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Archie's Friends / Re: Sabrina at Gravestone Heights
November 01, 2021, 08:23:24 AM
Quote from: Asaki on October 28, 2021, 09:38:04 PMJughead's Time Machine was really good too, even though I usually disapprove of [spoiler]Jughead breaking character over a girl[/spoiler].

It wasn't just January McAndrews in Jughead's Time Police, though... it was a whole thing going on for Jughead in his regular title in the late '80s. He was also caught up in a love triangle between Debbie and Joani.

Archie's Friends / Re: Sabrina at Gravestone Heights
October 28, 2021, 11:44:04 AM
It's shocking how random they are about some things at ArchieCo.  >:(

You'd think they'd have digitized all of the Archie & Friends issues by now... there were only 159 of them (and the last 3 issues were all-reprint), so it isn't like one of those series that ran for hundreds of issues. There were a lot of good stories in that run (and Sabrina and Josie & the Pussycats, too).

And yes... GCDb is also very very spotty about indexing Archie Comics.

So... checking this out, it appears that the Sabrina Halloween Spooktacular came out between A&F #6 and 7 (and if I'm not mistaken, those A&F issues may be the only appearances of the Carneys outside of the Spooktacular and their own one-shot comic).

The early team of Bill Golliher and Dan Parent came up with some off-the-wall concepts in the early 1990s. Jughead's Diner, Sabrina at Gravestone Heights, The Carneys and (I think) Archie 3000 were all from the brain (or brains) of one or both of them.
Archie's Friends / Re: Sabrina at Gravestone Heights
October 27, 2021, 06:25:25 AM
Quote from: Asaki on October 24, 2021, 10:19:41 PMWould love to see all of these gathered into a collection, but for now, I'm just trying to track down the digital reprints, maybe make my own compilation.

Your timing is fortuitous. They just recently started reprinting the Sabrina at Gravestone Heights stories in Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest. #297 has the first two stories, "Double Date" and "Mummy Dearest" (although curiously printed in reverse order). S@GH had appeared before in the Sabrina section of B&VJCD in random issues (there is always a Sabrina section), so you could check backwards, but I suspect they will probably cycle through them all in upcoming issues.
Welcome/Introductions / Re: New here!
October 08, 2021, 03:09:48 PM
Ah, someone else likes Toni Topaz.  ;)

I always wanted to see a Jughead story where Toni and Trula have some kind of serious interaction (with Jughead caught in the middle, of course). Ideally written by Craig Boldman, but if they can't get him, then Tom DeFalco.

I wonder what Rex Lindsey is doing these days.
Other Media / Ron Dante's Funhouse
July 16, 2021, 09:50:10 AM

Somehow I completely missed this album when it was released last October in the middle of the whole COVID epidemic... which is still happening, somehow... I don't want to talk about it.

It's a major release for fans of The Archies. While the first disc represents sort of a "Ron Dante's Greatest Hits", with four tracks from The Archies (three familiar tracks, plus the all-new recording "Sugar Sugar 2020 Euro Dance Remix"), three taken from The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan, two from the 1972 vinyl album The Amazing Spider-Man: A Rockomic!, plus five of Dante's commercial jingles, a couple of singles from Ron and the Cufflinks, and a few cover tunes.

The second disc is the big surprise, though. It contains previously unreleased songs from ARCHIE'S FUNHOUSE -- 9 full-length tunes (meaning more than two minutes running time), plus the Funhouse opening and closing themes, and 18 short recordings (meaning between 29 and 53 seconds) taken from the Funhouse "Dance of the Week" segment.

PLUS cover art from Dan Parent featuring Betty and Veronica dancing in the background, which is a neat touch.
It is a little weird that they are only doing audio versions of comics published in 2009 (Archie Marries) and 2015 (Archie reboot) in 2021. Vampironica (2018) is at least a little more recent.
Welcome/Introductions / Re: welcome/introductions
June 04, 2021, 10:51:53 AM
I wish they still published an ongoing Jughead digest, or some collections. As far as I know, this is the only classic Jughead collection Archie Comic Productions ever put out:

Fortunately, Dark Horse Comics published these two hardcovers of the earliest JUGHEAD comics:

But at least there's this one-shot Jughead digest coming out:

QuoteWe're continuing Archie Comics' landmark 80th Anniversary celebration with another special showcase digest! This time, we revisit the hilarious never-before-reprinted 'A Jughead in the Family' storyline: Jughead gets into a fight with his dad and moves out-but who's willing to take him in? Join in on the hilarity as Jughead moves from place to place, living with the families of Archie, Ethel, Moose, Trula Twyst, and even Reggie!
That was one of only a couple major story arcs (in this case, six issues) JUGHEAD ever had.
Other Media / Re: Archie's Weird Mysteries Cartoon
June 02, 2021, 06:50:25 AM
Probably because it's a Mill Creek Entertainment product. They are legendarily low-budget, no-frills on all their DVD releases.
"Archie Marries Valerie" was in ARCHIE #631-634... and later reprinted in the trade paperback ARCHIE: A Rock'n'Roll Romance (2014). That was strictly Dan Parent's idea. Neither Michael Uslan or Paul Kupperberg were involved.

