thought is, "this one's gonna be a long demented q-tip up my nose!" (A very recent thought...) But save for a very minor error, I can believe just one person wrote this so a good team effort from the writing team.

The art: Ah, it's nice to get my fix of classic Archie...which I, ironically, can't get from Archie Comics itself. Jeff Shultz does his usual amazing job. It's just a very entertaining book to just look at. My favorite expression in the comic is probably Vera's bug eyes when Stewart is getting his groove thang a little too close for comfort. And I like the design of cursed Dragos as he's now a mix between a Ken doll and one off those swamp goblin puppets I had as a kid with wings. And I liked that he starts his flashback by the panel turning the page into it. Loved the panel of the vampire blood cell and the human blood cell. Best page. I'll go the last page just because Dragos' reaction to the greatest horror he could have ever dreaded to see.

The coloring and lettering. The coloring was provided as always by Glenn Whitmore and lettering by Marshall Dillion. And yes, chances are very good I will have a field day with this name come issue 5.2 when the gang arrive in Vulture Gulch. And you have the usual amazing job. I really like the pimple on Kelly's forehead. I know it's just a red and white little dot, but hey, I'm easily impressed. When it comes to local, different lightings, various colors this is probably Whitmore's best work on the series. If I had to go my favorite part, it's the flashback. You have moonlight, nice lighting on the characters, and Cletus with the different color around as he prepares to attack to intensify the much as you can with a toothless vampire. And his coloring helps me ignore something I didn't like on two pages.

 Marshall Dillion...the last page alone is great. Just a great job. Love the sound effect with Kelly falling on Prof. Lipp. The coloring hobo's NOOOOOOO! I like how Kelly's slap were consistent with coloring and font only the second one a little bigger and with stars. Lots of expressive word balloons. And to go with coloring I like how each color reflects what's going on. Jess is squirting chemicals on people so it's snot green, Woosh is white, and painful acts are yellow. Nothing I can really complain about as it all works and makes sense.

Summer aka my favorite joke. Yeah, this one gets a special mention because I laughed out loud on that one. It's even better with the beat panel of her still having the same blank smile and the reaction she gets from the girls around her.  Favorite joke in the comic.

The Bad.

If I had to find a place where I know Darin Henry didn't write, it would be Dragos as he is talking with the girls. It should have been "vee" instead of "ve" since I remember that in the first issue. It's a minor nitpick, but that's what you get when you keep asking someone to review your book who has way too much time on his hands.

The art: I don't like Vera's new hair style. And it might have been decided because Vera and her mom look alike so to help distinguish them. The new 'do just doesn't say Vera to me. Shultz also forgot Kelly's nose in one panel (Page sixteen the very last one). And I wish there had been a floor drawn in the dance hall because it looks like everyone is dancing in a purple void. Not much else besides that.

Coloring: Dragos had a much darker skin tone in the first issue.


And if someone on the creative team posts something like, "There's no sun in Transylvania" as an explanation, I'm deducting a grade for being a smart aleck.

The intro. It's the original one from the first issue and yeah, it still does the job, but I just like it when the intro involves and element of what is going on in the comic as a nice little tease to the reader. It's more fun to look at then the characters just posing. And it would have helped with a problem I had: it would have been a great way to recap Dragos and his impact on the comic. We get a brief recap from Kelly and Jess, but I think we needed a little more for new readers who might just start with this issue. And the intro would have done that.

No Sitcommercials. Huh. Guess this is like a DVR recording?

The pimple: Maybe it's because I'm possibly sick and may end up a ventilator soon, but I'm kind of disappointed the pimple vanished from Kelly's forehead. Just seemed like a fun visual gag you could have milked through the rest of the story. Plus you could have worked it in with her biological clock and the pimple making her more mental.

Professor Lipp: Cover your friggin' mouth when you cough!! It's because of people like you; I'm in the situation I'm in!!!

2020. Not comic related in anyway, but I think we all need to always acknowledge whenever possible that the year 2020 is horrible.

What I Learned from what I read.

1.   The undead can't have kids.
2.   Club Soda >>>>>>>Club Sandwich
3.   One old drunk hobo could feed an entire pack of vampires back in the day.
4.   When you're a player, you're eventually going to get Josh Tuckered.
5.   A good slap will calm people down.
6.   Making southern accents is fun.
7.   Cows aren't racists.
8.   Pimples go away when the plot shifts to another crisis.
9.   I'll never eat marshmallows again.
10.   Huh. And here I thought Jughead was a werewolf.

So yeah, another great issue. We have a few minor errors here and there, but nothing egregious or unforgivable. It's just your usual fun story at an extremely affordable price. And like I said, first part of a three parter and it does it's job. I'm going B+

Pick up the book. It's a great book done by an excellent team with a bargain of a price.

So future plans: I'm going to review the last two issues of Blue Baron and post a Super Suckers fan fic. Lot going on but...I've got time. I mean, maybe not too much time. How long can it possible take for a corvid test to come back, right...?

Also, I've been meaning to review Vamperonica so be on the lookout for that.

So thank you to everyone who—cuff cuff—read and hoped you had fun.