I think the 10th Anniversary series was unfortunately named, since it should have been more accurately titled ARCHIE MARRIES 10th Anniversary to avoid confusing potential readers about what, exactly, it was a sequel to. Nevertheless, it seems like The Married Life from LIFE WITH ARCHIE was more likely to be a stronger draw, sales-wise, than Archie Marries as a title, and ACP chose it deliberately.
It would probably make sense for someone who hasn't read any of this to start with ARCHIE MARRIES..., then the 10th Anniversary story. Then they could read the whole THE MARRIED LIFE for an alternate take if they were still interested. Oh, and the thing with Valerie marrying Archie, too. Seems like a lot more pathways diverged in the woods than just the original two.
They have rarely made any mention of it in decades, but in the early stories Midge was supposed to be one of THE most attractive girls at Riverdale High, more so than even Betty and Veronica. If you look back to stories of the fifties even into the early sixties, not only Reggie, but Archie too will try to date Midge if either of them thinks they can get away with it and escape the wrath of Big Moose. A big reason that makes Midge even more attractive than she already is physically is the idea that she's the "forbidden fruit".
To answer Pennylane's question about the small-sized trade paperback vs. the deluxe slipcased hardcover...

These two books both collect the same original story that began in ARCHIE 600...
But ironically, the cheaper paperback is the more complete version!
Both collect ARCHIE 600-602 ("Archie Marries Veronica") and ARCHIE 603-605 ("Archie Marries Betty"), but...
There was an Epilogue to BOTH parallel timelines in ARCHIE 606, and that issue is ONLY reprinted in the small TP collection "Will You Marry Me?", not in the expensive hardcover!

And yes, as mentioned by Beatman10, the confusingly-titled Archie: The Married Life 10th Anniversary is a sequel to ARCHIE MARRIES... and was published 10 years after that storyline from ARCHIE 600-606. Why it is confusing is that it was NOT the 10th Anniversary of "THE MARRIED LIFE" -- which was an earlier sequel that ran in LIFE WITH ARCHIE MAGAZINE from 2010-2014 (and was later collected in six thick trade paperbacks).

The above book is a DIFFERENT sequel, which (again, as previously mentioned by Beatman10) picks up again after ARCHIE 600-605, ignoring the events of the earlier sequel "The Married Life". The above image is from the cover of the TP collection of that six-issue miniseries.

Hope that clears up everything.
The trouble is that with plots like those, I could have read one of those stories less than a month ago somewhere, and I still couldn't tell you exactly where, even if I was sure I read it. I've got boxes full of Archie Double Digests, Jumbo Comics Digests, Giant Comics Digests, and 1000-Page Comics Digests. Plus just about every classic Archie TP and HC collection, but none of those are indexed in any way that I could find something even if I was looking for it myself, unless I read it REALLY recently and was going strictly on hunches as to where.

Someone's got to have an absolutely phenomenal memory to be able to remember all the plots of the (probably hundreds, if not thousands) of Archie stories they've read, and then exactly where they read it. In fact I'd say that the main reason ACP gets away with reprinting so many stories over and over again ("Oh, this one I know I've read before.") is that you don't remember them until you actually start re-reading one again... THEN it rings a bell. But even then you probably won't remember exactly WHERE you read it before... just that you have read it.

When I see questions like this it always makes me wonder "WHY are THOSE stories important to someone?" They seem just like regular Archie story plots - it's not like Betty all of a sudden fell in love with Jughead or something really unusual. The answer is probably something simple like "Those are a couple of the first Archie stories I can ever remember reading." But it always leaves me feeling curious what it was about the story that motivated someone to try so hard to track it down.

Story Help / Re: Looking for this Story
March 15, 2021, 01:49:40 PM
For sure that's an Al Hartley-drawn story (probably early '70s), so a good guess might be to look for it in BETTY AND ME. Kind of hard to tell by only one page, though.
DAMN!  :tickedoff:

Nope, it's only the first issues of the WORLD OF BETTY & VERONICA and ARCHIE 80th ANNIVERSARY digests that have the 10-page stories. After that it's back to the standard 5-pagers.

"Hundreds of Possibilities!" was a good story, but it could have been even better if it were 20 pages. Heck, the concept is strong enough that it could have been a whole miniseries. I was hoping for a glimpse of January McAndrews but no such luck.